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FEBRUARY 23, 2014

Welcome! We are glad youre here! We invite you to

seek out the folks wearing the Ask Me badge.
Through them you will find information about the
ministries of alem !eights "hurch and how to
become involved. #lease fill out a $isitor "ard and dro%
it in one of the offering bo&es as you leave or scan this code to go
directly to our website and fill out a visitor card. We have an e&cellent
nursery and %rograms for children newborn through high school. Any
of the ushers will be ha%%y to direct you to the %ro%er classroom. 'f
you feel more comfortable having your infant with you during the
service( the last row in the Auditorium will be reserved for %arents with
small children. There is a %rivate room for nursing mothers across the
hall from the Auditorium with a rocking chair( changing table and
%ortable crib. )or your convenience( it also includes a monitor to
enable you to still hear and view the service.
Our Purpose...
To reach %eo%le with the love of *esus "hrist( %rovide a safe and
su%%ortive environment( %roclaim the standards of +ods truth(
du%licate the "hristian life in others( and celebrate the ma,esty
and works of -ur +reat +od.
New to Salem Heights?
Sunday Worship

#saiah $%&' ( %

Presented by
Pastor Justin Greene

Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come down, that the
mountains might quake at Your presence...
Isaiah 64:1
Important Upcoming Events
Mid . !igh "ause /etreat( )ebruary 01 to March 0( "am%
Missions #re% Meeting( March 0( 2345 %m( /M 052
Welcome 6uncheon( March 0( 20378 %m( /M 055
#n)o * News
Spring/Summer Softball 2014
Today, before and after each service, new and
returning players ay register and pay their !"# fee
for en$s or co%ed softball& There will be a table set
up in the foyer for this purpose& Perspective players
ust register and pay their fee before they can participate&
'egistration will continue the ne(t two )undays as well& )pace is
extremely liited& If you have *uestions, please contact Greg +ol,
at "#-%4./%/66- or hillhouse#40sn&co&
Welcome Luncheon
On March 2 at 1:30pm, Salem Heights will host a Welcome
Luncheon for all newcomers to the church. f !ou ha"e fille# out
a "isitor car# within the past si$ months !ou will %e contacte#
with a personal in"itation from one of our staff mem%ers.
Howe"er, we want all who are new to Salem Heights &hurch to
feel welcome to atten#. Lunch will %e pro"i#e# an# a 'uestion
an# answer time with the pastors, as well as a tour of the church
campus, will %e on the agen#a for the afternoon. (lease RSVP to
the church office ) *03+*,,+0-03 if !ou plan to atten#.
Greenskeeper Ministry
Please consider joining us next Saturday,
March 1 from 9:00 to 12:00 noon for our
monthly spruce up of the church campus.
Please ring your garden carts, glo!es,
ra"es etc. for landscape maintenance.
#uestions$ Please contact %on &hitehurst ' (0).)91.*9+, or
Scott -unter ' (0).9)0.2.0..

2014 VBS Prep Work
1e are in need of individuals to assist with prep wor2 for our
upcoing 3acation 4ible )chool& 1e need help cutting and
stitching& If you would be willing to assist in this way, please see
Theresa Johns on )unday ornings or contact her at "#-%5-.%1-1.&
The 2014 Salem Heights Church phone directories are now
available. You can pick one up rom the displa! racks at
an! o our church entrances. " !ou are not able to pick one
up toda!# there will be more printed or distribution.
$irectories will be available or the ne%t ew weeks.
+alendar o) E,ents
9355a.m. Mens :isci%leshi%
1328 a.m. #rayer . /oom 058
;355 a.m. "ross /oad "ollege unday chool
;355 < 22355 a.m. Worshi% ervices
2345 %.m. Ari=ona Mission #re% Meeting
>355 %.m. mall +rou%s
9355 %.m. The Most ?&cellent Way
>378 %.m. "lub /ockalt
9355 %.m. Ministry @ight
;328 a.m. Womens :isci%leshi%
20355 %.m. Womens :isci%leshi%
20355 %.m. Mens :isci%leshi%
>378 %.m. Worshi% Team
>355 a.m. Man Alive
9355 %.m. "ollege "ross /oad Ministry
;35o a.m. +reenskee%er Work :ay

