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Basic Introduction:

Flickerball is a game that involves running, catching, throwing and shooting. It can be played with 5-40 players that are divided into two teams. Flickerball players catch and throw a football. The game can be played in the gym or outside using a basketball court. There are no specific regulations regarding the length of game or time-outs.

How to play the game:

The players are divided into two equal teams. The game begins with a jump ball. Players scatter about the playing area. Each player stands near an opponent in a person-to-person defense. One team winning the tip, advances the ball to their side of the basketball court to score points. Only passing and catching may advance the football. Passes may be overhand, underhand, or sidearm and in any direction. Hand-offs are not legal. A player must stop immediately after receiving a pass and then pass the ball within 5 seconds. The opponents can defend the passer. If the ball touches the ground or floor, it immediately goes to the possession of the other team. There are no downs as the ball is continuously in play unless it goes out of bounds on the sideline or end line. The other team will receive the ball. It is a touchdown when a player catches a pass and makes a basket. All touchdowns are worth 2 points or 3 points. However, girls score double. After a point is scored, the team that did not score will take the ball out of bounds behind the end line and pass it in. The game is played best when the offensive team spreads out and keeps moving using the entire court. The defensive team is expected to play person-to-person defense. Any time there is a tie-up there is a jump ball at the nearest free-throw line or center circle.


unnecessary roughness pushing guarding too close foul while shooting traveling over and back 3 seconds in the lane Dropping the ball