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Freshmen Old English Lit.

Task 1: Detect & analyze elements pertaining to lyrical poetry in the excerpt: The Ruined City (circa 8th century) ondrous is its !all"stone: #ates ha$e %ro&en' ha$e chattered the city' the !or& o# giants is perishing. (he roo#s are #allen' the to!ers in ruins' the to!ers !ith grated doors despoiled' rime on the lime' the ramparts shorn do!n' #allen' !ith age undereaten. (he earth"grasp' the hard grip o# the ground' holds the mighty !or&ers' decayed' departed: till a hundred generations o# men pass a!ay. O#t its !all a%ided' goat"grey and red"stained' through rule' steady under storms )%right !ere the %urg"d!ellings' %ath"halls many' high the clustered pinnacles' great the !ar"li&e sound' many a mead"hall' #ull o# mirth o# men' until the strong yrd* changed it ) (here stood the courts o# stone+ the stream thre! #orth hot %illo!s+ a !all encircled all its %right %osom' !here the %aths !ere' hot !ithin. ,)) Task 2: -ompare the lyrical elements you.$e come up !ith in (as& * !ith those identi#ied and discussed in class , re#: Deors Lament ). (here are o%$ious discrepancies %et!een the t!o texts+ hope#ully' you can identi#y some. Task 3: a &ind reminder: Do not #orget to analyze the /uotation , i.e. criticism) 0 ga$e you in class , in Lecture One+ /uotation a%out nations and history %oo&s). Thank you. A. Alb

yrd 1 in the pre"-ristian 2 pagan tradition' the goddess o# Fate 2 Destiny