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The Tempest by William Shakespeare a romance play Symbolism in The Tempest: - Prospero, the main character = some critics

s argue = Shakespeare himself !ith"ra!al from the #real !orl"$, i%e% the !orl" of politics in Prospero$s case, the literary !orl" of &on"on in Shakespeare$s case ' S% retires to his hometo!n, Stratfor"-upon()on an" no longer !rites plays in"ee" this is his last play* The storm in the play stan"s for fortuna labilis, e)er-changing fate, the ups an" "o!ns of life ( ne! typology: the # noble sa)age$, +aliban clash of ci)ili,ations, i%e% the !hite man 'Prospero* )ersus otherness '+aliban* +aliban primor"ial materialism )s% (riel, a spirit of the air ' spiritual life * Wis"om, forgi)eness, obli)ion of sin ' Prospero pro)es superior to his enemies by forgi)ing them an" not retaliating * -nnocence ' .iran"a/h bra)e ne! !orl"0* )s% e1perience on the remote islan" that is no! Prospero$s abo"e, life has starte" o)er 2 in"ee" ci)ili,ation itself has starte" from scratch% The po!er of kno!le"ge ' Prospero engages in the stu"y of magic, i%e% of esoteric kno!le"ge * )s% the po!er of politics ' he ha" been banishe" from his "uke"om *% '3ota bene: 4emember to rea" /35 Shakespearean play for 5(+6 category: i%e% one for light come"ies, one for trage"ies, one for chronicle plays, one for romance plays: ( .i"summer 3ight$s 7ream 6amlet, Prince of 7enmark 6enry 8 The Tempest