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Organization and Management Business owners Jeffery and Catrina Floor manager All o Main floor manager - Hannah

Hannah Tattoo artists Kat Von D, Catrina, Jeffery Piercers Hannah

Background of employers involve having a masters degree in business and extended experience in tattoo, piercing, drawing, art. Jeffery and Catrina responsible for finance within tattoo shop, expenses, tips, financial maintenance, salaries, repurchasing necessities, utility prices, bills. Hannah is responsible for managing shifts, daily cash flow, maintaining facility, mediating customers and employees, taking phone calls, assisting customers. Kat Von D, Catrina, and Jeffrey are responsible for tattooing, walk-in clients, sketch appointments. Hannah responsible for all piercings. In history, tattoos have always been around. However, it wasnt until several decades ago when tattoos made its impact in Western culture. The economy within that tattoo industry has an influx. More recently, it has been a success in states such as California, New York, Florida, etc. but has declined in Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, etc. Considering imagination and art never has a consistent, cycled decline in its flow, tattoo industry thrives well in innovative and progressives states. Estimated 40 million people in America have a tattoo 1 in 8 Americans have a tattoo Democrats/progressives most likely to have tattoos Ages 18-40 have at least one tattoo

Target appeal to the masses involves the demographic of late teens (18-19) to mid twenties and those older than mid thirties. We will target more progressive people, people in an artistic industry, those that are interested in fashion, music, art, film. Our goal is to target young people, but have our prices match their price range. Critical needs of targeted demographic is to make sure our prices meet our intentional demographic. To also have our employees and advertisements make people feel comfortable, safe, secure, and feel a sense of trust. Demographic is located within vicinity around metropolitan area and/or progressive areas. Another critical need is to make sure our artists and piercers are well established, have a trustworthy, respectful, and artistically innovative reputation. We suggest a 4% growth in those new at tattoos (also known as first-timers) and those that regularly get tattoos (tattoo-collectors). Annual growth in income is suspected to be higher than six figures. Planned discounts designed to use are 10%-15% during holidays, promotional use, randomly selected dates. To keep consistent growth and sustain incline, must keep tattoos artists and piercers up to date with trends, styles, art in which demographic seems to have interest in. Must have workers

and team also keep up to date with business strategies. Keep close ties with other businesses and social media sites. Competition would be surrounded by bang for bucks, meaning best artists for a low price.

Organizational Structure Each employee works a minimum of 8 hour shifts. Must work 4 days a week. Must have a floor manager there at all times. Wage goes by $12-$15 per hour (depending on experience) plus commission. 5% of commission goes to tattoo shop. Accounting and budgeting handled by Jeffery and Catrina. Marketing handled by Kat Von D and Hannah. Final decision made by unanimous votes during after hour meetings held once a month on Sunday. Ownership Internship

Names of owners Jeffery and Catrina Percentage ownership 50/50 Extent of involvement with the company private ownership Forms of ownership (i.e., common stock, preferred stock, general partner, limited partner) o General partner