Photojournal Assignment (Final Project

Photojournal = Photographs with sentences that explain the pictures You will create a photojournal. You may choose one of these topics, or create your own:
A tour of Cuernavaca Environmental Issues music, etc) Entertainment in Cuernavaca Restaurant Review shop) Mexican culture A tour of your home New trends (fashion, cars, Food of Cuernavaca My favorite _______ (park, place to ____________________________________

I recommend using one piece of paper for each photo. Attach the photo to the paper and write a few sentences under the photo. You can use a digital camera, cut pictures out of magazines, or make your own drawings.

A typical day in Cuernavaca. I like to wake up early and watch the sunrise. The birds and animals are very active in the morning. It is a good time to take a walk in Cuernavaca.

At least 5 pictures At least 5 sentences for each picture

We will present our photojournals on Friday, July 24

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