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1he LssenLlals of Moblle App

WhlLe Þaper
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SLandlng ouL amongsL Lhe 300,000 plus apps avallable ln Lhe global moblle appllcaLlons markeL
ls becomlng lncreaslngly challenglng. ln a markeL LhaL ls esLlmaLed Lo be worLh $23 bllllon by
2013, dlscoverablllLy ls key and Lhls ls rellanL on a clear app markeLlng sLraLegy and Llmely
Pavlng reached 100,000s of downloads for our cllenLs and parLners, Apppll has developed solld
experLlse ln Lhe new fleld of app markeLlng. We have complled our advlce on Lhe besL meLhods
Lo geL your app noLlced:
1. Create a 8uzz around your App

WlLh 300 apps belng released dally, how can you even be sure LhaL users wlll dlscover your
app? Pere are our Llps on overcomlng Lhls obsLacle:

a. Lxtens|ve market & compet|t|ve ana|ys|s:

Carefully research your compeLlLors and LargeL audlence aL
Lhe sLarL of your app markeLlng campalgn. WhaL feaLures do
Lhe Lop selllng apps ln your caLegory have ln common? Pow
do your compeLlLors poslLlon Lhemselves ln Lhe markeL and
whaL ls Lhelr revenue model?

b. SLC and ASC
Achleve Lop app sLore ranklngs wlLh App SLore CpLlmlsaLlon (ASC), Lhe key componenL Lo
onllne success when comblned wlLh Search Lnglne CpLlmlsaLlon (SLC). An esLlmaLed 60° of
downloads come dlrecLly from users who dlscover your app from organlc search wlLhln Lhe app
sLore, so your app sLore descrlpLlon ls cruclal. 1lps for success:
• WhaL are consumers searchlng for? ldenLlfy sLrong keywords wlLhln your app caLegory
LhaL consumers are searchlng for.
• ueflne a hlghly markeLable, relevanL app LlLle wlLh aL leasL one keyword.
• Clearly ouLllne your app's beneflLs ln Lhe descrlpLlon and conLaln sLrong calls Lo acLlon,
scaLLerlng keywords LhroughouL.
• CreaLe hlgh quallLy lmages and screen shoLs and label wlLh sLrong keywords
• Make sure your app descrlpLlon ls opLlmlsed for search on Coogle, ?ahoo! and 8lng.
• lnserL Lhe proper meLadaLa when submlLLlng your app lnLo Lhe sLore.

!"#$ &''$()*+,' -. /-0*,$ 122 /+34$)*(56
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c. Þress ke|eases
Announce Lhe launch of your app wlLh a press release LhaL ls carefully sLrucLured Lowards boLh
creaLlng awareness of your app amongsL your LargeL audlence and lnLrlgulng Lhe blogosphere.
• Carefully plan your release daLe Lo colnclde wlLh Lhe week days where press releases are
mosLly read. 1here ls a weekly paLLern for Lhe number of press release readers.
• Lnsure LhaL Lhe press release ls keyword heavy Lo lmprove lLs search englne vlslblllLy
• uo noL llsL all of Lhe feaLures of your app, buL lnsLead concenLraLe on Lhe key and mosL
dlsLlncLlve feaLures Lo lnLrlgue Lhe reader.
• uo noL forgeL Lo llnk Lo Lhe app sLore where consumers can download your app

2. now to keach the 1op of the App Store and Stay 1here
a. Integrate soc|a| med|a
Soclal medla ls an essenLlal elemenL of any app markeLlng campalgn, buL you musL ensure LhaL
you have a sLraLegy. lor a campalgn Lo go Lruly vlral and Lhereby bulld buzz around your app
and aLLracL downloads, your conLenL musL be engaglng. 1hls conLenL needs Lo be promoLed
across all channels, wlLh Lhe blg four essenLlals belng lacebook, 1wlLLer, ?ou1ube and Llnkedln.
ln Lurn, you musL also ensure LhaL Lhese channels are llnked Lo your webslLe or mlcroslLe.
Þrlor Lo your app's launch lL ls key Lo neLwork wlLh app
revlew slLes and oLher relevanL blogs and onllne
communlLles such as Llnkedln groups. Such conLacLs are
cruclal Lo app promoLlon, as you wlll need Lo generaLe as
much coverage as posslble, lnvolvlng revlews of your app,
press releases and so forLh. 1he sharlng mlghL even
generaLe useful feedback on how Lo lmprove Lhe app.

