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Digestive System & Weight

Digestive System & Weight

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Published by krasivaad
Digestive System and Weight Management Affirmations
Digestive System and Weight Management Affirmations

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Published by: krasivaad on Feb 21, 2014
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I release all that is unlike love with comfort and ease <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am free from Irritable

Bowel Syndrome <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am completely focused on losing weight <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am losing weight <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am always maintaining my healthy weight <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am having sexy physique and toned body <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am motivated to lose weight and become healthy <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am living a healthy life style <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am dedicated to following my weight loss plan <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am disciplined in my eating habits <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am healthy and strong in mind, body and spirit and perfectly shielded protecte d with divine powers and divine armour shields <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I always take care of my body <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I only eat healthy food, I have healthy digestion <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I eat healthy food My body is relaxed and healthy <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My stomach feels calm and soothed <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My intestinal tract works properly and is fully functional <SILENCE MSEC="200" / > My small and big intestine are in excellent condition <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My stomach processes and digest food efficiently <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am restored to full health in body mind and spirit <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I forgive my self and I forgive others across all lifetimes <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I breathe life fully and I relax and trust the process of life <SILENCE MSEC="20 0" /> I cherish and love my self unconditionally <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I freely and easily release the old and joyously welcome the new <SILENCE MSEC=" 200" /> I petition for assistance, Unburden my heart, relieve my mind, and transform my life, Release me free now <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Life love me and I love my life I am safe and secure <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I love myself, I love and approve myself <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am restored to full health in body mind and spirit <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am with full dignity and respect <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I respect myself I am good enough <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I accept life I love myself <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I surrender to appreciation, serenity and divinity <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My actions are in harmony with higher purpose <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I release the past and I embrace the present <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I forgive myself and everyone I am free they are free <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Forgiving relieves me, and frees me <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am willing to change for my good, I am changed for my good <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> It s time to leave the past behind, embrace change and let new life flow in <SILEN CE MSEC="200" /> I relax into accepting what is, I absorb enjoyment and let it be mirrored back i n my life <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Others only reflect the good feelings I have about myself. I love and approve of all that I am <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I loving and joyously accept my sexuality and its expression. I only accept thou ghts that support me and make me feel good <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My concept of God supports me. I am normal and natural. I rejoice in my own sexu ality and in my own body. I am wonderful <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I love and approve of myself. No person, place, past or thing has any power over me. I am my authority in my own life, I am free <SILENCE MSEC="200" />

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