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The Garbage People, The Trip to Helter Skelter and Beyond with Charlie Manson and the Family

by John Gilmore & on !enner 1995 revised edition (paperback) ISBN 1-878923-07-2

Pa e !9-70" #ne $o%n &o'an( )*a++ie, Se++ers( a+t-o% - not part o. /anson0s cro&d( &as sta$in at 12ennis3 *i+son0s - )I &as a .riend( and t-en one da$ I &as in t-e Pa+isades and *i+son ca'e ro++in b$ in t-e car444 I &as +ivin in /a+ib% at t-e ti'e( and -e said( 05i(0 $o% kno&( 06o'e on do&n and see 'e so'eti'e4440 #t-ers &-ere I &as sta$in in /a+ib% &ere on speed and I co%+dn0t -and+e t-at ot-er scene(, s-e sa$s4 )7nd so I &ent do&n t-ere to *i+son and I said( 0*o&( can I rent $o%r %est -o%se .ro' $o%80 5e said( 0S%re(0 and I said( 05o& '%c- &o%+d $o% +ike80 and -e said( 0*e++( &e0++ ta+k abo%t it +ater40 I 'oved ever$t-in do&n t-ere( and t-en t-is o+d 'an 12ean /oore-o%se83 &-o &as sta$in t-ere &anted t-e %est -o%se( beca%se( $o% kno&( -e &asn0t rea++$ part o. t-e peop+e4 So( I -ad a++ '$ st%.. t-ere and t-en I took a roo' in t-e 'ain -o%se4 #t-er&ise I never &o%+d -ave done t-at4, *a++ie( t-en en a ed to be 'arried( -ad -er o&n roo' and re'ained at t-e -o%se abo%t si9 'ont-s( )abo%t t-e sa'e ti'e 6-ar+ie and -is ir+s arrived at t-e scene4, Pa e 7:" "##ording to $allie, %inda &!asabian' (oined the Family at $ilson)s ho*se )on -er &a$ so'e&-ere and so'ebod$ picked -er %p -itc--ikin 4 S-e said s-e &as 'arried( +eavin -er -%sband( and she seemed straight+ b*t (*st ,lits o,, to the ran#h 4 It abso+%te+$ b+e& '$ 'ind4, 1;'p-asis 'ine34

< =bein strai -t> is !0s s+an .or =not bein a -ippie>4 B%t ?inda c+ai's s-e &as t-is .+o&er c-i+d +ivin in a++ t-ese co''%nes be.ore @oinin t-e Aa'i+$4 Brrriiiiiiii -tC44

-.T/ D-e Aa'i+$ 'oved into 2ennis *i+son>s -o%se in t-e Sprin o. 19!8 and &ere kicked o%t and 'oved to Spa-n Banc- in 7% %st 19!8 (accordin to t-e ti'e+ine on 6-ar+ie/anson4co')( so ?inda Easabian appears to -ave been a 'e'ber .or '%c- +on er t-an @%st one 'ont- prior to t-e '%rders4 7ct%a++$( it appears s-e @oined be.ore ?es+ie Fan 5o%ten did( &-o @oined so'eti'e in Septe'ber 19!8 1so%rce" D-e ?on Prison Go%rne$ o. ?es+ie Fan 5o%ten" ?i.e Be$ond t-e 6%+t b$ Ear+ene Aait-( 2001 -ardcover edition( p429H303 &-en t-e Aa'i+$ &as a+read$ +ivin at Spa-n>s4 D-is( I>' s%re( s-o%+d be I%ite eas$ to veri.$4