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Run on the most common element in the universe.

They are environmentally sound

Hydroge n Powe red Car s

They have really great safety

They make much less noise than the cars today

History of the car

The first car was made in the 1700s The first car made in the .!." was the three#horse$ower% curve dash &ldsmo'ile "t first the car started out as a toy for the rich% now it is a much more useful tool


)e need more fueling stations that fuel hydrogen $owered cars )e need 'ig car com$anies to start making hydrogen $owered cars )e need safety features that will hel$ the $eo$le in the car stay safe *asoline com$anies are 'ecoming aware that gasoline is almost de$leted and are looking for other more efficient fuels

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Conse+uences of Hydrogen

,ery high e-$losion level !tation in California that makes the transformation from gasoline to hydrogen +uick and sim$le. .a/or car com$anies are afraid to make the change in their cars% this could affect a lot of creatures.. The change to hydrogen will make $olluted areas 'e cleared u$ form the gasoline and other chemical fumes.

Hydrogen e-$losion in the dessert shows the e-$losion level of hydrogen.

" very $olluted are in downtown China could 'e $ollutant free if the switch to hydrogen was made.
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Current Technology
0n the 11st century% the most fuel efficient car is the electric $owered car. Car com$anies such as (.) and Toyota are making $lans for% in forty years% will create a hydrogen $owered car. The amount of money that would 'e used to make a large amount of these vehicles would 'e immense.

This is an e-$erimental hydrogen $owered car $roduced 'y Honda.

" sim$le eclectic motor.