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Life Taught Us - Maria Ida Bachega Bolcone

Life Taught Us - Maria Ida Bachega Bolcone

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Published by: Spiritism USA on Oct 08, 2009
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For a time, in our youth, my brother Paul and I were indifferent and undisciplined regarding

our homework.

When we returned to our home from school, we would have lunch and usually meet up with
a group of children from the neighborhood to play. We had agreed with our mother and father at
a specific time to commence doing our homework; however, we usually arrived late and would
conclude only a portion of our homework. Therefore, we started to get poor grades. Our slow
progress in the school work and the worry and sadness it caused my parents made us feel bad.
It was about that time that our Aunt Martha came to visit us, bringing us a gift.
It was a very interesting game! It was a big box not too deep, covered with a clear plastic lid,
containing obstacle courses. These obstacles consisted of small doors. In one of the corners of
the box there was a small stick attached to a spring that propelled a small ball to hit the doors,
open them and go through. These doors were in different sizes; some were wider, others

Whoever was able to get the ball through the doors more times scored the greatest number of


My dad came to view our new toy and noticed the difficulty we were having while aiming
and hitting the narrow door. When the game was over he said:
“Kids, this game reminds me that the gateway to bad habits and irresponsibility is larger and
much easier to enter. Nevertheless, it’s much more difficult to fulfill our obligations and practice
the Christian virtues than to make this little ball go through the narrow door.
“I have noticed your satisfaction when the ball goes through the narrow door. The same
occurs in our lives. We feel great joy when we are able to overcome our difficulties through our
own efforts. Most of the time, the road to irresponsibility is sad and causes us to taste bitter

My father’s words caused us to recall our homework and we were able to recognize how
easily we were crossing through the large door of irresponsibility.
From that day forward, we changed the direction of our lives. We put more emphasis into
fulfilling our obligations. Every time we were asked to do something, we would analyze it to see
if it would be good or bad. If we perceived that it was wrong we did our best to avoid going
through the large door once again.
With this knowledge we realized that we could build our own future through our
accomplishments in this present life.


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