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Live your life as infinite consciousness

Live your life as Infinite consciousness

2009 Infinite Awareness

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Live your life as infinite consciousness

Life is a journey of evolution through experience.

Live your life as infinite consciousness

Your body is the vehicle and your mind is the tool you are neither!

Live your life as infinite consciousness

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Live your life as infinite consciousness

It is a beautiful, liberating and truly fantastic thing to become awakened and understand the true nature of who we are. Yes believe it or not there is something great within you, something which goes beyond what you think, feel, act and believe. All those beliefs you hold, they are not who you are, all those thoughts that you think, that is not you, the real you is what is known as consciousness or awareness, that which can never die, you see while you don't realize it, and no school will ever teach it to you, you will exist beyond your current form, this life and reality that you are living right now is an experience, a journey, a ride. At your core you are infinite consciousness, infinite awareness and you are currently aware of and experiencing a human reality. Some people call it consciousness, all-knowing, energy, oneness, infinite awareness, others label it as some invisible force all around you, but whatever the label it doesnt matter, we are in our essence all the same, we are all one. It is important to become aware of who you really are, and also use this knowing to your advantage, knowing you are not your body and your mind can seriously change your perspective on life, or rather the journey you are currently experiencing.

Knowing who you really are This is about realizing that you are infinite energy, it isn't about stating affirmations, thinking too much, it is about knowing and being aware, that is all, nothing else is involved. Being aware that you are not your body or your mind will allow you to get closer to understanding the pure potential that you really are. Once you know this you can change your perspective on your life and current life situation. By changing your perspective you can change your life in so many ways, there is more to you than your 5 senses, there is more to you than thought, because who you really are is beyond mind and therefore thought. 5

Live your life as infinite consciousness

You see for you to realize this no schooling is needed, no great expensive course is required, all you have to do is just understand and get in touch with your true self beyond your mind and your thoughts, your body is a vehicle and your mind is a tool, you are neither. This is not to undermine the amazement and wonder of both, they are incredible, our bodies are beautiful, and our minds all powerful, but they are not the real you. This is not to be thought of as bad or unpleasant, or negative, it is about liberating yourself, freeing your mind and unlearning what you think you are, removing labels and temporary identities and getting in touch with a higher self, your higher self, your true nature. Awareness is the key that takes you beyond mind and body. What you think of as you is not you at all. The I you constantly identify with is actually what you are experiencing. You are not, nor have you ever been, nor will you ever be your thoughts, you are that which experiences and who is aware of your thoughts. You are consciousness, infinite awareness, pure potential that is currently experiencing a human reality.

Awareness operates higher than the mind, without awareness you would know of nothing that the mind produced in the way of thoughts or ideas. You are aware that you have thoughts and ideas, now be aware that you are not those thoughts or ideas.
There is no division in the world, we are all one, we have been taught to be different, to think differently, to act, to believe and to see things in certain ways 6

Live your life as infinite consciousness

and this is as a result of many things, for example, upbringing, culture, education, beliefs etc. But who we really are is beyond the beliefs we hold. Become aware of everything and everyone around you. You are that awareness, you are infinite consciousness that lives forever and you are currently now experiencing life in your body using the amazing tool which is the human mind. This is what we all have to experience this life, our mind and our body. However you are not your mind or your body, they simply allow you the real YOU to experience life in your current reality, (which is temporary) your body will not last forever, neither will your mind both are susceptible to age and disease. YOU however are consciousness, which is all that ever has been and all that ever will be. Because we identify with who we think we are (the I) for most of the time in our day to day life and reality, we find it hard to see it in any other way. However we are really the awareness of our lives and our realities, but most of the time we never tap into this awareness, we are never really aware, instead we are consumed with our minds and each thought that we have or rather we generate. We think it is us, we think it is true, we believe it is the way things are. But being alive is about being aware, and being aware is about knowing that this awareness is who you are and that your current life situation is just something you are experiencing. All the ideas, perceptions, opinions, beliefs you have are just illusions, mind made concepts which you by way of observation and awareness bring into existence. This is what makes you human and this is what makes up your current reality. You are reading these words, perhaps with your own voice in your head but you are not that voice, you are understanding the words as you read them, perhaps conceptualizing the different ideas and statements you are listening to, but you are not those ideas, or thoughts you have about what you are reading, maybe

Live your life as infinite consciousness

your mind is wandering and you are thinking about what to eat for dinner. However the real you is the awareness behind the thoughts and ideas.

The real you is the knowing that knows you are experiencing ideas and thoughts.
There is a higher self beyond what you currently perceive there to be. Infinite consciousness, awareness is your higher self, your true self and it exists beyond the mind. It is from your higher self which is a layer above your beliefs, your identity and everything else mind based that real power and all-knowing exist.

One Consciousness We are all one consciousness, one energy, infinite awareness. The life we see and in particularly perceive around us is merely a reflection of the thoughts and also intuition of everyone man and woman alive today. Our current realities are a byproduct of our thoughts, for most of us at least. The divisions which separate us are just illusions, they are born in the mind therefore they are mind made. Unfortunately there are many times when by way of incessant thinking we lose touch with who we really are. We become disconnected from all possibility, the infinite possibility that is in each of us, thinking takes us away from this. Our minds can and very often do run riot and all too often because we so often identify with our minds, we assume that what we think or believe is the way things are, and so our experience normally reflects what we think, positive or negative.

Live your life as infinite consciousness

But the reality which comes from the identity we make in our minds is ultimately a false identity, but this identity that we choose to make governs and dictates our current physical reality. Take your point of observation away from your body and your mind and instead see yourself as part of the great consciousness that is everywhere. To identify with your body and mind is a false projection, your body and mind are what you are using to experience this life.

Who you really are Most people are completely oblivious to who they really are, instead they live in their own world absorbed by thought living under a blanket of rigid beliefs, perhaps born from somebody else or originating from a completely different time or place to the one they are living in at present (when they were younger perhaps). Is it really acceptable to live in ignorance of who we really are? If so why, and if it is not acceptable then why is it not common knowledge, why is everyone on the planet not aware of who they really are? Surely this needs to change. How much would things change if people knew they were infinite consciousness experiencing a human reality in their body with their mind? Would people be even bothered by such knowledge or are people more concerned with their alto egos, the I which they are experiencing and which is ultimately a mind made projection which people act out on a daily basis. It is not who they really are. It is what they are experiencing thats all. Remember that what you say after the words I am isnt who you are at all it is simply what you are choosing to currently experience.

Live your life as infinite consciousness

Do you wake up and use your mind in a way that benefits you? If it seems like your mind is constantly using you and telling you what you should do, then break free and rise above, dont think, become aware instead, just listen, observe and know that you are not your mind, and whatever negative mind made nonsense you are making up today is only temporary. The brain which is yours is only yours for a short period of time, so make use of it and use it in a way that brings great benefits to your life, and that allows you to live the life you most want to live. Open yourself to higher levels of awareness, expand your perceptions of what you think is possible for yourself, use your intuition more, you are in control of this. Awareness is the key, just being aware that you are not your mind can have a liberating effect as all the self-imposed limitations and negative beliefs take on a new meaning, or rather take on no meaning at all.

Body and mind Far too many people identify with their bodies and their minds, their thoughts, and their feelings, they assume it is who they are, sometimes it serves them well sometimes it does not, regardless of whether it serves you well or not be aware that you are not your thoughts or your feelings you are the awareness of them. Your body and your mind are yours for the duration of your time here in this reality. How you use them is up to you. Your body will eventually die, this much you know, and so therefore you will lose your ability to experience life in this reality, to think, to move, breathe, feel etc. Now in your pure form you are pure potential, infinite awareness, consciousness or however you wish to describe it, however right now in this reality you have at your disposal something which you I


Live your life as infinite consciousness

am sure deep down already know is pretty special, your body and your amazing mind. How you use them is up to you of course. It is when you understand that you are not your mind that you can become free from your thoughts, you are not your thoughts, how can you be? When you have a thought, you are aware of the thought much like you are aware when somebody starts to sing close by, when someone taps you on the shoulder, or when you hear a car close by, you are aware of these things. But what we are dealing with here is much more than that, it is about understanding that you are the awareness, you are consciousness. To be fully aware is to be fully conscious, it is to open yourself up to life as it is at this very moment and be in full acceptance of life wherever you happen to be, whatever you happen to be doing. Freedom from your mind, freedom from your beliefs, freedom from your identity is liberating, in itself it is one of the most beautiful things to ever do. It is by freeing yourself from who you identify with that you can really begin to learn who you actually are, which is something greater than what you believe, think or call yourself. You are at a higher level, beyond thought and body.

Your mind and body provide you with the necessary tools to experience life. Your body is the vehicle and your mind is the tool.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Free yourself
For a moment free yourself from your identity, lift yourself higher than what you currently think and perceive yourself to be. Right now instead of experiencing whoever you currently identify with be aware that you are pure potential, consciousness, awareness taking part in a human reality using your body. Whatever you think you are now, you are not, rise above your identity, remove it for the time being. You can be anything you want to be, you dont have to be what you are currently are experiencing. Your life to this point has been made up from what has been decided and perceived before. You can change your life in the future only by what you decide to do and think at this very moment in time, and it is at this very moment in time you have great power and potential, all your life comes from the here and now, this very moment.

It is always this very moment where you have power and you have potential.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Your power and potential can only be accessed right now in this very moment, they cannot be accessed at any other time because there is no other time, right now is all they ever will be and it is where all your power lies. Know that you are not your mind and that it is merely a tool to be used by you. You are pure potential, consciousness and you have the ability to change your current reality and identity right now. Your power lies here and now. If you want to say anything after the words I am, say I am pure potential having a human experience, and what I am currently experiencing is just a reflection of my past and current thoughts and behaviors.

This moment Awareness is all about this moment, access this moment, do something useful with it, there is power here, never in the future, or anywhere else for that matter. It is this moment that makes life precious, not some point 10 years from now, how are you utilizing your power? You can do so much now, you can never do anything at another point in time, because now is all that exists. If you are ignoring this moment, seeing it as nothing more than a means to an end point sometime in the future, then what you are doing is ignoring life and ignoring something as powerful and full of potential as this very moment. Also remember that to not enjoy this moment is to not enjoy life. Like wise to enjoy this moment is to enjoy life.

Drop the illusion that life is at any other moment than the one you are experiencing right now. Once you do that you will understand that

Live your life as infinite consciousness

happiness is right here it is already yours, all you have to do is detach yourself from your mind.
When people think that life is something in the future that is an illusion it is just a perception. Your life is happening right now, and so enjoying this moment, living this moment is all you have to do in life, because it is life. People who do this enjoy life more, because life is always now, therefore happiness can never really be found in the future because right now is all there will ever be. Remind yourself that in your life all you will ever have as you continue your journey and life experience is this very moment now. Everything in your life comes from this moment right now, likewise your happiness will always come from this moment. Nothing will ever happen outside of this moment. Time People are so good at living their lives in defined chunks of time, that they miss the present moment, for too many people life is a constant arrangement of meetings, events and particular dates in the future when they perceive things will happen for them. Rarely to people perceive their life in the very moment it is taking place, especially in the western world where people seem to have less and less time. Too many people fill their minds with questions about the past and the future, how did that really go, how will it turn out I wonder. This is being locked into the mind, the result of which is that their minds will happily run riot with different scenarios of this happening or that happening, but is any of it useful and what purpose does it really serve? If the purpose of existence is to be, why are you always thinking about this or that? In life sometimes it is wise, useful and just plain more fun to not think and instead just be, let life be. It is as it is right? You are where you are because of you, are


Live your life as infinite consciousness

you not, so learn to be at ease with yourself and all your previous and future decisions that you have and will make.

