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Nityananda Prabhu Appearance day 2014

An offering to Nitai Pada Kamala, Nitais lotus feet by the fallen sadhaka, radhacharan das

Who is Nityananda Prabhu? Nityananda as Guru Nityananda, the divine madman (avadhuta) Faith in Shri Chaitanya but not Shri Nityananda The Brahmins doubt about Nitai Some select pastimes of Nityananda
- Jaghai Madhai episode Grand Bathing at Raghava Panditas home

The glories of Jahnava Mata Nityanandas identity as Ananga Manjari Nitai can serve in any form and rasa Discussion regarding those who say that Nitai is Radha The fascination of the Nadiya Girls for Nityananda Songs for Nitai Chand

Who is Nityananda Prabhu?

This is a very deep and profound question. Only the Vaishnavas who have long meditated on this will be able to understand. Without holding back, we will answer the question in a clear and bold manner. Nityananda is the Supreme Lord, in the mood of servitor to himself. The embodiment of service to his other forms such as Gauranga and Krishna. Nityananda Prabhu is the abode of love (Ashraya) and Gauranga is the (Vishaya) object of love, in this particular case. As Balaram, Nityananda serves Krishna in so many ways. As Lakshman he serves Ramchandra with his complete heart. Not only in personal forms but Nityananda manifests himself as the complete dhama, ornaments and all paraphernalia in Shri Haris divine play. However, just as the lila of Gaurasundara is more pleasing than the lila of Krishna. So too is the lila of Nityananda more pleasing than Balaram and his other forms. It is my firm conviction that anyone who has tasted and understood both lilas will not disagree with this.

Nityananda as Guru
In his prayers to the spiritual master, Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura confirms that all the revealed scriptures accept the spiritual master to be identical with the Personality of Godhead because he is a very dear and confidential servant of the Lord. Gaudiya Vaisnavas therefore worship Srila Gurudeva (the spiritual master) in the light of his being the servitor of the Personality of Godhead. In all the ancient scriptures of devotional service and in the more recent songs of Srila Narottama dasa Thakura, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura and other unalloyed Vaisnavas, the spiritual master is always considered either one of the confidential associates of Srimati Radharani or a manifested representation of Srila Nityananda Prabhu. C.C. Adi 1.46 (Bhaktivedanta purports) The master of Nitai is Gaura. That is our connection. If you want to attain Gauranga Mahaprabhu, take shelter of Lord Nityananda. Then you will attain Gaurachandra. If you want to attain Shri Shri Radha Krishna, take shelter of Nityananda, then you will attain Radha and Krishna in Vrindavana nitaiyer karuna habe, vraje-radha-krishna pabe. Therefore, our only hope is Nitai. And he is manifesting in different, unlimited forms. He is Adi-Guru, the original spiritual master. The Spiritual master is a representative of Lord Nityananda. A disciple should know that - O here is the dear representative of my Nitai. And because the spiritual master is connected with Nitai, he is nondifferent from him. Like in government, a policeman is non-different from the government, because he is connected with it. In the same way, our spiritual master is the representative of Nitai, the original spiritual master, adi-guru.

Nityananda, the Divine madman (avadhuta)

Nityananda is known as Avadhutendu, the moon amongst divine madmen. Nitais behaviour was most uncommon. He would often dress very opulently, wear a dozen golden rings, jump into rivers and play with crocodiles, appear naked and giggle in front of Gauranga and Vishnupriya in the mood of a small child, reply in an incoherent manner to Gaurangas questions and perform other eccentric and humorous activities. Despite all of this, he was loved and honoured by the entire community for they knew that Nityananda was beyond the rules, regulations and social etiquette of the general people. More importantly though, they knew that Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu held Nityananda in the highest regard, so did the others such as Advaita Prabhu, Gadadhara etc, and therefore even if they could not understand Nityananda, they would accept him on the basis of the verdict of these great personalities. Nitai was always absorbed in love of Gauranga and he would always knock on every door and shout out amare kiniya laha balo gaurahari! You can purchase me, by calling out Gaurahari!