Mar ! Moms an" Tots
Mar # Missions Prep Meeting
Mar $% FPNO
A&g '(# )a&se MO* +ac,pac, Trip
Missions 2014
.here will %e man#ator! Mission (rep meetings on March 2 an#
March /. .hese meetings are for those who are intereste# in one
of our summer mission trips %ut ha"e ne"er pre"iousl!
participate#. We will meet in 0m 200 at 1:30 p.m. (lease mar1
!our calen#ars an# plan to 2oin us.
VBS 2014 Craft Need
Theresa Johns is collecting clean 6and preferably label reoved7
1"o, tin cans for a 3acation 4ible )chool pro8ect& 9ou can contact
her directly at "#-%5-.%1-1. to deliver the or bring the cans by the
church office&
How +an # Ser,e?
-i,ing .pdate
The ministry of alem !eights "hurch is funded entirely by the
generous giving of +ods %eo%le. Aou will notice that we do not
%ass the offering %lateB however( there are offering bo&es in the
back of the auditorium. We have done this so no one gives out
of com%ulsion. We believe from the Word of +od that the %irit
of +od will lead %eo%le towards giving back to +od of their first
fruits. ...+od loves a cheerful giver C0 "or. ;39D and we know
!e blesses those who take !is Word seriously in every regard.
Thank you for %rayerfully su%%orting alem !eights financially as
we desire to reach the lost and disci%le the aints.

Fe.r&ar/ 01$2 MONTH-Y +UD*ET NEEDED
T-TA6 +'$'@+ E>8(87;
)ebruary Weekly @eed Actual +iving /eceived
Week 2 E0>(985 E07(92>
Week 0 E0>(985 E5 Cno service due to weatherD
Week 4 E0>(985 E75(144
Week 7 E0>(985 E
)iscal Aear to :ate GH. .E8;(088
"urrent Ialance E74(>87
:o you love helping children learn the 1ord of God; 1e
are in need of volunteers during our Club Rocksalt
activities on Tuesday evenings& <ail Phil )chult, at
pschult,0gail&co for ore inforation.
1e currently are loo2ing for volunteers to 8oin our <aster
choir and orchestra& 1e would welcoe anyone who is interested in being a
part of this short ter inistry opportunity to visit the registration area after
both services today for ore inforation or contact =J =c2er through the
church office&
:o you own a mart#honeJ can the coded icon below to view
o%%ortunities to serve the body of alem !eights "hurch. Aou
can also visit our website at for
more detailed information. Ielow are some areas in which you
can immediately become involved3
Sa4em Heig5ts )5&rc5
6!% Ma"rona Ave7 S7
Sa4em8 OR #!610

:a;< %16(%99(%669

O::ice Ho&rs<
Mon"a/ ( T5&rs"a/
9 a7m7 ( 2 p7m7

9 a7m7 ( 6 p7m7

S&n"a/ Wors5ip Services<
# = $$ a7m7

Message )Ds are avai4a.4e in
t5e Registration Area :or >27
P4ease visit t5e "es, in t5e
so&t5?est corner to or"er an"
pic,(&p /o&r )Ds7
Yo& can a4so c5ec, t5e ?
:or o&r po"cast7

A&stin *reene
Senior Pastor/Elder
)ar4 )5ica
Pastor of Family Life/Elder
Matt Mac)o44in
Pastor of Mens/College/Elder

Lay Elders
)5&c, Moore
Te" Ferr/

dministration and Sta))
#lease see our Mission Ioards in the foyer for
current active missionaries.
Ron *roves