True power Thoughts about the future and the past take you away from your life right now which is where your true power comes from. Any time spent thinking or perceiving life in the future should really only be that which is beneficial to you, and which will cause you to work towards creating that life situation you most want to happen by taking action right now, your mind is a useful tool so use it in a way that is life enhancing. What are you doing right now, are you working towards making a better life for the future, or are your actions now the result of a mind made concept about not getting what you want in the future, or your future not turning out how you would like it to be, therefore causing you to not take action. What do you want to happen in the future and what are you doing now to make it happen. Now is what you need to concentrate on. Bring your awareness into the now. Bring your focus into the now, bring your energies into this very moment, this is life. Everything ever done or experienced in your life is done in this moment, the now. The future and past exist only in the mind and you give life to them only by way of the thoughts you are choosing to experience now. This very moment is powerful because it is from this moment where all things in your life will come from. You create now, you manifest now, which is what makes this moment so important. Life is lived now, always. The tiniest little action right now, is worth more than 1 hour of mindless thought about what cannot be done in the future, or what wont happen in the future. Counteract your negative dialogue by taking action. Silence your self-doubt by


Live your life as infinite consciousness

taking action. There is no time, only experience and that experience only ever occurs now in this moment. Anything else exists in the mind and is therefore not real, it is only a thought, a perception, idea, or concept.

Start to think of your life as an experience because that is exactly what it is.

Happiness Stop swimming against the tide, understand that life is ultimately just a ride, be happy, your happiness should be a priority and remember it is a choice you make each and every day. You dont have to place your happiness on something outside of yourself, be it a new car, better job, a bigger house or whatever, this isnt always desirable and will it mean that until you obtain those objects you wont be happy. Thankfully happiness comes from within always and it can come from whatever you decide, happiness is whatever you want it to be.

Happiness is available to everyone, it is defined however you want to define it, it can be found wherever you want to find it.
The answer to finding happiness is dependent only on the factors which you decide to make it dependant on. You will leave earth at some point this is guaranteed, could be next year, could be in 10 years, could be in 30 years. If your life situation isnt or you dont believe it will ever be as you would like it to be what are you going to do about it right now?


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Happiness in itself is really the most important task of anyone while they are here experiencing life. Dont ponder the injustices of life, just get on with following your own path and creating your own destiny or new reality. The fact is that geographical area and income are not what makes people happy. People sometimes say there is more to life than money, they are right, but perhaps not in the way they think they are right. There is most certainly more to life than your current situation and indeed any situation you will manifest for yourself in the future, way more to life in fact. We make sense of our current life situation using mind made concepts, interpretations and beliefs, but this just one manifestation of many individual experiences that are occurring simultaneously at any one point in time. Your life will last forever, however your life situation experienced through your body and mind is only temporary, very temporary.

If you dont like something about your life be aware that it is only temporary and get on with making changes now that will bring you closer to a life situation which is more likeable and fun. Your life is meant to be unique, special, a gift, a journey, a fun time, it is a ride.
The world is a stage People live far too deeply entrenched within mind made concepts about what is not possible and what will never be done. There are no limits to how deep we can go in terms of inventing limitations for ourselves, thinking about this and that,


Live your life as infinite consciousness

concerned about everything under the sun, but to do so is to go in the wrong direction, enlightenment comes from knowing we are infinite consciousness, awareness and this world is merely a stage, a play, a show, a ride, an experience which we create with our bodies as the vehicle and our mind as the tool. Your own reality Life could be described as just a game, if you want to fit into a role society will happily create for you, then go right ahead you will be spoilt for choice, however if you want to live in your own reality and define when, where and what you do then likewise if you use your imagination you too will be spoilt for choice. There are so many ways to make money in this day and age, that if you want you can have complete autonomy on what you do and where you do it. If you use your imagination the days of working for somebody elses profit are truly gone. The power is within each of us to create our own destiny.

It is not what you see out in the real world that matters, it is how you interpret what you see.
When you look out at your current reality, it is infinite consciousness experiencing life in your body which your mind has created, that is what is happening. Is the reality which you see in front of you now the result of pure potential or is it the result of mind made limitations and roadblocks? Perhaps infinite consciousness is scratching its own infinite power wondering what is going wrong here, after all it knows of no boundaries or limitations. Is the life that you are currently experiencing courtesy of your mind and body one of limitation, a life far short of what could be lived?


Live your life as infinite consciousness

We are all merely mirrors of infinite consciousness, we all look out at reality but in actual fact what we are really looking at is a reflection of our own collective thought process, the world we live in is the world we create for ourselves.

The world we live in today and tomorrow is the one we decide to create for ourselves.
When we look out at the world, we are looking back at what we have created, ultimately everything that exists today was born from someones mind. We can all change things if we want to there is power in this. There is power in taking action because then you will change what you see in the world, manifest something new if that is what you want, likewise there is power by way of inaction because then reality, the world you look out on, (your world) stays exactly the same, exactly as it is. You can change the world or you can leave it the way it is, you have at your disposal the power to do either. This isnt a belief, this isnt an opinion this is a fact of life. Reality is what you and everyone around you has created, and the future will be whatever you and those around you decide to create whether you decide to act or not.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Your life situation

Life situations can change, you can do something different to what you are doing now, acquire new skills, form new beliefs, obtain a new identity, exhibit new behavior. It is a reality which is built upon pure spirit, consciousness, awareness, built using your mind, experienced through your body.
We are where we are at any moment in time not in spite of what has happened in the past, but very much because of it. You are now living a life situation because of all that has gone before, you are the sum of it all, so if you dont like something, or if you are unhappy about something remind yourself that it is only temporary and make the necessary changes now so that in the future things dont remain as they are. Remember you can only ever change your life now. It is from inside where your projections of life come from, you have to change inside first before anything on the outside will change, it is important to realize this. Dont travel and expect your life to change, dont change jobs and expect your life to change, change within first then you will really notice your life changing. It will also help you when creating change in your life to move your point of observation from this is who I am to this is what I am currently experiencing. Remember life is just an experience. When we change the world changes, because the world is a reflection of the thoughts each and every one of us has. The world is us and we are the world. If you dont think you can change the world you would be wrong, you have within you the power to do it. If you do nothing, it is also powerful because you leave


Live your life as infinite consciousness

the world exactly as you find it, when you do nothing it means the world stays as it is. Your current experience Whatever you are experiencing today has been born from your previous thoughts, decision and choices you made recently, this is a fact. So decide today on how you want your life to be in the future and that take the necessary action now. Remember change doesnt happen tomorrow or next week, it happens now. What are you experiencing? People think they are what they are experiencing, tall, blond working as a shipping clerk 6 days a week, no that is what you are experiencing, it is not who you are. You are infinite consciousness, infinite awareness, pure potential having an experience in this human reality.

Seriousness of life Life is only real by the seriousness you choose to exhibit every day on the events that you choose to manifest in your life, and this is fundamental because it is all a choice, if Joe blogs really didnt believe he had a choice tomorrow morning, what possible help could anyone else offer him. Success in life can be measured by the simplest little things, like not taking it all so seriously, understanding that it is a ride, a journey, an experience, a story and that true salvation is the degree to which you switch off from your mind and switch onto infinite awareness while you are experiencing your current life situation. Switch on to the fact that your body is the vehicle and your mind is the tool and that you are neither, while they will one day cease, consciousness never will. Life is just a ride, a journey, nothing more, an event, make of it what you will. Life is


Live your life as infinite consciousness

what you make it, we have all heard that before and it is because life is ultimately whatever you decide to create for yourself. Use your body and use your mind, for they are yours for a short time only. You already have everything you could ever want because you are everything you could ever want, at your deepest pure core you are consciousness, awareness, everything else is built on top of this. You will be tomorrow the result of everything that you choose to think today. Liberation in life comes not from identifying with wants and desires, which are temporary and ultimately all mind made anyway, it comes from knowing you are not your mind and body. Life situations certainly change, and yours today is as a result of the way you have used your brain in each and every moment up until this point in time, and it will be in the future by way of everything you do now, not tomorrow but now.

Your life situation will be like it is in the future by way of the actions you take today. Stop living for tomorrow and instead start acting today.
Now is really a key to a lot of liberation in your life. This experience right now is the only thing that is ever real, if you have to think about something then it isnt real. Life is only ever real by the fact that you are living this very moment. This moment now is what makes your life real, everything else that doesnt exist in this moment is where exactly? What is it? Illusion, mind made, thought, where is it exactly?


Live your life as infinite consciousness

It is your perception of the future which is mind based that keeps you in servitude of having to do this or do that in the present moment. Free yourself from I am this or I am that, we are all one. Start looking at your life and others from this perspective, we are all one.

The I AM is what YOU ARE currently experiencing.

While you are here and now in this body using this mind, what is it that you want for yourself? There are many ways to benefit from knowing that you are more than you think you are. How is your life right now? What would you like it to be like? If you want to live your ideal life then take action until you are living your ideal life. You chose your current life situation because at some point in your history it made sense to you. You had a vision for doing what you are doing now and you said to yourself yes this will be OK, that is what I will do, and now you are experiencing the reality which you previously only perceived of in your mind are you not. Is this not the case? There were and probably indeed are options for you, but you will go on living how you are living until either the perception in your mind changes, you come up with an idea for change or some external event forces you to make changes, however you always have choices, more than you probably think you do, life is a choice. Expand your level of awareness out from the mind, you are not your mind nor your body, start to look at your life and the world around you from this perspective. The mind made concepts and illusions which your mind is apt to create from time to time about what you can and cannot do, can only control and dictate the life you lead when you think and believe them to be real. But this like everything else in your life is a choice.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

The beliefs you and everyone else holds is just a thought you keep thinking, nothing more. You will never come across a belief in the street, but you will see actions taken as a result of beliefs. Look around you today, people are living their lives in accordance with the beliefs they hold, if they were to change their beliefs they would lead very different lives. The reason we are more powerful than we think we are is because we can choose to not think in the first place and go back to remembering who we really are, which is infinite awareness or infinite consciousness having a human experience. We are much more than our thoughts, our thoughts may dictate our current realities, but they are not who we are. If in our lives we need to we can rise above thought, and access our all knowing awareness. Remember if your life situation isnt as ideal as you would like it to be, that it is just an experience and one that reflects the thoughts you have been, and currently are manifesting in your mind. Thats all it is.

You control all your thoughts, your perceptions, your choices, your beliefs and your entire physical reality.

