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Safety Ethanol is flammable; keep it away from flames. Avoid contact with the chlorophyll extract because it can stain your skin and clothing. Solution will be hot; handle with care. Materials Spinach Leaves 95% Ethanol, 250 mL 500-mL Erlenmeyer Flask Volumetric Flask Rubber Stopper Funnel Coffee Filter or Filter Paper Hot plate Stirring Rod Paper Towels Safety Goggles Gloves Lab Apron Methods 1. Tear apart several leaves of spinach and place in the Erlenmeyer Flask. 2. Pour the ethanol over the leaves to cover them completely. 3. Place the Erlenmeyer Flask on the hot plate and begin heating the solution. 4. While the solution is heating, stir and crush the leaves in solution with the stirring rod. 5. Bring the solution to a boil and boil for 5mins or until the solution turns a dark green colour; continue crushing and stirring throughout this process. 6. Turn off the hot plate. The solution will be hot, so handle with care and use gloves. 7. Line the funnel with filter paper and place in the Volumetric Flask. 8. Pour the contents of the Erlenmeyer Flask into the Volumetric Flask, through the filtering funnel. 9. Place a rubber stopper on the Volumetric Flask and let the solution cool to room temperature.