Faith in Shri Chaitanya, but not in Shri Nityananda

It was very easy for everyone to have faith in Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, but it was not so easy to understand Nityananda Gosai. Mahaprabhu would behave in a very sober manner, undergo austerities and fulfil the dharma of a perfect sanyasi. We can see this from the manner in which he spoke to Chota Haridas. On the other hand, we can see that Nitais activities very different from the behaviour of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

The Brahmins doubt about Nitai

It is for this reason that once a brahmin devotee of Mahaprabhu travelled from Navadvipa to Puri and questioned the Lord about Nityananda Prabhus behaviour in a submissive manner. The brahmin said, "O Lord, I'd like to ask something, if you'll allow me. If you really think me your servant, then please answer my question. I don't understand what this Nityananda Avadhuta is doing at Navadvipa. Everyone says that he's a sannyasi. But to everyone's surprise, he chews betel nut with camphor. A sannyasi is not supposed to touch gold and so on. But Nityananda decorates his whole body with gold, silver, and pearls. Abandoning kaupina and saffron robes, he dresses himself with fine and gorgeous clothing. He also puts sandalwood paste on his body. "Why does he carry an iron stick instead of a sannyasa-danda? He always mingles with sudras. I don't find his behaviour in accordance with the scriptures. So I have a doubt in my heart. Everyone addresses him as an exalted person, but he doesn't follow the rules and regulations of his ashram/social position. O Lord, if you think me your servant, then please explain the truth.

Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu replied, shri-suka uvaca dharma-vyatikramo drishta isvaranam ca sahasam tejiyasam na doshaya vahneh sarva-bhujo yatha The status of powerful controllers is not harmed by any apparently audacious transgression of morality we may see in them, for they are just like fire, which devours everything fed into it and remains unpolluted. Sukadev Goswami Shrimad Bhagavatam naitat samacarej jatu manasapi hy anisvarah vinasyaty acaran maudhyad yatharudro 'bdhi-jam visham One who is not a great controller should never imitate the behaviour of ruling personalities, even mentally. If out of foolishness an ordinary person does imitate such behavior, he will simply destroy himself, just as a person who is not Rudra would destroy himself if he tried to drink an ocean of poison. Shri Chaitanya then described the story of how the sons of Prajapati Marichi laughed at Brahma and then had to take several births in which they experienced various types of miseries until ultimately they were relieved by Krishna some time later. Lord Gauranga said, "O brahmin, I've explained the topics of Shrimad-Bhagavatam to you. Don't maintain the slightest doubt about Nityananda Svarupa. He is the most exalted personality. Unfortunate people are unable to understand him. Accept his uncommon activities. Then you'll surely be delivered. He incarnated simply to deliver the fallen souls. He'll liberate all living beings. His dealings are above all rules and regulations. Who has the power to understand him? Anyone who blasphemes Nityananda without knowing his unfathomable qualities, even if that person achieved vishnu-bhakti, is doomed. O brahmin, go to Navadvipa and explain this truth to everyone. If anyone blasphemes Nityananda Prabhu in any way, no one will be able to protect that person from Yamaraja's punishment. Shri Gauranga himself also spoke the following verse, grihniyad yavani panim vised ba sausnukalayam tathapi brahmana bandyam nityananda padasvujam "Even if Lord Nityananda marries a meat eating girl or enters a wine shop, He is still worthy of worship by Lord Brahma." The words of Shri Chaitanyadev made the pious brahmin very happy. He gained immense faith in the lotus feet of Nityananda and returned to Navadvipa. Upon arriving in Navadvip, the fortunate brahmin first went to Nityananda Prabhu's house and begged forgiveness for his offenses from Nityananda who fully bestowed his mercy on him.

Some select pastimes of Nityananda

The famous Jagai Madhai episode There were two infamous drunkards in the region of Nadiya. They were known as Jagai (Jagadananda) and Madhai (Madhavananda). They were born into respectful Brahmin families but they had long ago strayed from the path of righteousness and devotion. Once whilst Nityananda Prabhu was out spreading the message of the divine names of Krishna alongside Haridas Thakura, Nityananda happened to see these two personalities in their drunken stupor. Nityananda out of his extreme mercy decided to deliver these two personalities and told them to take to the path of devotion to Krishna. However, these two drunkards, Jagai and Madhai became furious at the sight of Nitai and Haridas and began to chase them down the road. Nityananda was able to escape very quickly whilst Haridas Thakur followed behind frightened but playfully complaining to Nitai that he would get them killed with this type of behaviour. Nitai and Haridas arrive back to the place where Shri Chaitanyadev was sitting amongst his devotees and explained to him what had happened. After hearing the story, Mahaprabhu knew that whom Nitai makes his mind to save, is already delivered, it is only a matter of time for it to happen, but it is certain without a doubt that Jagai and Madhai would become great devotees.