Expectation There are times when you will rarely be surprised by things that happen in your life, because at some level you would have already seen them happening, everything would have first occurred as a thought, this includes the highest highs and the lowest lows. Look at your life situation right now, how much of it is a surprise? Never mind how you feel about your life right now, what surprises you


Live your life as infinite consciousness

about it? Nothing surprises you about it, everything is as it should be is it not? This isnt to say that it is not as ideal as you would like it to be, or as interesting as you would like it. You may like it to be different and the question to ask is right now if it were different to what it is at this moment, would that difference be unexpected or would it be expected. Expectations and intent are powerful forces in life, intend for things to happen in your life and then make them happen. Expect success, it is better to expect that you will get what you want than to expect failure or you falling short of getting what you want. If you expect failure, what do think will transpire in the future? It is a dangerous thought to be manifesting the expectation of not getting what you want in life. The reality is any reality you experience will rarely be a surprise to you, sure surprises will happen but your current life situation, job or career will be based on thoughts or ideas you had at some previous point in time. Even if you won the lottery, because we have all probably thought about what we would do if we were to win it, and so the life while pleasing and to some extent unexpected wouldnt be as much of a surprise as we might like to believe it would be. You buy a ticket and you understand the potential consequences of buying that ticket. OK so perhaps the lottery is extra special and an exception but what about other events in your life? What you want to happen and what you expect will happen can be very different sometimes, whatever you want to manifest in your life, expect that it will happen but use the expectation to take action now, dont merely wish for things, your life situation will only manifest if you take action now to make it happen. Our life can sometimes be a series of expectations, or at least it could be, expect things to happen in your life. How will that change things for you? Expect it to happen and then just know it will happen. But never just wish or hope, always follow up you expectation and knowing with action.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Ideal life Get busy manifesting your ideal life into existence or get busy coming up with ways and excuses of it not happening. The experience which you call your current life situation is just one possible existence of which you have many available to you. Your potential and possibilities are endless whether you choose to believe it or not. However to live a life that goes against what you want to do benefits no one. Accepting a second best life is to do yourself a great disservice, nobody will ever gain by you living a life that is against everything you most want to happen. If you are not living the life you most want then ask yourself if it is down to some mind made concept born from a stream of negative based thinking, or something else?

Pure potential If you really dont believe you can have the life that you want you are essentially choosing to put self imposed limitations on yourself where there doesnt need to be any, and indeed arent any (remember consciousness knows of no limitations). It is only by you choosing to believe that you wont get what you want that brings into existence that experience. This is a choice made by you, what you are at your core is pure potential, you are free to build on top of that or below that (whichever way you look at) anything you like in the way of negative identities and beliefs or positive identities and beliefs. It is all your choosing. If you find this hard to believe then ask yourself if anyone else is involved in you holding the beliefs you do. You have potential whether you use it or not, or whether you even realize it. It is there in you and it will always be there because it is a given, it is a part of you in your true form, it doesnt come by way of education or schooling nor does it come 26

Live your life as infinite consciousness

by way of upbringing. It comes by way of being born. Either way it is up to you to use the potential which is YOU anyway you want to.

You are pure potential at your core, however your life situation is made up of your identity, beliefs, capabilities, behavior and environment.
There is nothing you cant do if you put your mind to it. Limitations originate in the mind, and are only real because you think about them.

To live in misery Once you know you are more than your body and mind what does it say about you to live a life of misery, why would you choose to do that? Lets say you live until you are 65 years old. How would you have liked to spend your time? Being happy or living a life far removed from what you really wanted? Do what you want and do it for as long as you are breathing. To be unhappy is to waste valuable time, dont live in mediocrity because of some mind made nonsense about how your life may or may not turn out in the future.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Move on if things arent going well in life, dont fight life, dont swim upstream, it really shouldnt be hard. Life really wasnt meant to be hard. Granted it may appear to be hard for many around the world, but people in developing countries still know how to be happy, they dont make it harder for themselves by swimming up river when the flow is going in the other direction. Sometimes it pays to just be, and do whatever feels right at the level above identity and beliefs which is about using your intuition. The constant need to do, achieve, strive, finish, complete and win can be a sure fire way sometimes to not be. Who says exactly, you or society, the media, or some random Joe in the street who is as distanced from his true nature as far as it is possible to be? What do people who are yet to wake up to who they really are know anyway, what can they know? They probably live and identify with their minds the whole time. You have to do what exactly? Buy a house and get a mortgage and have children. Watch soap operas 3 times a week and talk about the latest fashion trend. I just want to live my life the way I want to live it thanks. I am not going to fight with life, I am not going to struggle I am just going to be and do my thing! Time doesnt exist anyway, weeks, months, years are all made up, merely instruments to monitor the day turning into night and the earth rotating and circling around the sun. How much more would we have in this world if people didnt listen to the negative internal dialogue in their minds about how their idea wont work or how they wont get what they want in life. How different a place would it be if people followed through on their goals and plans for what they really believe in and go and manifest their ideal life?


Live your life as infinite consciousness

In your life Remind yourself daily if need be that your life will be the way it will be because you want it to be that way, it is as simple as that. Tap into your true power. Infinite consciousness has no limitations, which means YOU have no limitations. You dont have to believe or try to conceptualize this, you just have to know. Be aware, hold faith in the greater you. Dont be a slave to the random thoughts you think day in day out about nonsense that will probably never happen. If you need extra cash, then get a book on creative thinking sit down for 30 minutes and come up with 10 new ideas for a new business which is in line with your skills and talents or those which you are able to manifest at that point in time. To sit around and come up with a list of reasons why you will never be able to generate X Y or Z per month or within the next 3 months is completely and utterly pointless. It is a waste of the pure potential you are and indeed the brain (the tool) which is yours to use in any way you choose. You already have what you need to get you to where you want to be in life, an amazing mind and an amazing body.

You can either come up with ways of getting what you want or you can come up with ways on how you wont get what you want. The choice is yours.

Choices And so you wake up tomorrow and you go now what, now where, where is my next dollar coming from, I need to eat, I need to breathe, I need to find a place to sleep which has electricity and hot water. This is reality for most people, so how does tapping into infinite awareness help Joe blogs who has to catch the 5.40


Live your life as infinite consciousness

train to work in the morning. By realizing that Joe blogs is part of something greater than what he is currently identifying with. Joe blogs doesnt have to do anything, he is choosing to live his life the way he currently is, he is choosing everything, his reality could be lived in a whole lot of other ways, but Joe blogs is making choices, and these choices are what he sees by way of his external reality each day. Remember the choices you make have given rise to your current life situation, so in terms of your future what choices are you making today?

Power People are very apt however at accepting many life situations as they are, making the best of them so to speak, rather than taking the initiative to change them, which in their eyes takes more effort and perhaps wont automatically guarantee them the same life as they are currently living, even though they may sacrifice feeling happier. The way society is set up can sometimes make it seem as if finding your ideal job is something to only think about when you win the lottery, or become financially independent. But this is only really a product of belief, a belief that in the short term anyway you will be better off where you are. But it is this attitude (a sense of powerlessness to change anything about your life) that defines your current and future realities, this however is an illusion.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Our true power is beyond intellectual thinking.

Where does our power come from? Our power comes from being creative Our power comes from using this creativity Our power comes from operating now Our power comes from knowing we are not our bodies or minds Our power comes from accessing our awareness and our intuition Our power comes from directing our thoughts to help us in life Our power comes from knowing we are much greater than what we think, or perceive.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Your mind is a powerful tool Your mind is a powerful tool and it is something that needs to be working for you at all times, never against you. You control your own mind and your own thoughts, every single one of them. Most people would probably say their minds controlled them, it doesnt, your mind is a tool to be used as effectively as possible. Your brain can take you to wherever you want to go in life, it is equally capable and happy to take you to places where you dont want to be. The highest highs and also the lowest lows, you decide. Say the word beach and what do you think about? Picture an apple tree and what do you see? You control everything that happens in your own mind. There is great power in this, the power comes from the life you will lead as a result of what happens in your mind first. You can direct your brain at all times, you can tell it where you want to go. If you dont control your brain then who does? And if you dont learn to manipulate your own mind to get what you want then what will the consequences of this be? Your mind doesnt control you but it certainly can enslave you if you let it.

Why be a slave to your mind? What is the point to this? You are greater than your mind, so become aware of this and rise above it if need be and rely on intuition instead.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

The meaning makers The meaning you give to anything is whatever you decide to hold in your mind. Reality is whatever meaning you decide to place on the events that happen in your life. Reality isnt the coffee stain on your shirt it is how you decide to perceive the coffee stain on your shirt that will govern how you feel and hence your reality. It is from the eyes of your mind that your future life will be created, reality isnt necessarily what happens to you right now, reality is what you decide to feel about what happens right now, the perception you attribute to the thoughts you think and the world you see is what makes it real to you. When you manipulate things in your mind, ideas, concepts, thoughts, you change the outer aspects of your world. A mind made concept is something that has no existence in the real world it is formed in the mind only, you cant make a movie of a belief you have, you can only make a movie of the actions you take as a result of that belief. We all decide what meanings we give to the events that happen in our life, and also the thoughts we think, and we are able to change this meaning at any time, the meanings we give to things that have happened in the past do not have to be the meanings we attribute to these things in the future. Meanings and the perceptions of the events and even the ideas you have are all mind made concepts. Meaning is to hold in mind. Meaning in an invented reality So it is all choice, we might not believe it at first, but our lives are indeed based on the choices we have made and will continue to make in the future. So in order to create a better life for ourselves and indeed others, it is in our best interests to


Live your life as infinite consciousness

first decide to form empowering beliefs about ourselves, and what we can do and create in our life. Saying we cant do this or that, looking at our life as it is today and not believing it will be different in the future are not the most useful things we can or should be doing with our mind. What you want to be doing with your mind is reminding yourself of how great your future will be, how you have got what it takes to get you there and what exactly you will do to make it happen. There are essentially two roads your mind can take you, the road which leads to where you want to be, and the road which leads to the place you dont want to be. You want to be focusing on where you want to be going at all times. Your mind is a tool to be used here and now, you decide exactly where it will take you at all times, always remember this.

Your mind Imagine a life where you are constantly at the mercy of your mind. Image day in day out listening to negative comments, self doubt, future problems, constant anxiety, always feeling miserable based on what thoughts and pictures you are making in your mind, perhaps this sounds familiar. Well it may sound familiar if indeed you do live like this but it doesnt have to be like this. You are not your mind nor are you your thoughts. You are the awareness of them, infinite consciousness experiencing a human reality. What a relief then it is to know that there is another dimension beyond the mind which every living human is a part of, not one person excluded as we are all infinite consciousness. It is possible to instead of being infected by all the negative nonsense the mind dishes out, to rise outside of your mind and rely on pure intuition to take you


Live your life as infinite consciousness

where you want to be in life? Intuition and knowing, use them, rely on them. That is where your power lies, utilize them by being aware at all times, and knowing that your current life situation is just an experience, one you are choosing to manifest by the thoughts and beliefs you are manifesting in your mind. If you dont think your thoughts help you, then rely on intuition more and more. It will always help you, it exists at a higher level than what you believe as does knowing, what feels right to you, know life will be ok, dont believe, just know. There is great power beyond the thinking mind. So we are not our minds this is great news, but what do you believe and what do you expect to happen in life. Because your very own reality at this present moment may well be based on these two facets. We take on beliefs as facts most of the time, and they can certainly affect your life in a negative way if you let them. Expectations, like belief are also very powerful, more often than not our lives are a reflection of what we expect to happen, if you raise your expectations you can very often achieve greater success as a result. Expect good things to happen to you, know your life will work out, there is power here. Dont sink into negative belief systems and limiting identities that dont serve you well.

Expect good things to happen, know everything will work out. Knowing is a key that is rarely used to unlock the pure potential that you are.
Your mind is good at coming up with invisible assumptions (normally limitations) about what is possible for you in your life, but these are nothing more than illusions. The mind is merely getting in the way again as it so likes to do at different times throughout our lives. Be aware what goes on in your mind and


Live your life as infinite consciousness

never be a slave to it, because your mind is simply a tool for you to use in any way you please. Remember who you areyou are infinite consciousness having an experience.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

The 5 levels of reality

Infinite consciousness & how it fits in with your current reality

Your physical reality, your life as you live it now is made up of 5 layers, they are your Identity Beliefs Capabilities Behaviour Environment

Although our lives are a result of the choices we make each and every day, the reality we experience in the very moment we live life is based on the above 5 levels. In the life situation you are currently experiencing you have an identity, which probably defines your beliefs, which define the skills you have and the action you take, wherever that may be. Ask yourself now if there is anything in your life that isnt as a result of a belief you hold or an action you have taken, your life situation not a reflection of the behavior you exhibit each day is it not?


