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information tasks rebranding
information tasks rebranding

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Published by: judytafe on Jul 24, 2007
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What is Rebranding? 1. Rebranding (also called repositioning), is the process by which a product developed with one brand is marketed or distributed with a different identity. 2. This may involve radical changes to the brand's logo, brand name, image, marketing strategy, and advertising themes. 3. On the other hand, it might involve merely superficial changes. 4. Rebranding can be applied to either new products, mature products, or even unfinished products.

Module 1
Rebranding Project Proposal. 1. You are to develop a report outlining your proposal for the rebranding of a logo or imagery used to promote a company. 2. Your proposal is for the concept of rebranding and not for any specific design ideas that you may have. 3. These will be presented in a later stage if your project proposal is successful. 4. Your proposal should emphasise the benefits to the company from a rebranding of their existing “image”. 5. Use the results of a SWOT analysis to assist your proposal e.g. a. What are the STRENGTHS of the existing brand? b. What are the WEAKNESSES of the existing brand? c. What OPPORTUNITIES are there from rebranding? d. What THREATS are there from not rebranding?

1. Identify a company’s logo, trademark, graphics, slogans or imagery that you believe would benefit from rebranding. 2. Using the results from your SWOT analysis develop a report for a rebranding project proposal for your selected "image" that includes the following information. a. What are the benefits of rebranding? i. What are the strengths of the existing brand? ii. What are the weaknesses of the existing brand? b. What opportunities are there from rebranding? c. What are the threats from not rebranding? i. Examples of successful rebranding. d. What methods will you use to develop a new brand?

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