R&ss -i../
:irector of Ministries

Scott H&nter
)acilities Manager

AA Ac,er
Music Ministry

Tim Sa::ee4s
:irector of tudent
Aason +ro?ne44
!igh chool Ministries

E" Reister
"ommunity "onnection

Ric, Smit5
"ommunity "are

A&4ie +ernar"
Womens Ministry

-a&ra )5ica
Womens Iiblical
*ina Weigan"
-ffice taff

)5rista Ka5i4i
-ffice taff

)onnie -i../
-ffice taff

Aenn E44iott
-ffice taff

Girls Night Out Presents
q Be Heard r
Girls Night Out is a free
evening of fun, fri endshi p, and
encouragement for women of all
bri ng a fri end or two to thi s very
speci al ni ght! Chi ldcare i s provi ded.
Grounded Coffee opens at 6: 30,
program starts at 7: 05!


Isaiah 64:1-4

Presented by
Pastor Justin Greene
e!ruar" #$% #&14

In 2004, I walked into a drug house to meet Mickey, a nineteen-
year-old heroin addict. Mickey paid rent to her dealer and pimp by
selling her body. In exchange, she got foil-wrapped balloons of black
tar Mexican heroin one of the most addicti!e narcotics in the world.

" source of mine had put me in contact with Mickey so I could
profile her for a newspaper piece about heroin. Mickey and I walked to
a #ack in the $ox, where she shi!ered and s%uinted in a booth. &e
talked about her life. 'oday, almost ten years later, I can still see the life
trapped and struggling behind her icy blue eyes.

Mickey grew up in a well-to-do family. (he lo!ed teddy bears as a
girl and had hoped to become a lawyer someday. In high school, after
fooling around with mari)uana and cocaine, she tried heroin. *er first
time, she shot up in a bathroom stall at a $arnes + ,oble. It was, in her
muddled word, -agoshing,. an attempt at agoni/ing. It was the worst
drug experience Mickey had e!er had. $ut the next day, she )ust had to
ha!e some more. 0ike most heroin addicts, the opiate ensla!ed her from
that moment on.

&riting Mickey1s story was soul-wrenching seeing the bruised
scabs on her neck and learning why she in)ected there. 'he arteries on
Mickey1s arms had frayed to the point that they could no longer take a
needle, because she had stabbed so many needles there, so

Mickey1s wounds were tragic. *er history was tragic. *er shri!eling
body and life were tragic. $ut the most tragic moment came toward
the end of my time with her. In the course of writing the story, I had
talked to the best addiction reco!ery center in the state. 'hey had
agreed to take Mickey on for free. Mickey, who wanted nothing more
than to be free from heroin, had a choice to make. (he could choose
reco!ery and, like many other addicts, li!e a normal life. 2r she could
continue in her sla!ery a course that meant sure death.

"t her desperate urging, I arranged for Mickey1s choice to be as
easy as possible. "ll she had to do was step into a !ehicle. "ll she had
to do was agree, and the best help was hers, for free. 'he day came for
Mickey to make her choice. 3espite her pleas for help, despite her
descriptions of a life in hell, she refused to lea!e the drug house4


(ometimes the situation is ho)e*ess6

'he 7rophet cries out8

&e can1t stop sinnin+ 9! :;.

<!en our ri+hteousness is ,ou* 9! =;.

<!erything is in ruins 9! 50;.

It seems like >od is si*ent 9! 52;.


2ut of brokenness the author pled with >od8

2pen the hea/ens.

Make yourself 0no1n to your ene2ies.

3o something une3)e4te5.

"ct )ersona**".


?hrist 9'he (uffering (er!ant; responds to this prayer.

*e is the Ans1er 9Matt @;.

*e is the u*,i**2ent 9Ae! 5B;.

*e alone brings ,or+i/eness and a ,uture.

The Great Evangelical Recession, 6 Factors That Will Crash the American Churchand How to
re!are, #ohn (. 3ickerson, C by #ohn (. 3ickerson, 7ublished by $aker $ooks

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