Live your life as infinite consciousness

But all this comes from the mind, you could call it your ego, and for many it is all there is, (or so they perceive) after all, mind and body is who you are right, well no but it is probably what most people actually believe? But by virtue of that fact that you believe, you create a barrier between who you really are, which is beyond mind (consciousness). You already know you have intuition, which in itself is beyond mind, (intuition comes from getting a feeling about something or just knowing, it doesnt come from thinking about things) and so a part of you already knows there is more to you than just thought alone, for example you know when someone starts to walk close behind you, and when this happens you dont have to believe someone is behind you because you just know, thought comes after intuition. You dont have to believe you are consciousness or awareness, you just have to know and be aware, that is all that is required. The real you operates at a higher level than your mind, you are beyond your mind, therefore you are not your identity, your beliefs, or anything else that originates in the mind. More often than not you relate to who you are through your identity, your beliefs or perhaps your skills. For example one of your skills may be to play the piano and so you see yourself as a pianist, but it isnt you, it is what you are experiencing and this is an important point to understand. Your current reality will have been born from what have identified and believed about yourself in the past, and also what you are currently believing about yourself, but intuition and knowing can also create realities just as much as holding a particular belief. While many people live their life in accordance with the beliefs they hold, it doesnt have to be this way, they could rely on intuition and follow their gut instincts instead.

The only thing that is ever real is experience.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

The levels of reality Your identity and beliefs originate in the mind, they will dictate your skills and actions you take in life. Who you are (infinite consciousness, awareness, allknowing) is at a higher level, it is beyond mind. Take a look at the following diagram, it shows the 5 levels that make up your current physical reality, most of what you experience in your life comes from this, however there is one more layer which sits at the top, it is the real YOU (consciousness, awareness, allknowing).

So one level beyond the mind is the all-knowing, infinite consciousness that you are, it is who YOU really are. Remember right now you are experiencing a reality using your body and your mind, be aware of this, you already know it wont last forever. Consciousness however will. Your identity, beliefs, skills, behavior and environment make up your current reality, but all can be changed, you may think your life is the way it is and that it cannot be changed, but it can all be changed because it is just an experience, you could decide to form completely new beliefs, take on a new identity, learn new skills and so create a whole new reality if you so desire. This is a choice available to everyone, because nothing is set in stone, however the mind is powerful and a life viewed via a matrix of rigid belief systems can seem all so real. 39

Live your life as infinite consciousness

But when you take a step back and realize it is an experience built on top of infinite consciousness or divine energy, you can begin to see life in a very different light. Is it really so hard to believe you get to choose everything in your life, who gets to choose what you do with your body each day, now ask yourself who gets to choose what goes on in your mind? Remember your body is a vehicle and your mind is a tool. Beliefs, identities, skills, behavior will all dictate what you are currently experiencing, you in your pure form are beyond them, because beyond your mind exists consciousness which is what you and everyone else is a part of. Like everything else that has happened and will happen to you, you are and will be aware of it all, you are aware of the past, and you will be aware of all that happens from this point on in your life, but probably less known to you at this point in time is that you are the awareness itself. It is important to realize that as you try to conceptualize and understand these ideas that by doing so (thinking) your mind will do a very good job of taking you away from your true nature. You must appreciate that who you actually are is beyond mind and body, for some this may be hard to comprehend, and in essence there lies the problem, because ultimately to really know yourself you have to rise above the mind and just know that you are infinite consciousness experiencing a human reality. It is your mind that creates identities and forms beliefs, your mind, not consciousness. Without awareness you would never know you have any beliefs at all. You are the awareness of your identity, you are conscious of what you believe about yourself, but identities and beliefs are not real, they are mind made, the only thing that can ever be said is real is experience. The only way you can have an experience is by using your mind and body and the only way you can ever be aware of this is because you are consciousness


Live your life as infinite consciousness

having that experience, you are consciousness looking out at life through your eyes, experiencing it through your body. Learn to be aware more often of everything in your life, dont judge, comment, or think, just be aware, by doing this a lot can change in the way you see and experience life.

You are not your thoughts, feelings, ideas. You are not your beliefs, you are not who you identify with, you are not any skill you have, you are infinite consciousness experiencing life in your body.

Your five senses You already know you experience life by way of your five senses. You are aware of everything that comes in via your 5 senses, but you are not your five senses. What is it that is seeing when you look? What is it that is hearing when you hear? What is it that is feeling when you touch? How do you know you can sense anything?

..because YOU are the awareness.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

The real power is beyond the mind Right now you hold an identity, some beliefs, skills, and you most certainly are exhibiting a certain behavior in a certain place, but perhaps for the first time in your life be aware that none of them are who you are, instead they all make up what you are currently experiencing. Each can take you a long way in life. Beliefs which whilst not at the top of the tree (identity is) will still pretty much govern most of your experience and life situation. Most of what you experience in life will be down to a belief you currently hold, and to change any aspect of your life it will be wise to form a new belief that will help bring into existence that which you most want to experience. However you dont necessarily have to believe anything, you just have to know, because knowing is intuition which is beyond mind and therefore beyond any belief or identity that you hold, it is the sixth layer. You may have come across it before as a sixth sense, but this sixth sense isnt based on any 5 layer model. It is all knowing, some call it intuition but its real power is beyond any conception that the mind can manifest, dont struggle to think about this. Thinking takes you away from awareness, intuition and knowing. You can conceptualize all you like but to harness the power is to just know, because knowing is beyond mind, it is at a higher level, and it is more powerful.

All Knowing
Identity Beliefs Capabilities Behaviour Environment


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Everything in the 5 layer model that makes up your world should be beneficial to you, and this includes your beliefs. It is all just one possible manifestation of a life situation of which there are an infinite number available to you. You really could be doing so many different things right now however you are choosing to live your life the way you are right now, and so this is your current reality. But actually right at this very moment, you can choose to have no identity or any beliefs at all, and instead detach yourself from your mind and become very aware of the present moment. When you strip away these layers what is left is consciousness and awareness in its pure form, what is also left is pure potential, a bit like when you were younger, when there was everything to experience and nothing you couldnt do. Well that potential is available to you right now at this very moment in time, and what is even better is that it is always available for you to harness. Remember you dont have potential, you are potential. If this seems a little strange and hard to comprehend, then understand that everything in life is a choice, and this includes identities and beliefs, so right now choose to have no identity and no beliefs, become the pure potential that you are. Free yourself from your mind and all the illusions, conceptions and judgments that you create for yourself for just one minute. Learn to be aware of everything that happens in your life, and is happening around you, if things are not as you would like then use your mind to make the necessary changes, if changes need to be made, remember that consciousness is looking out at a life created by your mind, so the key point here is to first be aware then utilize the mind, that is what it is there for so make use of it.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Labels When two people look out at the world the world they are looking at is the same, but it is by virtue of their differing perspective and perceptions that they will in fact see the world very differently. Imagine you had no name, imagine you had no identity, what would really change as a result. What does it mean to have an identity, you are what exactly? Or rather you are choosing to experience what exactly? When you label yourself with an identity how is it possible to ever be anything else. Identities are labels. When you attach a label to yourself or an event in your life, in your own little reality it will not be possible to be anything other than what you label yourself as. You are in essence pure potential, infinite consciousness which knows of no labels or identities, so be aware of this and in particular be careful about the labels you decide to place on yourself. A label can be like the arrow of a compass, you will go in the direction of the label. But the label is only a pointer, you know you are not the arrow of a compass, it is not where you want to go, and in the same way you should know you are not any labels you place in yourself, although it is by way of labeling events in our lives that we bring into manifestation experiences, emotions, life situations. So you will certainly get to experience that which you label yourself as much in the same way as you will travel in the direction the compass arrow is pointing towards. But you are not any label you attribute to yourself (at least you dont have to be). Yet such is the power of the mind we think that we are. We believe we are the identities we manufacture for ourselves, but we are not, and it is important to realize this. Live without labeling everything you see and everything that happens to you, including yourself, do this and see what changes.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Identities You know your identity can change, I am sure you understand this, it has already changed many times throughout your life and it may change again in the future. So it is realistic to say that the identity you are choosing to place on you today could be temporary, because you are indeed greater than the identity you bestow upon yourself, there is more to you than this, you have much more potential than any temporary identity you give to yourself. You know this so live like this, be aware at all times that identities are temporary and mind made. Dont be unduly influenced by the labels you pin on yourself especially if they are negative, and dont get too attached to things that dont really matter, on a grand scale of things what matters anyway? When you were born you were born a baby, as you grew older you were given an identity, you learned to think in a certain way and you formed certain beliefs, now you are much older it is important to understand that what you are currently identifying with is just an experience. You are now (however old you are) still the same consciousness that you were when you were first born, you can choose not to hold the current identity you have, instead you can be the pure potential (infinite consciousness) that you really are, ready to create and experience something great in this world.


Live your life as infinite consciousness


A by-product of your mind, or someone elses

If you were to ask most people to name their beliefs, the majority would probably struggle to come up with a list off the top of their head. If you ask the same people to name their beliefs based on certain categories such as religious, family or financial, people would probably find it easier to list their beliefs. For example when you ask questions such as, name some beliefs related to money? What do you believe about money? What do you believe about families, work, the world at large etc, a persons beliefs are much easier to elicit. Your beliefs are simply ideas or thoughts which you are choosing to be the truth about an event or about yourself. In life most people rarely view their beliefs as beliefs but instead as statements of fact, but this is an illusion as they are indeed thoughts chosen by you to be real.

An idea accepted as truth is a belief you hold. It is not necessarily true even though you believe it.
People dont walk around saying they believe such and such with the word believe (although some do), for example, I believe this will happen, I believe that wont happen, people are much more likely to name their beliefs as facts, this will happen, this is the way it is, I will probably not be any good at that. But these statements of fact, at least in the persons mind are indeed all beliefs, or at least born from beliefs.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

What might potentially be hard for people to believe is that the beliefs we all hold are in fact. 1. Choices 2. Not real (illusory) Beliefs are choices that we make. As adults we decide to hold the beliefs we do, nobody forces us to believe anything, we hold the beliefs we do for a variety of reasons, but we dont have to, we choose to, and this is important to understand. We can if we want to change our beliefs at any moment in time, but most dont do this, simply because the beliefs people hold allow them to make sense of their world, and their life.