Madhai strikes Nitai On another day, Nityananda Prabhu again spoke to Jagai and Madhai about the glories of Harinam and Shri Krishna Kirtan. However, becoming visibly angry, Madhai picked up a clay pot and smashed it onto the transcendental head of Nityananda. Madhai was about to strike Nityananda again but Jagai decided to stop him, Why are you hitting this beautiful sanyasi? What will you gain? He means you no harm. Some of the devotees had swiftly informed Shri Gauranga about this and Madan Mohan Gauranga now became fury and death personified for the two brothers, Jagai and Madhai. Gauranga came running with the pace of a thousand fierce lions and arrived at the scene. Shouting out Chakra! Chakra! he summoned his sudarshan chakra weapon to destroy these two offenders. Upon seeing the iconic weapon of Vishnu now appearing by the power of Gauranga, everyone became frightened, especially the two offenders, Jagai and Madhai. It was only by Nitais salve of prema that Gauranga was pacified from unleashing his wrath. Nitai told Gauranga, Oh Golden Hari, in this incarnation you have said that you will not kill the demons, but rather their demon mentality, so this does not befit you. Also please know that Madhai decided to strike me a second time, but Jagai stopped him and prevented this. Upon hearing that Jagai had prevented the second strike, Shri Chaitanyadev was beside himself with love for Jagai and he quickly sent his chakra weapon away and

embraced Jagai. Jagai went into a fit of spiritual bliss and achieved Bhagavata prem at that very moment. All were stunned and overjoyed when they saw this apart from Madhai who feared for his life. Madhai then fell at the feet of Gauranga and said, Lord please deliver me too, we two brothers sinned together, we did everything together, so please dont leave me out from your mercy, you are the saviour of the fallen. When the demons shot arrows at you in your previous incarnations, you still delivered them, not taking any offence, why do you withhold your mercy now Prabhu? Gaurangadev said, Your offence is much greater you fool! Those demons attacked me, but you have tried to cause harm to Nityananda, my life and soul, my beloved Nitai, for that reason, do not look towards me for deliverance, for you will not find it, only Nitai can save your soul now. Madhai then turned to Nitai and asked for forgiveness and deliverance. For those who have no shelter, no chance for deliverance, they have Nitai. Shri Gauranga may be patita pavan (deliverer of the fallen) but our Nitai is MAHA Patita Pavan (even greater deliverer of the fallen). This is Nityanandas mood, those who even try to harm him and blaspheme him, he cares not, he gives them love of God, he forcibly swallows their material existence, have no doubt about this my dear Vaishnava readers. Shri Nityananda Mahasaya said, Merechhish kolshir kana, tai bole ki prem debona" - Shall I stop giving you love because you have hit me with an earthen pot? Nityananda Prabhu then embraced Madhai and caused his body to shake with fits of spiritual bliss. Madhai had been saved by the extreme mercy of Nitai. Joy Nitai! Ha Nitai! For the rest of his life, Madhai lived a life of tears and regret. How could he have struck the precious priceless head of Nityananda? I hit the head of Nityananda. Lamenting constantly like this, he would beat his chest with his hands. The body in which Shri Gauranga enjoys his pastimes, I, the most sinful, have beaten that very same body. Remembering this, Madhai would swoon anew. He had no other activity except crying. Anyone who has even the slightest enmity or ill feeling towards Nitai, they can wave goodbye to bhakti rasa and the mercy of Gauranga, what to speak of bhakti rasa, such an unfortunate monster can not even attain material happiness, the fallen monster radhacharan das says this with firm conviction. May my master Nitai be pleased with this offering. The Grand Bathing at Raghava Panditas home Instructed specifically by Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Nitai took his associates such as Gadadhara Dasa and Ramdas and travelled towards Bengal. They stopped at the village of Panihati and performed incredible pastimes there for three months. They arrived at the house of Raghava Pandita. Raghava Pandita and his sister Damayanti Devi are especially famous for their annual trips to Jagannath Puri in service of Shri Gauranga. Damayanti Devi would prepare various sweets for

