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Cornell University
ECE 4530: Analog Integrated Circuit Design
Fall 2013
Problem Set 2
Cornell University
ECE 4530: Analog Integrated Circuit Design
Fall 2013
Problem Set 2

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Published by: Brimwoodboy on Feb 21, 2014
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ECE 453 Homework Assignment 2 Topics: Single Stage Amplifiers Frequency Domain Analysis Miller Approximation

1. Consider the following amplifier


RL Vin CL RS Vout

(a) Draw a small signal model of this amplifier valid for both low and high frequency operation (b) Find Rout for this amplifier (c) Based on the Miller approximation, what is the total capacitance on the output node for Av ≫ 1? What is the output pole of this amplifier? 2. Using the Miller Approximation: (a) Based upon the ideal amplifier shown with feedback impedance Zo, derive and explain Miller’s theorem and how this general impedance can be split into Z1 and Z2


what are the input pole and transimpedance gain for this circuit 3. Based upon these equations find Vout/Iin and determine the input pole of this amplifier Rf A Cin A Iin B Cout (c) Using Miller’s theorem. use KCL to write equations for nodes A and/or B.Z A A Z1 Z2 (b) For the following transimpedance amplifier. divide the feedback resistance Rf between the input and output nodes. By inspection. Differential Amplifiers: (a) Given the following Differential Amplifier: 2 .

(b) Do the same for the amplifier below Vdd ∆Vin= V+-V∆Vout= Vout+-Vout- Vout+ Co V+ Vb V- VoutCo (c) Consider the following amplifier: Vdd C B V+ A Vout V- What is the small signal gain of this amplifier? How many poles does it have? At which nodes are these poles? 3 . common mode gain and bandwidth of each branch using the half-circuit (or other) method.Vdd ∆Vin= V+-VR ∆Vout= Vout+-VoutVout- R Vout+ Co V+ V- Co Determine the small signal differential gain. Assume that the bandwidth is determined by the output pole.

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