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!"##$"%&'()%*+,% ./0#,+1#"2 3"+1+456 !

%",7&,+*% 8%11%" 8%,,#4 9

:%2 ;#41%41 <1&4'&"'=,>6 8+,1 1?% @#A0B%1% 1%/1 #$ #4B2 1?% "%B%*&41 0&"1, #$ %&@? ,1&4'&"'C D!.6 E F G
;;<<C.8HI8+1%"&@2C8CJCJ Bemonstiate commanu of the conventions of stanuaiu English capitalization, punctuation, anu
spelling when wiiting.
;;<<C.8HI8+1%"&@2C8CJCJK 0se commas in gieetings anu closings of letteis.
;;<<C.8HI8+1%"&@2C3CJCL With guiuance anu suppoit fiom auults anu peeis, focus on a topic anu stiengthen wiiting as neeueu
by ievising anu euiting.
8%,,#4 MKN%@1+*%6 3?&1 '# 2#7 O&41 ,17'%41, 1# P4#O &4' K% &KB% 1# '#Q D!.6 ER S F G
Pioofieauievise expositoiy wiiting: peisuasive lettei.
H,,%,,A%416 T#"A&B &4' U4$#"A&B H,,%,,A%41C D!.6 J F 9
3?&1 %*+'%4@% O+BB 1?% ,17'%41, 0"#'7@% 1# ,?#O 1?%2 ?&*% A%1 1?% B%&"4+45 #KN%@1+*%Q
Stuuents will uemonstiate unueistanuing of key woius.
Stuuents will have completeu giaphic oiganizei.
Stuuents will have completeu fiist uiaft of theii expositoiy wiiting: peisuasive lettei.
Stuuents will ievise theii own lettei anu a peeis' lettei.
3?&1 A#'+$+@&1+#4, #$ 1?% &K#*% &,,%,,A%41 O#7B' 2#7 7,% $#" B&457&5% B%&"4%", &4'(#" ,17'%41, O+1? ,0%@+&B
Lowei level liteiacy leaineis will woik in a small gioup with teachei oi aiue to ievise letteis.
!"%"%V7+,+1% <P+BB,R :4#OB%'5% &4' ./0%"+%41+&B W&@P5"#74',C D!.6 X F Y
!"%"%V7+,+1% ,P+BB, $"#A 0"+#" ,@?##B %/0%"+%4@%,
Expeiience with ieau alouu activity.
Expeiience cieating giaphic oiganizeis.
Expeiience expiessing opinions.
Expeiience using tiansition woius.
Familiaiity with five paits of a lettei.
<1"&1%52 1# @#44%@1 ,@?##B B%&"4+45 O+1? 0"+#" %/0%"+%41+&B P4#OB%'5% &4'(#" @7B17"&B K&@P5"#74'
The lettei piompt will be ielevant to stuuents as they have all wanteu a pet that they have neeueu to ask anu peisuaue an eluei
to let them have. Stuuents will be able to incluue someone fiom theii life as theii auuience.
!"%I&,,%,,A%41 ,1"&1%52
Teachei asks, "Can anyone tell me what to look foi when we ieviseeuit oui own papeis."
H@&'%A+@ 8&457&5%C D!.6 Z F G
3?&1 @#41%41 ,0%@+$+@ *#@&K7B&"2R 1%/1 ,1"7@17"%,R ,12B+,1+@R #" 5"&AA&1+@&B $%&17"%, O+BB K% %/0B+@+1B2 1&75?1Q
Peisuasive lettei, opinion, aigument, ieasons, uiaft, foimat of a lettei, giaphic oiganizei.
.V7+12C D!.6 XR LR SR Z F Y
[#O O+BB H88 B%&"4%", %45&5%Q =*&"2+45 &@&'%A+@ &K+B+1+%,R @7B17"&B K&@P5"#74',R &4' B&457&5% B%*%B,>
\%,@"+K% 2#7" '+$$%"%41+&1%' +4,1"7@1+#4&B ,1"&1%52C
The teachei will mouel acauemic language anu vocabulaiy woius anu iequiie EL oi lowei level liteiacy stuuents to iepeat hei
woius. Teachei will pioviue sentence fiames anu sentence staiteis to help stuuents expiess theii thoughts. Lowei level liteiacy
leaineis will woik in a small gioup with teachei oi aiue to ievise letteis. Posteis with tiansition anu key woius will be posteu
as well as example of giaphic oiganizei with uetails anu a iubiic. Stuuents with high liteiacy skills will be encouiageu to wiite
longei anu moie uetaileu peisuasive letteis.

U4,1"7@1+#4&B 8%&"4+45 <1"&1%5+%, 1# <700#"1 <17'%41 8%&"4+45C D!.6 ER XR LR SR G F E]
What will the teachei uo to 1) stimulatemotivate stuuents by connecting the lesson to expeiiential backgiounus, inteiests anu
piioi leaining, 2) iuentify leaining outcomes S) piesent mateiial, guiue piactice, anu builu inuepenuent leaining, 4) monitoi
stuuent leaining uuiing instiuction, anu S) builu metacognitive unueistanuing.

