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Performance of three selected stock : Historical evidence of capital market of Bangladesh

Course Code: FIN 405 Course Title Corporate Finance
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Mr. Md. Ridwan Reza Senior Lecturer Department of Business Administration

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Group Name : Enkindle

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Mahdi Alam Bappy Saeid Md. Suban Nawreen Fatema Ahnaf Khaled Md. Mamun Iffat Sania Preema Tanjina Bari Holy

1002010003 1002010009 1002010012 1002010031 1002010041 1002010040

Program-BBA, Semester-10th Batch-25th,Section - B Department of Business Administration Leading University, Sylhet

Date of Submission: October 21, 2013


First of all, we would like to say Alhamdulillah, for giving us the strength and health to do this assignment until it was done. Not forgotten thanking to our family for providing everything, such as money, to buy anything that are related to this project work and their advice, which is the most needed for this project. Internet, books, computers and all that as our source to complete this project. They also supported us and encouraged us to complete this task so that we will not procrastinate in doing it. Then we would like to thank our teacher, Mr. Md. Ridwan Reza for guiding us throughout this project. We had some difficulties in doing this task, but he taught us patiently until we knew what to do. He tried and tried to teach us until we understand what we supposed to do with the assignment. Last but not least, our friends who were doing this assignment with us and sharing our ideas. They were helpful that when we combined and discussed together, we had this task done.