Gauranga and Raghava Pandita would then take these all the way to Jagannath Puri for the pleasure of Mahaprabhu. The basket that contained the sweets was well known as Raghavera Jhali, the basket of Raghava. The dear associates of Gauranga, the Ghosh brothers, Vasudev, Madhava and Govinda also turned up at Raghava Panditas home and their divinely infused singing would cause Nityananda Prabhu and his associates to dance for hours on end. After some time, Nitai decided to bless the Vaishnavas the opportunity for service. He sat down on a throne and told them to do abhishek (ritual bathing) of him. They quickly arranged thousands of pots containing water from the river Ganga that was mixed with various perfumes. They poured this fragrant water over the head of Nityananda to his full satisfaction and chanted many mantras and prayers in his glorification. They applied sandalwood to his holy limbs and garlanded his graceful neck with a flower garland. Just then, Nityananda Prabhu desired something more and decided to display his mystic power. Nitai asked Raghava Pandita to make him a flower garland made from kadamba flowers as the forest of kadamba in Vrindavan (kadamba kanana) was very dear to him. Raghava Pandita folded his hands and told Nitai that this would not be possible as it was not the right season for Kadamba flowers to be in bloom. Nitai smilingly told him, Still, I want you to look around. There may be one or two around. Raghava Pandita went to look and to his utter astonishment, there were some Kadamba flowers in bloom, but they were on the lemon tree! Raghava Pandita began to swoon but controlling his own ecstasy so that it shouldnt impede his particular service to Nityananda, Raghava Pandita forcefully controlled himself and made a fragrant Kadamba flower garland for Nityananda. Raghava Pandita at once garlanded Nitai and the fragrance and beauty overwhelmed the Vaishnavas present. Suddenly though, a very potent scent of some other wonderful flowers filled all the directions. They could suddenly perceive the scent of Damanaka flowers. Nitai laughed and knowingly asked, Can any of you tell me what you smell? No one could explain fully and so they submitted to Nitai. Nitai explained, Listen to this truth in detail, for it is a great mystery. Today, Chaitanya Gosai truly came here to listen to our kirtan, he came all the way from Nilachal and sat in a tree outside unseen and wore supremely fragrant Damanaka flowers. Give up all other affairs and exclusively worship Shri Krishna Chaitanya, no other advice is needed.

The glories of Jahnava Mata

Virabhadra Goswami (Nitai and Vasudhas son) was inundated with Jahnava Matas mercy, becoming her direct initiated disciple. Nityananda Das writes in his Premavilasa that when Virabhadra saw Jahnava in a four-armed form that his mind was changed and he decided to accept her as his diksha guru. Without the mercy of Nityananda Prabhus energy Jahnava Devi, no one is able to cross over the ocean of material life, nor can one obtain the service of Nityananda Prabhu and enter into the loving service of his worshipable Gaurahari and Radha Krishna. Bhaktivinoda Thakur has written in his Kalyana-kalpa-taru: O Jahnava Devi! Be merciful to this servant today. Deliver me from my pain and give me a place in the boat of your lotus feet so that I can be sure to cross over the ocean of birth and death. You are Nityanandas energy, you are devotion to Krishna and my guru. Please give this servant the desire tree of your lotus feet. How numerous are the fallen souls that you have saved, so this fallen beggar seeks a place at your feet. The mahajan Krishna Das, in his song which begins Jaya Radhe Jaya Krishna Jaya Vrindavan, has prayed for Jahnava Devis mercy after glorifying Krishnas name, abode and associates. Remembering Jahnava Devis lotus feet, the lowly Krishna Das sings the names of the Lord.