It is important to understand that beliefs are not real, they are merely instruments that allow you to decode the world around you in a way that makes sense to you. Reality is not out there, it is inside, perception and thought are what make your world what it is.
Beliefs are also not real, simply because they exist only in the mind, the only thing that makes a thought never mind a belief real is the fact that it is energy. A thought is real in the sense that it is energy, but in the sense of what it stands for, what it represents, it is not real at all. Anything originating in the mind is ultimately an illusion. Of course to most people may well disagree as beliefs are incredibly personal, some people hold onto their beliefs all their lives, and so to just say that beliefs are choices and then to add they are not real may well take somebelieving.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

The fact that you can choose to believe anything in this book gives you some indication of what is being said here. What is being said here will resonate with some people and not others. Some have rigid belief systems and so if they are exposed to new ways of thinking they immediately discard any new information as it doesnt fit in with their current beliefs. Some will be open to new ideas and welcome new perspectives without pre conceived notions on what is right and what isnt. But the fact is beliefs arise from childhood, conditioning, cultural values, upbringing, education, life experience and nowadays we can also add TV and the media such is the influence it has on people especially the young. But all of this while important doesnt gloss over the fact that the beliefs we hold are choices and none of them are real. They exist only in the mind as a way for us to connect with the world around us. Because most people alive live in their own little bubbles, their own private universe. Life is never about what is out there it is always about what is inside somebodys mind, and once we start entering into the mind, life is based on thought, perceptions, beliefs, identities which are all mind made, they are mere illusions. You will never trip over a thought or a belief when you are walking down the street. People dont look out at the world and see it as it is, they see it via a mind made matrix of beliefs, pre judgments, concepts, and quite possibly the thoughts of others, be it from when they were younger or even worse from the radio DJ, their favorite TV personality, or a so-called journalist. But a belief is something we hold and believe to be true without necessary proof, and when we hold a belief our brain will decode reality in accordance with the belief we hold, once we hold a belief we will always be looking for confirmation that it is true. A belief is a thought we have which is what makes it real in our minds at least, yet it isnt real, far from it, the only thing that makes a belief real is what we do as a result, or sometimes dont do. Our actions give life to the beliefs we hold and prove to everyone including ourselves just how real they are.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

It is actions that give life to your beliefs.

Your beliefs are simply ideas or thoughts which you are choosing to be the truth about an event or about yourself, but this is illusion as they are indeed thoughts chosen by you to be real. But yet this is how we give sense to our world, if someone else were to wear a belief we hold it would potentially make no sense to them. Everyones beliefs are different, hence this is one reason why everyone ultimately lives in their own little world, a reality created by the beliefs they hold, personal, religious, cultural, whatever they may be. Remember you dont have to believe anything in life, you, like everyone else chooses to hold particular beliefs, life is indeed a choice and this includes the perceptions you manifest and the beliefs you hold. Life can be complex enough without analyzing beliefs and every thought we think, so we dont bother, which is why we take on board beliefs to make sense of a world which already provides more stimulus and information than we can cope with. We cant really understand or be expected to understand every bit of information that comes our way, and so we dont. We hold beliefs instead, they become reality filters and we live our life according to those beliefs. Now while beliefs are not real, the actions or lack of actions we take as a result of our beliefs are of course very real, and this is where our beliefs hold great power because whatever we hold as a belief will dictate much of day to day living, and therefore our reality, we live out our beliefs by our actions. Take a look at the following diagram. This is a 5 level model which makes up your current reality.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Now while beliefs arent at the top, they still exert much influence on your current and any future reality you will create for yourself. Your skills and actions will always come from what you believe and identify about yourself. So your beliefs will always affect your reality and therefore your life but it is important to be aware of the following: Beliefs originate in the mind. Their power comes only as a result of the action you take. They are choices. They are ultimately mere illusions of the mind, instruments for you to make sense of your world.

Tools to make sense of the world If you know that you are not your mind and that the beliefs are choices, then what beliefs would you choose to hold? Beliefs are ultimately tools to make sense of the world, there is too much information out there, we are bombarded with huge amounts of information on a


Live your life as infinite consciousness

daily basis, and so we live via our beliefs so the world around us can make sense. Ultimately our life becomes a reflection of what we believe, we make sense of the world by virtue of what we decide to believe about the world and our place in it. It is our perceptions about life that make it real, it is from our beliefs which these perceptions are born from, and these beliefs stem from our childhood, schooling, upbringing, geographic location, experiences, culture etc. People have an overwhelming desire to believe something, but ask yourself where have your beliefs come from? When you realize your life will follow on from what you believe it pays to take a look at some of your beliefs in greater detail, especially those which dont serve you well.

A barrier or a benefit Your mind can be a real barrier to success in life if you let it. No matter what you want, however many self help books you read, you can still be at the mercy of your mind, but it shouldnt be like this, it shouldnt be working against you, it is a powerful tool, but a tool it is, and this is important to realize. When it comes to limitations in life we will always think our own limitations into existence, disease and injury aside of course.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Is believing something without proof the same as accepting something out of ignorance, because this is what you do when you take on board every limiting belief you form.

If you know you are not your mind or your body how will this help you when you start and continue to work towards projects, goals and any plans you have set for yourself. Will you stop at the first sign of self doubt or negative internal dialogue, if so with this new way of looking at your life (knowing that you are not your mind or your body) why would you do that? Pure potential has no boundaries or limitations which mean you have no boundaries or limitations (injury and disease aside). Your mind makes things impossible, your mind makes life hard, all limitations (aside physical ones) are born in the mind. Your mind can help you get what you want, so use in a way that benefits you.

Remember that if something is real only when you are thinking about it then it is not real at all.
What do you want to use your mind and body for while you are experiencing life on earth? Is this a question you have ever been asked before? Probably yes but in a different form perhaps. A more common question would be what do you want to do with your life? You have an amazing mind and an amazing body, they are yours to use for your duration here in this reality, so how will you ensure you will get the maximum benefit out of each of them, are you getting maximum benefit from them? 52

Live your life as infinite consciousness

You must want to use your mind in a way that helps you, it is yours to do with as you please. Be aware as you interact with others of their true nature as well, which like you is infinite consciousness. Other people regardless of culture or upbringing or geographical location are just like you in their pure form, they arent their bodies or their minds either, how many others who you meet on a day to day basis will be truly free from their minds? How many will know who they really are, probably not many, most people will associate with their identity, and their beliefs, but they are neither. What you think you are, for example, John Jones is simply what you are experiencing.

Our thoughts are real Anything in your mind is ultimately illusory in the sense that you cannot touch or feel it, but it is still real in the sense that it is energy and of course you are aware of it. However a thought can be manipulated, it can be changed, it can be believed or not, it can be acted upon, it can be ignored, it can be perceived of as important or irrelevant all of which happens in the mind. Always remember you are not your mind, however the reality YOU (awareness) are currently experiencing for the majority of the time is down to what you hold and will continue to hold in your mind, unless you are using your intuition which is beyond mind.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

How different would your life be if you took away for a moment all your beliefs, your identity, concepts, perceptions and ideas, would you be better or worse off? But realistically ask yourself this, how much of what goes on in your mind is beneficial to you. I mean from a happiness perspective, which should be a priority, and also from a success perspective.

Higher self The ability to shift perspectives from say a perspective of this is me, this is what will happen, this always happens, I believe what I hear, I believe what I see to a perspective of this is what I am currently witnessing, some negative internal dialogue, a negative emotion, some self doubt can really change much in your life. When you understand that you are not angry or unhappy but that you are currently experiencing the feeling of unhappiness you take a great step closer to connecting with your true higher self. Know that you are not your emotions and that they are not who you are, far from it. Your emotions are only what you are experiencing at this very moment in time, you are aware of them, and you should equally be aware that they are not who you really are. It is all about leaving your mind behind, remember the real you (consciousness, awareness) is beyond mind, you cant access the real you using 54

Live your life as infinite consciousness

your mind it is beyond that. It is the concept of I am that takes you away from who you are, it is the concept of we are that brings you closer to who you and everyone else really is.

We are beyond our emotions, feelings, thoughts, and ideas?

Use your mind in a positive way, never in a negative way, it is especially important to switch into awareness mode when you are experiencing negative emotions. How are you feeling now, are you feeling relaxed, happy, are you feeling angry, how do you know that it is anger? Because you are aware of it, YOU are the awareness of the anger not the anger itself. On-going brain chatter attempts to make sense and bring together the internal world and the external world, but sometimes all it really does in its attempt to conceptualize and make sense of the world is create barriers and roadblocks. If you are not your beliefs it doesnt make much sense to let self doubt and limiting beliefs stop you, the real YOU from living the life situation you most want. Now you know this, why do you or even would you persist in always constantly believing the negative internal dialogue in your head when it is a by product of your mind which is a tool for you to make sense of the world. Remember Your body is a vehicle, your mind is a tool, you are neither! You are not your beliefs so choose those which benefit you You are not who you identify with, so choose an identity which is beneficial and conducive to getting what you want in life.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Self imposed Likewise you can choose to rise out from the constraints and self imposed boundaries which thought can provide, for example any limiting beliefs you hold. You natural state isnt one of thought, yes it can be useful, life encouraging and productive, but you are not your thoughts or your ideas, you are that which experiences your thoughts and ideas. That is who YOU are. Remember the mantra all the time, repeat daily if need be, your body is the vehicle and your mind is the tool, and the mind is a tool that you can use anyway you please. All we need to do is to believe we are not capable of achieving success and getting what we want and wham, our lives become the reflection of what we believe. Our beliefs are our reality filters, our lives are a result of our beliefs, but they dont have to be, especially when our beliefs dont serve us. You are allknowing, pure potential, consciousness at your very core, you arent your body or your mind, just infinite consciousness. It is from this infinite consciousness that you then come down into the world of your five sense reality, and it is from here where you form your beliefs. Picture a stop sign Limiting beliefs are easily formed but sometimes but hard to get rid of. Sometimes it isnt good to take life too seriously and this applies especially to our negative and limiting beliefs. So say to yourself no more negative thinking If you find yourself thinking negatively take a look around, breathe deeply and realize that none of your negative thinking is real. It only exists in your head. Like beliefs it's all in your mind.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Say to yourself STOP, or picture a stop sign in your mind. Now you know the stop sign isnt real, and but somehow you think that the beliefs are. You know the stop sign is only in your mind, or the word stop which you have said internally only exists in the mind. However the stop sign and indeed the belief are not real at all. All of them only exist in the mind. Where is your mind taking you, where would you like it to take you? Will it take you to where you want to be in life? So your beliefs are not nor will they ever be who you are, but they will dictate your reality if you choose to believe and accept them as true, which most people do. People rarely question their beliefs once they are formed instead they look outside for ways to confirm them as true. Are your current beliefs even yours or are they taken from the beliefs of others, perhaps when you were younger, if so how is that going to serve you in your life?

Beliefs interpretations and perceptions are all choices.


Live your life as infinite consciousness


Your power is beyond the thinking mind

Consciousness, awareness, or however you wish to describe your true self lives a reality (experiences a reality) which is completely made up of the thoughts, concepts, ideas and beliefs you harbor and hold in your mind. But does it have to be this way? Because you can access the higher power which is in you by using your intuition and instead just know in life. There is power here and it is not accessed by thought and excessive thinking.

To know You already do know and you already can know so much about how your future life will turn out, way more than you would probably like to admit. Now beliefs can be a benefit, they will always dictate your reality, but they are not the only means you have for bringing new realities into existence. Because if you know something is to happen, you will take action in the same way as if you believe something will happen. The beautiful thing about knowing is that no thought is involved. To know is to use intuition more than thought; it is to be aware more than it is to think. Knowing is at a higher level than thought. Who you identify with and what you believe are thoughts. Your perceptions and meanings are not necessarily real, but to you they are real enough. Your skills, action and environment are all experiences outside of the mind, yet all are bought into existence by way of what happens in your mind (thought). However there are times when it is better in life to simply know, to hold faith in a higher part of you, not the you of your mind or body, but the you which is greater than both, the YOU which is pure spirit having a physical experience on planet earth.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Awareness is not thought, you dont need to think when you hear footsteps getting louder behind you late at night, when this happens you know someone is behind you, this is something you are aware of. To know is not to think. Dont confuse knowing with knowledge; they are not the same in this context. To differentiate between the two take the following statements as examples: She knows a lot about biology She knows someone is following her

It is the latter we are concerned with here. Instead of believing you will get what you want just know you will get what you want. You can know things are possible just like you can believe things are possible, you probably know more things are possible than what you actually believe are possible for yourself, use this knowing and apply it to yourself more often. You may certainly know of others who have succeeded in life but do you believe you will really succeed? Do you need faith in your ability to breathe, you dont, so what about faith in your higher self and intuition to help you in your life. If your mind seems to continually work against you, rely on your intuition more and more, choose to do this, intuition is far more powerful and much closer to who you really are then anything born from the mind. Know you will get what you want in life and that your life will work out. Tap into the power beyond your mind.

