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Time line of the atomic model Stage:


Aldo Alejandro Hernndez Garza

Quantum model:The electron have levels and each level has suspended scattered electrons in different sublevels, which can service four types: s, p, d, f. In the sublevel s accepts 2 electrons has 1 orbital and the following sublevels also acepts twice the number of orbital electrons that have and all the noble gases except the helium have 6 electrons and its electronic configuration can begin with the previous noble gas. The Pauli Exclussion Principle:Is the quantum mechanical principle that no two identical fermions (particles with half-integer spin) may occupy the same quantum state simultaneously.

The atom have electrons negatively charged and a positive charge in the nucleous model called plum pudding

The electron have circular orbits around the nucleous with the electrons

He created the actual atom with electrons in orbitals divided in sublevels that are s,p,d,f

1803 1892 Thompson Made the first atomic theory and defined the atom an indivisible particle that in the same element is equal

1911 1913 Bohr Discovered the existence of the nucleous very massive and positively charged and that he atom have a space to between the electrons


The atom with quantum numbers that represents the levels, sublevels, orbitals

Development of atomic models Positive Negative was achieved to get a complete information of the atom thanks to the contributions of scientists Scientists spent some incorrect information that was slow to correct it.

Interesting although the Bohr model was not correct is useful for electron's quantification. the mass number is the sum of protons and the number of neutrons. the atom with different number of neutrons are called isotopes. The number of electrons are the same that protons To the development of the kowledge of the electron was usefull experiments.

The model of Bohr are exist formulas to know the only based in the number of atoms hydrogen atom. the atomic models have representations to understand the theories the electronic configuration can be shorter using the noble gas configuration the electronic configuration help to find an element. The actual model is difficul to represent Some electronic configurations are long. In configuration after 3p6 is necessary learn a rule.