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Jarmaine Claire P.

Paguirigan BSA 2

A Priceless Service

Instead of going out of the premises of St. Paul University Philippines to accomplish a certain requirement regarding our theology class, Mr. Moises Calucag, our Rel Ed teacher, had just assigned us to help in the University Chapel for the Eucharistic Celebration during the University Festival which was held on January 22 - 25, 2014. I belong to the first group among the four. So I and my group members must be ready for the first day of Eucharistic Celebration. A night before that day, we, together with Sir Moises and Ms. Jessievic Pico, prepared the things (things that were so unfamiliar to us by name) to be used the next morning. We cut/fixed the flowers and some leaves to be displayed at the sanctuary of the chapel. I even swept and mopped the floor for I enjoyed doing such things there since it was my first time. We were taught some things by the two teachers while we were working. Seemed like those words they have said are trivias. New for us. We also cracked jokes which made our work easier.. The next morning, I felt so nervous. Didn't what to do especially when Sir Hollis Sibal called us to join the choir. Lip singing just not to disappoint him. Singers and gift ministers, servers of God. One word to describe: Awesome! I was so glad for our job well done. It was an opportunity for us to be the ones who are in charged in doing those things. We did it well not because it was a requirement, but because it's a way of showing God our love for Him that also gave a relief.