Benefits of knowing Everyone knows about this knowing or awareness or sixth sense, but not everyone knows to use it in a way that brings into their lives that which they most want. We are so used to thinking of ourselves as our minds and it is the same with our bodies, but this is not so. We are close but not quite close enough to 59

Live your life as infinite consciousness

realizing who we really are. To really understand is to not even attempt to understand but instead to be aware and simply know that who you are is infinite consciousness and this physical reality or world in which you now currently inhabit is part of your development or journey of spiritual growth. You are infinite consciousness having an experience. The sooner you realize this the sooner you cant free yourself from your mind made doubts and fears about the future and understand that there is only now in which you can experience and do anything. You cant live tomorrow, or do something tomorrow, because it is just words, followed by perceptions in the mind about a time in the future. You miss out on life today by continually thinking about the future. Take small steps in life to where you want to be, life is easier this way. The only time anything in life can be achieved is right now. Success, happiness can never happen at any time other than right now. Once you come to terms with who you really are you will be able to then start to live free of the limitations which you have chosen to place on you, or rather your mind has. Remind yourself (constantly if need be) that your body is a vehicle and your mind is a tool. You use both in this external reality in which you live in, yet you are neither at the same time. They are yours for however number of years you live on this planet.

Your body is the vehicle and your mind is the tool.

So you dont need or have to believe anything, you just have to access your infinite potential, hidden power, which is to simply know that something will happen in the future or indeed is happening right now, if you are currently 60

Live your life as infinite consciousness

working towards making something happen in your life, then you already know that something good is about to happen. You already know that you are moving towards creating a better life, you should be aware that where you currently are is exactly the point at where you are supposed to be. With continued focus and action you will find yourself even further along towards your ultimate goal or vision. To know this is important. So why not disregard all beliefs that imply basic limitations, otherwise you will more than likely meet your beliefs in experience. Is that what you really want, especially if you examine your negative beliefs? Look at your beliefs where will they take you, rise above them if need be, understand they are not you. Know that your life will work out and that everything will be ok in the future. Know you will have what you want in life. Once you know you dont have to think which is the beauty and simplicity of it.

Intuition If you find yourself in the middle of the road with a fast car approaching, thinking about it (using your intellect) will not help you, your instincts might as it will be possible to dive out of the way, your intuition would have told you to not cross in the first place. People rarely have to think about crossing the road, there intuition guides them, and your intuition, everyones intuition can do a lot more for them in their lives then just help them cross the road, or let them know when it is about to rain. Your intuition or your all knowing is you at your very core, it is essentially you, however you live and experience life through your mind and body. Your five senses etc, and so most of the time this is what you identify with. Instead of this start to think of yourself as a pure spirit which has been built on with each new layer essentially leads you to become what you know as a human being. Your body and your mind are not you, they are what you use to live life and express 61

Live your life as infinite consciousness

yourself. Your awareness or consciousness is really who you are. Think about how you live and experience your life, you create and live it each day, but at the same time you are essentially simply aware of each experience that you have, each feeling that you feel and each thought that enters your head. They are not who you are, they are simply what you are experiencing. Shift your perspective to one who is the awareness of the experience that is currently being manifested by the thoughts you are thinking. Life in itself is not difficult or hard, everybody exists pretty much, although some in better conditions than others, but certainly in the developed world at least much of the hardships in life come by way of our interpretations on life and indeed how we use our minds and what we choose to focus on. Suicidal thoughts for example all come from the inability to see things turning out the way we want them to in the future, it is a true sense of hopelessness and discouragement in our own abilities to manifest anything in the future which causes people to decided they would be better out of the picture altogether.

Go with your intuition more often and know that things in your life will work out, dont think, dont believe, just know
Rise above silly little negative thoughts, what use do they serve, where will they take you? Enter into the now, because once here, there are no worries, just life itself, just being a human being. Dont think too much is an overused saying but it is ultimately true, go with the flow more often, what do you know to be right, let your intuitive knowing guide you. Let life just be. Follow your instincts and intuition in life more often. It doesnt always benefit you to always think about things.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Your mind is nearly always at war with intuition. Your mind more often than not is apt to think in terms of limitations, than of opportunities. Opportunities and new ideas are everywhere but you sometimes have to rise above your mind to become aware of them.

Knowing or thinking? What do you know, what do you think? How is it different for you, remember knowing bypasses the mind. If you are often at the mercy of your negative thoughts, just know that everything will work out ok in the end. The point is to just know. What would be easier for you to know or to think? Is life better when you think or when you just know? Is your life easier when you think or when you just know? Compulsive thought and emotion can get in the way a lot of the time, they can be a hindrance not a help. Are the thoughts you think even your own, or are they a by-product of a limiting belief formed when your life was much different, perhaps when you were younger?


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Not your mind

Based on the 5 layer model of the world it is your identity and beliefs which are indeed mind based, your skills, behavior and the environment you live in are not mind based but they are as a result of what your thoughts (beliefs) bring you. Knowing comes from beyond the mind, first and foremost it is not mind based it isnt accessed by thinking about anything, nor is accessed through perceiving anything, as an analogy think of it as sitting on top of your mind or as an invisible shield all around you. To access it and harness its power, your true power, you just need to know, or utter the words I know, or if you are working towards a goal or vision say I know it will be or I know I will get or become. To some extent you already live your life like this anyway, after all you know what is going to happen tomorrow, the week ahead perhaps even next month. The concept of all knowing may be new to you, however while you may not be aware of its power the use of it in your everyday life certainly wont be new to you. To access your real power and potential it is about freeing yourself from your beliefs and your mind, rising above and coming out of rather than become involved in. It is an incredibly useful tool to be used as and when is necessary, it can be far more beneficial to you both creatively, for generating a new life or to create a new reality to not be incessantly involved in thought. This is not to say you should think and perceive what you want to happen in your future, this is


Live your life as infinite consciousness

where the mind is useful and extremely effective and powerful, but too much thought isnt always a good thing, and certainly isnt always necessary. To know instead is much easier and infinitely more powerful. When you start from the point of knowing or pure unlimited potential then you can start to look down upon your mind as the amazing tool which it is. The alternative is to go the other way and rise up into the mind by way of beliefs and identity, perceptions, but where does this take you. A particular belief or an individual perception on life will take you to one destination, one life experience, but who you actually are is pure potential that knows of no limitations. Rigid beliefs and pre-judgments on the world can result in a very narrow minded view of the world and everyone and everything in it.

Just know Use all-knowing to your advantage, live and hold faith or rather know that you will be able to sustain the life you most want. Sometimes to generate more money in life we have to think we already have more money and that if we dont at that particular moment in time we are sure and know that it will come. Focusing on lack will bring that into reality. A belief and a knowing (more importantly) that money will come, as will abundance is paramount if you are to bring such a reality into existence. More often than not you will bring into reality that which your most persistent thoughts focus on. Dont wait for things to happen in life, they never do just happen, things are made to happen, cash is generated because it needs to be generated. People get by in life, everyone no matter where they are gets by, sure some are luckier and have more money than others, and for some it is a very hard existence, but everywhere in most places people are able to do what is required every single day to live their lives, even if it is a very basic life.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Make the journey a happy one, make all your now moments happy ones, find something that will bring a smile to your face every day, because it is all you ever have, people who live in the moment and enjoy it will enjoy their life so much more than someone who is continually thinking about this that or the other, and who is constantly absorbed and associated with their thoughts.

Free yourself Your intuition which isnt accessed using the mind will always know the way home for you. Dont be afraid to free yourself from your mind, let things be if they have to be. Dont fight against life, a flower doesnt fight or struggle it just is, observe and become closer to nature. You are a part of nature, more so than you think you are, you are not separate from it. Be guided by your intuition and knowing, ask yourself when you need to make a decision in life what feels right to you.

To know something will happen in your life Just know good things will happen in your life, it isnt always necessary or desirable to think all the time. Learn to leave your mind alone, be an observer of your mind, dont let it use you all the time. To know something will happen in your life bypasses the mind, it taps into a higher level of power and leaves the mind for dust, for we are not our minds or our bodies, these are merely the tool and the vehicles for which WE experience this life. Whether you believe this or not has little relevance to the power of knowing you have within you. You could call it intuition, or a sixth sense, but there is a greater you than what you may realize, or have been bought up and educated to realize.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Your life right now Understand that your life is all choices, each one made by you, whatever you want to happen once you have committed to it focus on it fully until it happens. Take action until you experience what you most want in life. For example if you already know you will get what you want in life then you will hold an identity of someone who knows what they will get what they want, therefore you will probably believe you will get what you want as well, although to some extent your belief will be irrelevant because you will already know. Remind yourself that you dont need to believe because if you know something will happen you will take action regardless of what you believe. Now if you were to utter these words in public someone may rightly ask you well how do you know?, or how are you so sure?, but it is not that much different from someone holding a belief, (positive or not) about some event or some perceived event happening in the future. A belief is something we hold without any proof. Our life situation and current realities arent about the beliefs themselves, they are all about the actions or lack of actions we take as a result of our beliefs. So what harm does it do to know instead of believe, especially if the end result is action. The reverse is also powerful for example, knowing that you will never have what you want. What will be the result of this attitude? What will be your identity, what will you believe, what skills will you acquire? Because this knowing that you wont get what you want will lead to inaction., after all what would be the point of taking action if you already knew deep down there would be zero chance of success. Most schools of self development believe it all stems from beliefs, changing identities, behavior and skills, thoughts etc and they are all right. However there is a level beyond all these levels.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Why bother struggling in believing you will be rich, or that you will get what you want, why bother identifying with your body, how you look, your current skills, or your current action, while all these things can be changed and govern your day to day life situation, it is sometimes infinitely more powerful to know in life, to know that you will achieve success and get what you want. People may find it hard to believe they will be successful but everyone knows it is certainly possible.

Dont believe What would happen if for one day you left the mind alone and didnt use it one bit, what would happen if for just one day you removed your beliefs and current identity. Well you would still be alive, you wouldnt stop breathing because it is an unconscious act anyway. Would you be happier, would you do more, what insights would you have? If for one day you switched off your mind (your internal dialogue) and went without it, could it be done, would it even be desirable for the masses who identify who they are with what they think. How wrong can people be, identifying who they are with what they think. Look around and see how many people believe they are what they think. You certainly can be what you think, this is absolutely the case, and most people are (the ones who arent aware of their true nature anyway) you certainly can be consumed by your thoughts and your perceptions about what you can and cannot do in life, where you can go and what you believe will happen to you, yes you can choose to think in these terms. But if it is not serving you then why bother with it? This is a question to ask yourself when you realize your true nature.