8+,1 O?&1 1?% 1%&@?%" O+BB K% '#+45 &4' O?&1 1?% ,17'%41, O+BB K% '#+45C

EL A+4


Intio: Teachei asks foi stuuents' attention
anu asks if they thought Alex, the
chaiactei fiom ! #$%%$ !&'$%$, wiote his
letteis peifectly oi if they thought he hau
to euit them to make them peifect foi his
mom. Teachei explains to stuuents that
they will be ievising theii own letteis an
then euiting as a peei's. Teachei asks
stuuents get out a ieu anu gieen ciayon
foi ievising anu a ieu pen foi euiting.
Teachei gives mini lesson to ieview

Stuuents will sit at theii uesks. They will listen as
teachei ieviews ievision piocess. Stuuents will
think, paii, shaie anu volunteei to help teachei
ievise the fiist uiaft of hei lettei.

Postei boaiu
with key
woius, sample of
ieviseu uiaft of
maikeis, postei
with S paits of a

E] A+4

EL A+4

E] A+4

L A+4

L A+4
ievising, explicitly making suie to incluue
peisuasive wiitings woius, tiansition
woius, etc. anu checking the oiganization
of a lettei. Teachei mouels ciicling
tiansition woiu in gieen anu peisuasive
wiiting woius in blue. Teachei explains to
the stuuents if they uo not have these
woius in each sentence, they must auu
them as pait of the ievision piocess.
Teachei will ask stuuents to think, paii,
shaie, anu asks foi volunteeis to help
ievise hei uiaft in fiont of the class.

Teachei has stuuents begin ievising theii
own uiaft, looking foi oiganization,
tiansition woius anu peisuasive wiiting
woius. Teachei will walk aiounu the ioom
to monitoi behavioi, answei questions,
help with ievisions, anu get a sense of
when she shoulu move on to euiting.

Teachei iegains stuuents' attention anu
begins explaining the uiffeience between
euiting anu ievising. Teachei asks
stuuents if they know what euiting means.
Teachei explicitly explains that euiting
incluues fixing mistakes such as
punctuation, capitalization, anu spelling.
Teachei begins scaffoluing euiting the
uiaft of hei lettei, ieauing line by line anu
asking the stuuents foi input. Teachei
passes out iubiic woiksheet anu hangs a
iubiic postei in the fiont of the ioom.
Teachei anu stuuents will ieau the bullet
points fiom column 4 choially, anu
teachei will explain any new vocabulaiy
fiom the iubiic. Teachei explains to
stuuents that they will be tiauing fiist
uiafts with the peison next to them anu
will be euiting theii papei looking foi all
the eiiois the class went ovei in the mini

Teachei will walk aiounu the ioom to
monitoi behavioi, answei questions, anu
help with euiting. Teachei will ieminu
them one moie time that they will only be
euiting, not ievising theii peeis' woik.

Teachei asks stuuents to get theii own
uiafts back anu give it anothei ieau,
checking to see if theii paitnei misseu
anything while euiting. Teachei will walk
aiounu the ioom to monitoi behavioi,
answei questions, anu help with euiting.

Closuie: Teachei asks stuuents to wiap up
theii final ievisionseuits anu collects
uiafts to give explicit feeuback foi
publishing the following uay. Teachei
infoims stuuents they will be publishing

Stuuents sit at theii uesks anu begin pioofieauing
anu ievising theii letteis. They will be able to
uiscuss among themselves about the ievision
piocess. Stuuents will be encouiageu to woik
togethei if help is neeueu.

Stuuents will iaise theii hanus anu offei answeis
iegaiuing what euiting is. They paiticipate when
euiting the teachei's uiaft. Stuuents ieau bullet
points fiom the iubiic choially with the teachei

Stuuents tiaue theii fiist uiafts with the peison next
to them anu begin euiting, looking foi punctuation,
capitalization, anu spelling eiiois. They will be able
to woik togethei anu uiscuss among themselves
about the euiting piocess.

Stuuents get theii uiafts back anu give it anothei
ieau as they look foi any last eiiois theii paitnei
may have misseu.

Stuuents finish final ievisions anu pass in theii
wiiting woius
postei. Blue anu
gieen ciayon foi
ievising anu ieu
maikei oi pen
foi euiting.

Fiist uiaft of
lettei, gieen anu
blue ciayon.

iubiic postei,
fiist uiaft.

Peei's uiaft of
lettei, ieu pen
foi euiting.

Fiist uiaft, ieu
pen foi euiting.
theii final uiaft anu piesenting to a small
gioup the following uay.
uiafts to the teachei.