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ASEAN Economic 2015

Association of South East Nations or what we commonly known as ASEAN is merging its strength beginning next year, 2015 in which they will be making a huge effort to enhance its economic leverages in the world market. The 10 nations that make up the ASEAN envision an Asean Economic Community which goal is to establish a highly competitive single market and production through the integration of their economies. Through the ASEAN Integration, product improvements will surely be seen and development of our industry will eventually fluctuate in an effective way mainly our educational system and our competitiveness as well. During the forum dated last February 12, 2014 speakers gave lectures about their insights, impacts of AEC 2015 on culture and behavior, on policies, and on technology. My knowledge as a student about the ASEAN Integration broadens in which I was able to hear some new perspectives, ideas, comments, pros and cons about it that lead me to certain conclusions. One of the speakers mentioned about the K to 12 Basic Education Program in which The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has held collaboration with the Department of Education (DepEd) for them to pursue the idea in which is goal to improve our the status of our country. Many are against with the implementation of K to 12 but if you will think lucidly, they are more positive effects of this than negative effects. Generally, it is indeed a witty aim to change our education system for it provides more efficient and effective way to enhance ones knowledge that would lead of course to our economys success. They say that the Philippines is top of the most corrupt countries in the world, well in ASEAN they mentioned about on how they will change the policies and regulations and increase the stability for the betterment of the 10 countries which is Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam in the year 2015. ASEAN Community Motto, One Vision, One Identity, One Community. We should take view of this for us to further know about what is happening with our country and reason behind all implementations may it be in products, education and the like. As a Filipino citizen, we desire for a progressive nation in which there will be economic stability. Thus, we should be part of this for this aims to improve our economy and our country as well.