Today dont believe anything, rely instead on intuition and see what changes?


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Uniqueness and creativity

Different realities The reality of the world is constructed in our minds, people have different opinions, outlooks, beliefs and we generally form bonds and friendships with only those whose beliefs, outlooks, and realities are similar to ours, which is a shame, because ultimately we are all one and the same, which is consciousness, but our beliefs, upbringing, cultures and education divide us. They create division and thus act as boundaries between people, but we shouldnt let this happen, remembering that we are all one and the same would help people get along, understanding that we and everyone else around us are not our beliefs, our thoughts, or our ideas, but merely the observers of them, infinite awareness having a human experience would help people when it comes to understanding where everyones differences arise from. While we can all hold widely different beliefs, and identities, we are also at the mercy of our bodies and minds, which in its own way is what makes us the same. It is our beliefs, actions, imagination and skills in this life that make us all unique, we are one and the same at the conscious level of awareness beyond the mind, but as we come into and use the mind, we can be incredibly unique and special, everyone is, there are no exceptions to this.

You are unique and special always remember this.

The fact that we can and do hold beliefs, have thoughts, conceptualize, think and be subject to bodily functions binds us together as human it is what makes us the same, not different. Do we really think that other people in other nationalities


Live your life as infinite consciousness

dont think the same thoughts as us, worry about money, disease, taxes, crime, war, pollution, food? The only differences in people are those that we have been bought up to believe, when we are bought up to believe that we are all awareness, consciousness experiencing this reality and that everyone is the same, albeit living in slightly different perception based realities then humanity would change like never before. How amazing would that be, what kind of a transformation would that make?

We are all one, our minds create separation.

Beyond five senses The ability to look at one another and see what we really are, beyond the five sense reality and to know that we are all one consciousness experiencing this life on planet earth through our bodies give us a whole new perspective in which to look upon not only life but also our very own life situations. You may know where you are, what you feel and what you are currently thinking (if anything), but this is not the real you. The mind made perceptions built from years of schooling and indoctrination is what can ultimately distance yourself from your true nature. Your life situation may well be made up of pictures, sounds, movies, feelings and smells, but YOU arent. You arent your body, neither are YOU your mind. Awareness is the key, remember this, you are aware of everything are you not, well now be aware that you are an expression of consciousness experiencing your life right now. Do you really want your life to be a byproduct of negative limitations born from a mind which is not who you are but simply a tool for you to live an amazing life


Live your life as infinite consciousness

while experiencing this reality. Look at your life for a moment from this perspective.

Your mind is a tool to help you have an amazing human experience.

Use your mind because that is what it is there for, access its potential, never be a slave to it. If you struggle with limitations and self doubt do nothing more than observe and be aware of them, that is all you have to do. Dont let them be a permanent roadblock, your life situation is only ever temporary and so should any negative beliefs you have or currently hold, they should be fleeting nothing more. Become aware of your breathing, you are not your breathing, become aware of your thoughts, you are not your thoughts. Become aware of your clothes, you are not your clothes. Your mind is a tool, you must realize this. You are not your mind, it controls the body, it gives birth to ideas, it generates emotions by way of thought, but it is not you. Once you become aware, what will it mean to have a negative thought? What will it mean to have self doubt and not believe that you can have what you want? When you are aware of who you really are and that your mind is not you, a tool nothing more, how will that benefit your life. To become awakened means to wake up from the slumber of thought generated reality, to rise above thought or to ignore it, relying instead on your all-knowing, pure potential unlimited state, which is who you really are anyway. Start to become more aware in your life, start to be aware that you are the awareness of everything that happens in your life.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Creativity and Individuality We prefer to think of us as different to the next person, they cant possibly be like me, they wouldnt have done the things I have done, created what I have created, well maybe not, but they may have had similar thoughts, and at our source we are one and the same. But how then is it possible to be so different when we are so the same. Well while you are not your mind or your body, they are what makes you very unique, or at least they can be, it depends on how you choose to use them, specifically what you choose to believe or identify with. Uniqueness a given in everyone by virtue of our unique minds and bodies, however it can be very easily lost when everyone is following everybody else. You are infinite consciousness, awareness, all knowing, pure potential, you have the ability to be very creative by way of the mind you have (the tool) and also your body (the vehicle), it is by using your mind that you can express your creativity but at your conscious level you are creativity itself. The degree of your separateness from the next person is based on to what extent how much you are identifying with your own mind perceptions and pre conceived ideas on the world. Take away language barriers and it applies to people of different cultures too. We are individual by the way we use our bodies and mind, look at the world we live in, it is when people create and get their minds working for them that true individuality blossoms. Take away our bodies and our minds and we are all the same source, infinite consciousness or infinite awareness. True individuality comes from creating on all levels, everybody has been gifted with creativity, each of us has a mind and a body we can learn to develop new skills and become more creative, because that is what makes us all unique, no two minds are the same which is why all of us have such unique potential.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Perhaps the level of individuality only increases to the extent one uses his or her creative potential, is it possible that those who we see as being individual are just expressing their creativity more than those who arent.

You are creative, how are you expressing your uniqueness.

We use the mind to think ourselves different when the reality is we should really know we are all the same at the level of consciousness. This is good from a creative perspective as we are all potential, we dont have potential, we are potential, it is who we are. All people are creative, it is human nature, the question should never be Am I creative? it should be how can I express my creativity? We already have all the tools we need to be creative, a body and a brain. People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that skill is involved in being creative, skills can be learned, holding beliefs about being creative in the first place is much more important than any initial skill, and simply knowing you are creative, that you were born with creative instincts, is more important than holding beliefs.

Ask yourself how can I express my creativity.

You dont have to paint a photographic quality picture of a postcard perfect view to be a creative painter, you just have to put your own unique identity in the picture, something that makes it personal to you. It will make you creative and individual at the same time. People dont necessarily lose their creativity as they get older although it can certainly be forgotten about and pushed to one side. You could get 20 people in an art studio who have never held a brush before, get them to paint a picture,


Live your life as infinite consciousness

and the result would be 20 very different unique pieces of work. Skills, confidence, application all come later and are irrelevant to the vastly different styles you would get from 20 different approaches and ideas to applying the paint, mixing the colors etc. Unfortunately people get discouraged when their tree doesnt look like a tree, or they compare it to someone next to them whose tree is much better. But this is all relative, you should never compare yourself to others only to yourself. You are creative whether you choose to believe it or not. Creativity can find its way out in many forms, people should intuitively know they are creative, it is just how they choose to manifest it that is different. Be creative Use this time to be creative. Look out at life and see what there isnt. What can you do that somebody else cant do? Place your unique stamp on the world, what does it look like? Remember there can never be anyone else to compete with because we are all unique. Understand that nobody alive will probably come up with an idea as unique as the idea you havent yet come up with. Do something which somebody else isnt doing. Follow your heart in life, dont follow the herd, what do they know anyway.

You are Unique We dont get a second chance in this body and mind therefore you and your life are unique, there is no one else like you on this planet, and there is no one else on this planet who can contribute quite like you can, your time is right now and it should be used constructively. Never lose sight of how special you are, there arent hundreds of you duplicated around the world, your uniqueness is something to be celebrated, nobody can


Live your life as infinite consciousness

dream quite like you can, nobody can come up with an idea quite like you can, nobody can design quite like you can, nobody can lead or manage others like you, nobody can contribute to this world quite like you can, and nobody can work quite like you in making your goal a reality. Whatever is you want from life, nobody can or will do it quite like you. We all have and can develop special talents and gifts, we all have unique perspectives and life experiences which go into making our life what it is. There are people waiting to build your new house right now, there are people who want to hear what you have got to say, there are people who will be happy to work for you when you step up and take responsibility, there are people out there who are happy to use the services you offer, there are people out there ready to buy whatever it is you decide to make, there are people out there who are waiting for you to enhance their lives and give them what they want. Are you ready to accept the challenge, step up, and be somebody who made their mark on this world? This is a universal truth and becoming aware that you are unique and special should provide you with motivation to go out and make something happen with your life.

Creative and unique Be creative about creating your own existence while you are indeed living in your current body and using your current brain. You already have creativity, you dont need to learn it, perhaps you just need to be aware that you already have it. You are actually free to live your life in any way you choose, and you are lucky that you live in modern times when you can create and conjure up new ideas for living that have never been done before. It is as possible now to be as unique


Live your life as infinite consciousness

and different than at any time that has gone previous. Why think in terms of earning money, why not instead think about how to be unique and create in a way that expresses who I am. What can I give using my own unique talents and gifts to the world? Some people look out at what already exists in life and if they havent already experienced something or they havent heard about something being done, then they immediately dont think that it is possible, or a realistic way to live. Most people alive today are like this. Never do they look for what isnt there, instead their life is always about what has been, what is heard about, what is seen, what has been experienced before.

Life should be about what hasnt been, what isnt heard about or what is not been seen or experienced yet.
Life is full of potential but only when people start to look at it in new ways. Peoples lives are all about what they believe they can do and never about what they can do in life, which is always way more than what they perceive they can do.

Why bother to look at what already is, instead choose to look at what isnt and then go and create a reality which fits with who you really are.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Most people worry about a few dollars here and there, they never look at expensive restaurants, or 5 star hotels, they never believe for one single minute that they will ever be able to afford these things. If our purpose on this planet while we inhabit this body and use this mind to become aware of one simple little thing which is that we create are very own existence by way of our thoughts, feeling, beliefs and attitudes then is everybody doing what they want to be doing? Think for yourself, break away from the herd, be someone who expressed their uniqueness

Imagination Use your imagination that is what it is there for. Come up with ideas, feel free to dream different scenarios, think about what if this or that could happen. Imagination, a product of your amazing mind is a wonderful gift to use in any way you so desire, need a new idea for a business, use your imagination and come up with one.

Consciousness Our minds are more apt to being a barrier to our infinite potential then a path to it. We are not insignificant, we may think we are but we are far from it. It is as a result of viewing ourselves as insignificant that we decide to just kill time until nature runs its course causing us to live well within our unlimited capacity for the time we have on this planet. A lot of people think their own realities into existence through limiting beliefs and un-productive thoughts, and for many this creates a life far less than the life they could create if they where to come from a perspective of amazing creative potential in a sea of infinite consciousness. An idea can hit you at any time, but not when you are using your mind to constantly come up with limitations and self doubt.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

People experience life by way of their perceptions and mind made concepts, however sometimes it is more beneficial to experience life directly free from thought and pre judgments.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Shift your perspective

Is your perspective coming from your limited mind state or from your true nature, which is infinite consciousness, awareness, pure potential? Part of learning or perhaps it is relearning who you really are is about shifting perspectives. Instead of identifying with your body and your mind, for example this is who you are, instead come from the perspective of infinite consciousness having an experience in this reality, the reality being your life here on earth. No longer see yourself as your body or your mind but rather see that your body and your mind is what YOU are experiencing. You are always aware of everything in your life, every experience, every thought, every idea and every emotion, all of it. It is this awareness of your life that will lead you to the path of who you really are. You are that awareness.

I am When you use the words I am you then become separate from the energy flow around you, the consciousness which is everywhere and which you are a part of. Be aware at all times that the I you think of as you is not, it is what you are experiencing. The constant noise in your mind is for what purpose? Listen to yourself if it is applicable for your life. Where does it get you, why are you trying to always make sense of things, think about things, conceptualize, the brain likes to do this, but remember you are not your mind. What do you think about and what purpose does it solve, where does it take you in the end?