Nityanandas identity as Ananga Manjari

Nityananda Prabhu is also part of Shri Krishnas inner madhura vraj circle. As Radhikas younger sister, Ananga Manjari, Nityananda Balaram serves and enjoys pastimes. Vrindavan Das Thakur has written a wonderful song describing this. Antare nitai bahire nitai Vrindavan Das Thakur (refrain) antare nitai bahire nitai nitai jagatamaya nagara nitai nagari nitai katha ye kaya (1) sadhana nitai bhajana nitai nitai nayana tara dasadika maya nitai sundara nitai bhuvana bhara (2) radhara madhuri ananga manjari nitai nitu se seve koti sasadhara vadana sundara sakha sakhi baladeve (3) radhara bhagini syamasohagini sava sakhigana prana janhara labari mandapa sajani shri mani mandira nama


(4) nitai sundara yogapitha dhare ratna simhasana seje basana nitai bhushana nitai vilase sakhira majhe (5) ki kahiba ara nitai sabara ankhi mukha sava anga nitai nitai nitai nitai nitai nutara ranga (6) nitai baliya dubahu tuliya caliba vrajera pure dasa vrindavana ei nivedana nitai na chado more TRANSLATION: Refrain: Nitai is inside and outside. He is everywhere within this world. He is the lover and he is the sweetheart. 1) Everyone says it. Nitai is my regulative principles, my object of worship, and the light of my eyes. Nitai is in all ten directions. In fact, he fills all the three worlds. 2) Nitai as Ananga Manjari eternally serves Srimati Radhika. She is non-different from Baladeva, whose beautiful face resembles millions of moons and is surrounded by the sakhas and sakhis. 3) The sister of Radharani, Ananga Manjari, is very dear to Sri Shyam, and she is the life and soul of all the sakhis. She decorates the arena of the temple known as Mani Mandir. 4) Nitai sustains the yogapitha and becomes a throne for the Lord to rest on. Nitai is also the dress and the ornaments. 5) He enjoys pastimes with the sakhis. What more can I say? Nitai is the eyes, mouth, and limbs of everyone. Nitai, Nitai, Nitai, Nitai, I see only Nitai dancing. 6) Raising my hands and chanting Nitai, I will go to Vraj. I, Vrindavana das, only request Nitai to kindly never leave me. Nectar from the Ananga Manjari Samputika Nityananda Prabhu and Jahnava Ma had an adopted son called Ramchandra Goswami (Ramai Thakur). He has written a beautiful book called Ananga Manjari Samputika. This book describes some tattvas regarding Radha, Krishna and Balaram. It also describes the rupa and svabhava of Ananga Manjari. She is the only Manjari that I know of that has direct sambhoga with Krishna. This is due to Krishnas desire and Radharanis direct order for her to do so. This is described in the book. Here are some important shlokas from Ananga Manjari Samputika. sad ananda svabhavate, krishna chandra sukha dite prthak lila kore krishna sange anandamse radha bhava, yukta hoy baladev


pita varna tanu dhare range (13) The sat (existence) and (ananda) delight aspects naturally give happiness to Krishnachandra. Balaram enjoys pastimes with Krishna in a separate form. In his (ananda form) delight aspect, Balaram takes up a yellow form with the bhava of Radha. sri radha svarupa yei, ananga manjari sei gudha rupa sakti balaram krishna sukh hetu tara, yoto yoto avatara nitya tanu nityananda naam (14) Balarams confidential shakti is Ananga Manjari, who is the other form of Shri Radha (non different from her). For Krishnas pleasure he descends in so many forms, while his eternal form is named Nityananda. siropali balarama, ananga manjari naam dhari krishna sukhera karane paurnamasi bhagavati, tahara adesha tathi yogayoga hoy viharane (15) Balaram who is like an ornament for Krishna head, assumes the form of Ananga Manjari to give pleasure to Krishna and on his order, Paurnamasi arranges for their meeting and enjoyment. Jahnava and Vasudha Matas, the wives of Nityananda are the divine shaktis of Nitai and in Golok Vrindavan, they are known as Ananga Manjari. Whenever Nityananda Prabhu likes, he can take up the form of Ananga Manjari. We will discuss this mysterious tattva next. ***The author of Ananga Manjari Samputika comes in the diksha parampara of Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakur.