vldeo LuLorlals are also very lnfluenLlal. CreaLe a vldeo Lo demonsLraLe Lhe beneflLs LhaL your
app offers Lhe user, and posL on ?ou1ube alongslde screenshoLs and compelllng, key word
opLlmlsed LexL. Conslder creaLlng a professlonal screencasL ln hlgh deflnlLlon Lo demonsLraLe
Lhe quallLy of your app.

!"#$ &''$()*+,' -. /-0*,$ 122 /+34$)*(56
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b. Mob||e d|sp|ay advert|s|ng
ueflned as placlng an adverL wlLhln a varleLy of moblle medla formaLs
lncludlng moblle lnLerneL, games and appllcaLlons, Lhe effecLlveness of
moblle dlsplay adverLlslng varles greaLly from campalgn Lo campalgn. MosL
markeLers of free apps reporL LhaL lL cosLs beLween $1.30 and $3.00 (or
more) Lo acqulre an lnsLallaLlon uslng moblle dlsplay ads, and LhaL moblle
dlsplay ad campalgns do noL scale very well as Lhere are a loL of wasLed cllcks
when users Lap on Lhe screen by mlsLake.
1hls ls a loL of money when you conslder LhaL lL now requlres approxlmaLely
30,000 u.S. lnsLalls ln a slngle day Lo place ln Lhe Lop 23 ln Lhe u.S. App SLore
free ranklngs.
Powever LhaL ls noL Lo advlse Lo cuL ouL moblle dlsplay ads alLogeLher. CulLe Lhe opposlLe.
CarLner predlcLs LhaL moblle ad revenue wlll reach $3.3 bllllon by Lhe end of 2011, skyrockeLlng
Lo $20.6 bllllon by 2013. As such a plloL moblle dlsplay adverLlslng campalgn ls advlsable aL Lhe
sLarL of any app launch. Pere are some facLs Lo conslder:
- Search ads and locaLlon ads (pald-for poslLlonlng on maps and augmenLed reallLy apps) wlll
dellver Lhe hlghesL revenue, whlle vldeo/audlo ads wlll see Lhe fasLesL growLh Lhrough 2013.
- 1lme senslLlve speclal offers or dlscounLs (especlally m-coupons) are mosL llkely Lo lead Lo
- Þeople are mosL llkely Lo purchase moblle conLenL such as appllcaLlons, muslc and games
c. 8urst Market|ng

1o skyrockeL your app Lo Lhe Lop of your caLegory, Lhe app sLore
ranklng algorlLhm dlcLaLes LhaL you need Lo aLLracL as many
downloads ln Lhe shorLesL perlod of Llme posslble.

1he Llme sLralghL before launchlng your app ls Lhe mosL crlLlcal for
your success, as walLlng unLll your app ls on Lhe markeL can cosL you
money ln mlssed sales.

