A while back I found an interesting claim about California’s New Age-y Esalen Institute and the role that

it played in the Cold War. he speaker seems to be !ack "arfatti# and he e$plains% &We recei'ed money from( Werner Erhard and by )aurence *ockefeller’s close friend !ean )anier who was the widow of the Chairman +f "tone Webster. We also got money from ," Air -orce raining command 'ia the late spook .eorge /oopman - as well as from CIA sources indirectly 'ia the late 0al Chipman. We were part of the co'ert psy war op which got high le'el "o'iet officials to Esalen hot tubs where their minds were altered by psychedelics and our boys turned them - hence the fall of the "o'iet Empire. Note that 1oris 2eltsin came to America with Esalen money before he became 3resident of *ussia and that the head of .orbache' -oundation ,"A is a former Esalen official.4 "arfatti# of course# is an interesting source as he claimed to ha'e been contacted by a computer from the future as a child which told him to study science. 0ere’s an article detailing some of "arfatti’s other alleged e$ploits written by him% In the hick of It5 6In that article# "arfatti claims also that his research group was the inspiration for .host 1usters7 In any e'ent# it’s starting to seem like there’s a pattern with the *ockefellers and the CIA funding the 8counter-culture4 in the name of promoting freedom and defeating communism. Also interesting that Werner Erhard comes up again in this conte$t 6as does Aldous 0u$ley7. In "arfatti’s 9uote abo'e# he’s referencing the :;<=’s# and I can’t find any supporting e'idence of his claims about turning "o'iet officials. 1ut it’s a known fact that from :;>::;><# the Esalen Institute ran the Esalen-"o'iet E$change 3rogram. It held a series of conferences on 8Citi?en @iplomacy4# funding direct satellite-based con'ersations between American and "o'iet citi?ens# and helping noteworthy "o'iets to tour the ,". -or other info on Esalen’s public programs# check out this page on their site. /nowing this# it’s only a 'ery small leap that gets me to belie'e "arfatti when he says they were doing this in a much more sub'ersi'e way in the decade6s7 prior.

"ource% http%AAwww.timboucher.comABournalAC==DA=<A:=Athe-esalen-so'iet-e$changeprogramA

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