Nitai can serve in any mood and form

"In the Adi Khanda of Chaitanya Bhagavat, Vrindavana dasa Thakur has spoken, tato'dhika caitanyera priya nahi ara niravadhi seo dehe karena vihara bara gurha nityananda ei avatare caitanya janaya jare se janite pare apanake jena prabhu na karena vyakta ei mata lukayena nityananda tattva nityananda svarupe se caitanyera bhakti sarva bhave karite dharaye prabhu sakti jakhana je rupe gaura sundara vihare sei anurupa rupa nityananda dhare "There is no one more dear to Shri Chaitanya, for he always enjoys Nityananda's body! Nityananda's incarnation is very confidential; only those whom Sri Chaitanya personally informs may know about him. Shriman Mahaprabhu hides Nityananda's tattva in order to conceal his own confidential pastimes. Nityananda's bhakti is such that he has the shakti to worship


Chaitanya within every type of bhava. Thus, Nityananda takes on whichever mood Gaurasundara adopts and a form to match!" So whenever Gauranga takes up a particular form, Nityananda Prabhu is able to take up a form to match! What is not possible for Nitai? Let us look at an example from Lochan Das Chaitanya Mangal of Gauranga and his associates taking up a different form whilst performing their Nadiya vihara lilas. The Lord would take great pleasure in Gadadhars sweet words, hearing which he would take him by his hand off to dance in the kirtan. He would place his other hand on Naraharis arm and they would dance in the house of Shrivas Pandit in the mood of the Rsa dance. The devotees would see Gauras form turn black like that of Krishna and simultaneously Gadadhar would transform into Radharani. Narahari became Madhumati. Seeing this, all the devotees called out the names of Hari (Haribol! Haribol!). Vrindavan manifested in that very place; the son of Sachi (Mahaprabhu) began to enjoy his ll just as he previously had done in the association of the cows and cowherd boys and girls. Those devotees had come again to help the Lord in this ll of relishing rasa. Sri Raghunandan, as the new Cupid, began to reveal their previous forms to them, and one by one they joined the dancing. Seeing this, the associates from other incarnations began to cry, for the moon of Vraja (Krishna) had appeared in Nabadwip. Sometimes he would play his own ll in the association of Gadadhar and sometimes the ll would transform into that of Vrindavan where he enjoyed his loving affairs with Radharani. Seeing such amazing scenes, all the devotees called out the names of Hari and loudly glorified the Lord. (Chaitanya Mangal, Madhya lila)

Discussion regarding those who say that Nitai is Radha

There is a group of devotees that say Nityananda is Radha, they equate Nityananda with Krishnas shaktis to do this. Furthermore they point to some padas/songs that were supposed to have been written by Vrindavan Das Thakur to support their position wherein Vrindavan Das Thakur requests the readers to always see Nitai as Radha. Although I disagree with this equation of stating Nitai is JUST Radha, there are some important points to consider in this regard. There are some arguments and scriptural evidence that needs to be considered as part of this discussion. We will look at some of the points here.

Ananga Manjari is non different from Radha Quoting from the Ananga Manjari Samputika again, let us look at some definitive slokas. sad ananda svabhavate, krishna chandra sukha dite prthak lila kore krishna sange anandamse radha bhava, yukta hoy baladev


pita varna tanu dhare range (13) The sat (existence) and (ananda) delight aspects naturally give happiness to Krishnachandra. Balaram enjoys pastimes with Krishna in a separate form. In his (ananda form) delight aspect, Balaram takes up a yellow form with the bhava of Radha. sri radha svarupa yei, ananga manjari sei gudha rupa sakti balaram krishna sukh hetu tara, yoto yoto avatara nitya tanu nityananda naam (14) Balarams confidential shakti is Ananga Manjari, who is the other form of Shri Radha (non different from her). For Krishnas pleasure he descends in so many forms, while his eternal form is named Nityananda. hladini sakti rupoyam ramas ca radhika svayam prakata pum svarupas ca trigunatita isvarah Second Wave (16) In his pleasure potency form, Balaram is Radhika herself, but this supreme controller, who is beyond the three mundane qualities, also has a male form. radha rama rasa kupa, ananga manjari svarupa rama radha ananga manjari sakti rupa taratamya, janiho rasera marma krishna sukhe sadai vihari Second Wave (17) Through Balaram the well of rasa, Radha appears in the form of Ananga Manjari, hence Balaram is Radha, who is again Ananga Manjari. This is the inner rasika disparity of the shaktis, that make Krishna always blissfully enjoy. Conclusion Nityananda is Gaurangas second body. Gauranga is Radha and Krishna combined. Nityananda appears as Ananga Manjari who is the other form of Radha. Therefore Nityananda has the capability to take up this form and Radha Bhava also. This is a very wonderful and confidential topic and we will leave it where it stands now. The eager chakora like Vaishnavas may meditate on these points (from Nityanandas identity as Ananga Manjari) further to their hearts content to relish and understand this.