Þeople love Lo flnd Lhe laLesL Lools and Loys, so geLLlng publlclLy from early on mlghL lead Lo
added exposure wlLh Lhe posslblllLy of belng feaLured ln Lhe App SLore's ºnew and noLeworLhy"
secLlon. Cnce your app ls aL Lhe Lop of lLs caLegory, lL wlll drlve even more downloads and resulL
ln self-perpeLuaLlng success.
!"#$ &''$()*+,' -. /-0*,$ 122 /+34$)*(56
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As soon as your raLlngs sLarL Lo sllp, you should glve your markeLlng campalgn anoLher bursL Lo
geL Lo Lhe Lop agaln. 1hls bursL markeLlng Lechnlque ls essenLlal Lo your app's success, so you
should conslder schedullng your markeLlng acLlvlLles ln fllghLs.
d. Incent|v|zed down|oads

lor Lhose looklng Lo Lop Lhe app charLs, companles such as 1ap!oy who clalm Lo
dellver '100,000+ app lnsLalls dally' Lo developers for as llLLle as $0.33 per lnsLall may
seem llke an allurlng shorLcuL. 1hey achleve Lhls by paylng developers Lo cross-
promoLe apps from oLher developers wlLhln Lhelr apps. Powever, don'L be fooled as
Apple ls sLarLlng Lo crack down on lncenLlvlzed app downloads, re[ecLlng apps whlch
Lhey deem as aLLempLlng 'Lo manlpulaLe or cheaL Lhe charL ranklngs.'

3. Monet|zat|on Strateg|es
App prlclng and moneLlzaLlon should be a cruclal phase of your app sLraLegy. Þrlce an app Loo
hlgh and lL wlll dlssuade poLenLlal users and lose raLlngs and revlews. Powever, under-valulng
your app could also resulL ln lL belng overlooked. MoneLlzaLlon sLraLegles vary dependlng on a
number of facLors, lncludlng Lhe plaLform you wlsh Lo develop on, Lhe purpose of your app and
your LargeL audlence. lorLunaLely Lhere are a number of prlclng models and moneLlzaLlon
sLraLegles avallable, whlch we have ouLllned here:
Ireem|um mode|- LhaL ls offerlng a free verslon of Lhe app where users
can access furLher conLenL Lhrough elLher ln app purchaslng or
subscrlpLlon. More Lhan 80° of Lrafflc ln Lhe Apple App SLore ls dlrecLed
Lo free apps, wlLh over half of Lhe Lop-grosslng App SLore apps belng
free wlLh ln-app purchaslng. SubscrlpLlon ls a relaLlvely new model LhaL
ls besL sulLed Lo conLenL based apps, such as publlcaLlons. Lnsure you
ouLllne Lhe beneflLs of Lhe pald model ln descrlpLlons and ln Lhe app lLself.
Þa|d apps- Carefully research your app's caLegory Lo ensure LhaL your app's prlce ls ln llne wlLh
slmllar apps or funcLlonallLles. Þald apps should sLay under Lhe $4.99 prlce polnL, as consumers
sLlll expecL Lo pay very llLLle even for hlgh-quallLy apps. Should you declde Lo charge for your
app conslder uslng prlce promoLlons. lor example, offerlng a $4.99 app for $.99 for a llmlLed
Llme can creaLe a sense of urgency on Lhe parL of consumers and garner medla aLLenLlon. 1he
prlce of your app should also depend on Lhe plaLform you are developlng on, as free apps are
more popular on Lhe Androld MarkeL Lhan ln Lhe App SLore.
In-app advert|s|ng- now avallable ln many formaLs such as ln app vldeo ads and banner ads.
1hls ls only sulLable lf your app has a wlde reach wlLh 100,000s of users.
!"#$ &''$()*+,' -. /-0*,$ 122 /+34$)*(56
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About Appp||
Apppll ls a full servlce app developmenL and app markeLlng flrm based ln London. We deslgn,
develop and promoLe markeL-leadlng moblle and web apps and sofLware soluLlons for cllenLs
across lndusLrles.
We work closely wlLh our cllenLs Lo help Lhem bulld Lhelr brand, lncrease producLlvlLy and
lmprove 8Cl. Comblnlng a rapld go-Lo-markeL model wlLh exLenslve lndusLry knowledge, we
Lallor soluLlons Lo any scope or budgeL.
Cur app markeLlng Leam has solld experlence wlLhln Lhe moblle appllcaLlon markeL, havlng
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