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Paul Wendlandt
64 Meyrick Court 17 St. Anthony's Road Bournemouth, Dorset BH 6!B !hone" #7$%#%#%46$ &mai'"

As a (ina' year music student )ith a *ro+en interest in musica' com*osition, , am e-*erienced in a )ide ran.e o( com*osin. techni/ues, in orchestration and in, as )e'' as in )ritin. music (or di((erent instrumentations and .enres (rom 0a11 and !o* Music to 2rchestra' scores. , am (u''y com*etent in the use o( notation and se/uencin. so(t)are and , am keen to a**'y and *er(ect these ski''s in order to de+e'o* a +aried *ort(o'io.

"u#ical $ompo#ition Com*etent in com*osin. music in a +ariety o( di((erent sty'es and .enres, inc'udin. 0a11, 2rchestra', Rock and !o*. Con(ident in and orchestratin. music (rom a +ariety o( sources. &-*erienced in usin. Si3e'ius 7 notation so(t)are and +arious se/uencin. so(t)are. A3i'ity to /uick'y create music under *ressure. In#trument# More than 7 4ears o( e-*erience *'ayin. the .uitar in 3ands and theatre. &-*erienced in *'ayin. the *iano. &-*erienced in a )ide ran.e o( di((erent musica' sty'es.

A3i'ity to )ork under *ressure and schedu'es as )e'' as 3ein. a3'e to )ork in a team, )hich has 3een crucia' in (ormer em*'oyment. 5ood Communication ski''s as )e'' as a3i'ity to )ork e((ecti+e'y and e((icient'y o(( c'ients 3rie(. A3i'ity to trans(er Directors +ision into musica' terms. 6'e-i3'e and )i''in. to com*romise. Bi'' 75erman, &n.'ish8

)*+, - )*+. BA 7Hons8 !er(ormance 9o* :* at Southam*ton So'ent :ni+ersity :nits studied inc'ude" 6i'm Music, Music !ractice, 5uitar instrumenta' studies, Career 3ui'din. and the creation and (u'(i'ment o( a *ersona'ised ma;or *ro;ect 3rie(. 6dA !o*u'ar Music 7Distinction8 :nits studied inc'ude" Sound and ,ma.e 76i'm Music studies8 Com*osin., and <otation, )orkin. )ith a Music =orkstation, Music in the 1st Century, Music ,ndustry Ski''s, Recordin. 9echni/ues amon. others. Rea'schu'e >inno)it1 75erman e/ui+a'ent o( 5CS&8

)*++ - )*+,

)*** - )**/

!'ayin. .uitar and *iano, com*osin. music, readin. music, readin. a3out music, 'istenin. to music, music theory, orchestration, musica' arran.ements. S*orts, *'ayed (oot3a'' in youth team (or 7 years. Science, !sycho'o.y, !hi'oso*hy. ?earnin., readin. 3ooks, )atchin. mo+ies.