Live your life as infinite consciousness

What does it all solve, constant mindless thought. Are you passing the time? Bored? Is there not something else you could be doing with the most amazing tool on the planet, the human mind? You brain chatter is merely attempting to connect you to and make sense of the external world, but is this really necessary and to what end does it serve. Stop using I am and start instead to use We are, we are all connected, there are no divisions in life, we are all one spirit, all part of the same infinite consciousness. Divisions are a by-product of the mind. They come from beliefs, they are born from up-bringing, they come from what society says, they are cultural but then who says what society says it should be like, we should remember that we are all collectively adding to the reality we are currently experiencing on a daily basis, whether we consciously realize this or not.

Live as infinite consciousness / or awareness. Be the change you wish to see in the world. I want to be infinite consciousness and infinite awareness, be aware, dont think, just know. I dont want to put limitations on my life, I want to be all I can be, I want to live the life I most want to live where I want to live it, doing what I most want to do. I want to know I can achieve success, I want to take action until I achieve success, I want to feel, see, touch , hear, and taste my ideal life while I am experiencing life inside this body while I have the use of my mind. This is the change I want to be in the world. I want to be the person who doesnt impose limitation, who isnt full of self doubt, anxiety and worry, I want to live free from fear, I want to experience oneness because that is what I am. I want to enjoy my experience which is life and not be worried about it, I want to live each moment in the now, with enjoyment and happiness and not live in regret about the past or fearful and anxious about the future. This is the change I want to be in the world.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Become fully aware of the pictures you are making with your mind and the voices you are hearing in your head. Dont judge them or believe them to be true, dont try and understand them, just learn to be aware of them nothing more. Yes these are your thoughts, and this is what you are currently thinking but you know that the real you is not your thoughts. You dont have to understand this, you just have to know. Be aware of your life and enjoy it, dont always conceptualize or judge or place limits on your life.

Limiting dialogue While you may from time to time experience limiting thoughts and negative internal dialogue, you can instead choose to be just aware of them, listen, but do no more than that. You can choose to not accept it as true, and instead go on and create what it is you are looking to create in your life. You are always experiencing your own life, you are always the witness to your own life. You are experiencing everything in your life and this includes your thoughts, ideas and emotions. Shift your perspective from one which identifies with their thoughts and emotions to that which simply is the observer of their thoughts and emotions. Become an observer for a day, no in fact for the rest of your life. Be awareness, start to live your life like the infinite awareness that you are. Shift your consciousness. Be the observer to the experience which is the life you have created and are now currently experiencing for yourself. Look at yourself experiencing your life situation. Look what you have managed to create for yourself.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Change your perspective Shifting perspectives is the ability to look upon something from a different view point. So you are infinite awareness, how can you use this to live your daily life?

Well here are some tips.. Understand that you are not your mind and your body. Understand that who you think you are, for example Joe Blogs is not who you are at all, it is simply what you are experiencing. Observe and be aware of negativity if it should happen to manifest in your mind, just listen and observe and remember you are not your thoughts. Become aware of the thoughts and beliefs you have and form in your mind, and from a perspective of pure potential ask yourself if what you are saying to yourself or hearing really benefits you. If it doesnt then dont persist with it? Ask yourself how you can live your life with your body and your mind that is unique and special. We are all one consciousness but we all have the ability to be extremely creative and unique. So how do you most want to express yourself? 82

Live your life as infinite consciousness

Know that your future life will turn out ok. Go beyond the mind and access the untold power of infinite consciousness. You have made it this far and you will go much further.

Consult your intuition more often, dont think, just go with your feelings. What feels right to you?

You dont have to believe anything in life. What you believe you choose to believe.

How can the world benefit from the actions you take? How can you help others more than you can help yourself?

If you are someone who struggles to believe they will get what they want in life, just access your all-knowing higher level intuition and just know or even expect things to happen. You are beyond mind and body, and so if you find yourself at the mercy of your mind by way of negative chatter, go beyond it and tap into your infinite power, just know things will work out for you.

Use your mind, it is a tool, dont be a slave to it. Words are just that, words are merely pointers to meanings which we define by our own life experiences, background and beliefs.

Learn to become the observer of your mind, of your thoughts and feelings. You are the awareness.

Look upon self doubt and negativity as just words, or simply noise, dont make it personal to you. 83

Live your life as infinite consciousness

Observe your thoughts, do they help you or not? Where will your thoughts take you, is it a place where you want to go or not? Be aware at all times.

Bring your awareness into the very moment you are currently experiencing, right now, this is life, everything comes from this moment.

Detach yourself from your mind as often as you can, just let things be, you are after all a human being.

Understand that other people whether they are enlightened or not, or if they are aware or not are like you, they are not their thoughts, or feelings. We are all the by-product of our background, conditioning, beliefs and interpretations of life. Appreciate and look upon other people as the same rather than different. The differences arise from the mind made concepts we hold about ourselves and the world around us, but we are not these concepts, and neither are other people.

Life is a journey and an experience, and you are the awareness of it at all times.

Other people are awareness too, whether they realize it or not, be aware of this as you go about your daily interactions with others. They too are the result of social conditioning, past beliefs, and any mind made concepts they have. But it is not who they are, they like you are having an experience.

Understand that you are not your mind or your thoughts, but the life you are leading is as a direct result of the thoughts you are and have been thinking.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

No matter what you do, where you go or who you meet in your life, you will always learn something from everything you experience. You will always be a stronger wiser person as a result of every experience you encounter.

You are consciousness experiencing your life, your current reality is a reflection of your what goes on in your mind. This is the same for everyone.

Life is a journey, where you are is where you are meant to be. The world is a reflection of peoples thoughts, if you want to change your reality, change what you are thinking about.

If you think you can change the world and make a difference you would be right, by taking action you will indeed manifest something and bring something new into the world, there is power in this. Equally if you dont do anything, your lack of action is also keeping the world as it is, so indeed what you see will remain as it is, reality and the indeed the world will stay the same because of your inaction, there is great power in this too.

Go to the end of your life, take your last breath, what did you do with your time, what did you create, were you a creator using your mind or were you a slave blindly believing mind made concepts in your head about not being able to be successful. Did you become everything you could become, did you make use of your time, did you do everything you wanted to do?

You can do whatever you want in life, who says otherwise? Life is an experience, what do you want to experience?

Learn to observe without judgement or mindless chatter.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Watch a flower grow, does it struggle in life, does it fight with itself, no never, and so neither should you.

Everything is a learning experience in life, what do you want to learn, what are you learning, what will you learn? Life is more fun when you understand that every day you will learn something, what will you learn today? Make your life interesting and fun.

What feels right today, never mind tomorrow, or next week, what feels right today focus your attention on now.

Experience = a new learning. Dont label everything that happens in your life, learn to let life be. Dont always label others, and also be aware that any label you pin on yourself is just that a label. Much like you would stick a label on a bag or some other possession. It is not permanent.

What have you become aware of today that you didnt know yesterday, what made your life interesting today? Live your life like this. Be positive about your life experiences.

Be grateful you have learned something, you are a wiser person because of it.

Meanings are only labels we attach to events that happen in our lives, they are mind made.

On a grand scale of things, what is important and what isnt.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Become an observer to your life, look down at your life from a higher perspective and observe all the choices you make.

There is no out there everything comes from your mind, if you want to change any aspect of your life you have to look for and change it within your mind first before anything will ever change on the outside.

When you meet people in life learn to look at life from their perspective, what beliefs do they hold, what do they feel, what are they experiencing right now?

What do you most want to experience while you are living in this reality? What is really stopping you from living your ideal life, physical or mental? There should be no mental barriers to the success you can generate in life.

Look out at what isnt already here available right now, what can you add to the world, you are different and special and unique so what can you do in this world that expresses who you are.

Make the world a more fun and happier place, make your life a more fun and happier life.

Life is an experience, thats all and you are aware of everything that happens in your life situation.

Your life situation is a reflection not of who you are, but of what you think. There is absolutely nothing to fear in life, not one thing, fear is power for those who understand how it works, you never die, while your body does, you never will, if you fear death you are yet to understand that death is


Live your life as infinite consciousness

simply a transformation back to all knowing consciousness, your true power. Negative limiting doubts, are all mind made. There is nothing you cant do, there are things you would be better suited to doing, and this is where your intuition (all knowing) will help you when making decisions. But as far as how much success you experience in life, this is unlimited. Your mind will be the only thing that stops you getting what you want in life. It can also (if used in the right way) be useful in helping you get what you want. Limitations are born in the mind and they live by way of you choosing to focus on them. You can override thought if you so choose. Thought is not the panacea be all and end all that dictates much of the decisions you make in life, you can choose to access your higher level of consciousness, all knowing awareness when you want to make decisions, your intuition. Remember there is power beyond thought. If your thinking holds you back, consult your intuition, go with it, learn to use it more and more. Rise out of self imposed, rigid belief systems and see how far you can go as a result. Leave your beliefs alone and experience life on a different level. Either form empowering beliefs or dont form any at all. Dont believe, just know that you will have what you want in life. Hold faith in your ability to use your mind and body in a way that will provide for you the life you most want to live.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

You cant ever die, you can only ever leave this current reality and move into another.

You have unlimited capacity while you are experiencing this reality, much of the limitations you perceive in your current world or reality are born from your mind. You make them up yourself or your blindly believe what you hear others say or what you hear when you are out and about.

Pure potential, infinite consciousness has no boundaries. The mind can make life hard and a drag sometimes, unhappiness is down to people continually thinking, worrying, playing out numerous scenarios in their heads about what the future may or may not bring. The mind has created most of the barriers to you getting what you want so far in life.

Rise above it all, dont think so much, live, enjoy, know, be aware. Just let things be, dont fight or struggle with life, sometimes just go with it.

Other people who have success in life dont have super human powers, they are just like you.

Self VS Awareness Become self-aware. Self is to think, awareness has no self, being aware is not to think. The self is the sum of thoughts, beliefs and ideas. The self is not aware, never will be.


Live your life as infinite consciousness

Learn to cancel the self (the I) because that is where a lot of problems in life are.

Is there a problem with life or a problem with your self (the I). The self is mind made. Live in a state of pure awareness, that is peace, it is timeless and beautiful. Leave the self out of your life, then awareness will come in. Make awareness the goal of your day and your life.

When you identify with the self you identify with a mind made projection born from thought and perception. It is not real, it is not permanent and it is not YOU. It is what you are experiencing. In fact it is more than that, it is what you are choosing to experience.

We are always wiser because of our experiences in life, any bad experience will only exist by way of you labelling it in such a negative way.

Consciousness gives life to our physical body, it is our vehicle to experience life on this planet. We have been gifted with an amazing human mind, which is a tool for us to use. We may live our life through our five senses, but we can become trapped by our five sense worlds too, the life we lead is ultimately a choice, it is one radio tuned into one frequency and indeed it can be said that all human existence is one 90

Live your life as infinite consciousness

radio tuned into one frequency. People of the world are waking up to their true nature, they are rising above thought generated reality and realizing that there is more to them than what they think or indeed see. It surely cannot be too difficult to comprehend that there is indeed an energy all around that gives life to all things including nature and other living species. Just as the sun provides all the heat for life on earth to occur, consciousness acts like an electric current giving life to the human species. It is this consciousness inside each of us which binds us all together, we are all inextricably linked at the source, what is in me is in you, so as you move forward in life change your perspective, become more aware of everything around you and more importantly that which is within you. ..and remember life is what you are currently choosing to experience.


Live your life as infinite consciousness