The fascination of the Nadiya Girls for Nityananda

There are many beautiful bhajans/padas written describing the beauty of Nityananda Prabhu. One such rare pada written by Lochan Das Thakur is written from the perspective of a Nadiya Nagari. A young girl of Navadvip. Usually we can find many songs from the Nadiya Nagari perspective glorifying Gauranga. These can be found in books such as Lochan Das Dhamali, Gaura Pada Tarangini, Gaura Charit Chintamani of Narahari Chakravarti, Bhaktivinodas Sajjana Toshani magazine but there are a few rare songs available that are aimed towards Nitai. We will relish such a rare pada now without further delay. Dekhare nayana bhari nitai sundara Gauranga pranaye rasamaya purandara Abhora pranaya rase anga gada gada Calite sthira dhare adha adha pada Dharani premara bhare tala mala haya Jaha pada pare dharu pankaja hiyaya Priti agara mukha bhuru yuga jora Anuraga maya akhi arunera kora Tahate visphara netra saghane ghurnita Sri ganda vikasa dekhi jagata mohita Kutila kuntale cura kena naga raja Sudhi vanera phula manamatha saja Bama sruti mule eka kokanada dole Pranata janera jena kola dite bole Locana bole olo sai kari nivedana Calo jaiya dhari seba nitai carana Oh sakhi! Just behold Nitai sundara! He is the king of Gaurasundaras rasamaya prem. His limbs are overflowing with priti rasa and his voice falters. Therefore his feet stumble as the earth shakes with abundant prem. Oh! Let us just try to catch those feet within our minds! His face is spellbound with love and his two eyebrows align with his flirtatious eyes which are the suns abode. Moreover, these large beautiful eyes are rolling as his cheeks captivate the entire world. His beautiful curling hair is tied in a chura topknot. Oh, it looks like a king cobras hood! Hes adorned with forest flowers and appears like Cupid. From his left ear dangles a conch shell earring. But is it telling his beloved ones, Just embrace me! Lochan says, Hey Sakhi! Just hear my appeal. Lets all go out and catch Nitais two lotus feet! Narahari Chakravartipada similarly glorifies Nitais captivating beauty in many of his padas.


Songs for Nitai Chand

Ananda Khanda Nitai Chanda Radha Vallabha Das (1) ananda kanda nita-i canda karuna nayana karuna chanda karuna pura saghane jhura hari hari bali bolo re (2) nataka ranga bhakata sanga bibidha bhasa rasa-taranga isata hasa madhura bhasa saghane gima dola re (3) patita kora jagata gaura dina rajani anande bhora prema-ratana kariya yatana jaga-jane karu dana re (4) kirtana majha rasika-raja yaichana kanaya giri biraja braja-bihara rasa bithara madhura madhura gana re (5) dhuli dhusara dharani upara kabahun lokata preme gara gara kabahun calata kabahun khelata kabahun atta-hasa re (6) kabahun sweda kabahun kheda kabahun pulaka swara abheda kabahun lampha kabahun jhampa kabahun dirgha-swasa re (7) karuna sindhu akhila bandhu kali-yuga-tama-pulaka-indu jagata-locana patala-mocana nita-i purala yasa re (8) andha adhama dina durjana prema-dane karala mocana


pa-ola jagata kebala bancita e radha-ballabha dasa re TRANSLATION 1) Lord Nitai Chand is the root of transcendental bliss. His eyes are reddish. His face is glorious. His anklets jangle. He chants: Hari! Hari! 2) Surrounded by the devotees, He enjoys the pastimes of dancing. His talking is waves of nectar. He gently smiles. His words are sweet. His neck sways to and fro. 3) He hugs the fallen souls. Lord Gaura is the whole world to him. Day and night he is overcome with spiritual bliss. To the people of this world, he earnestly gives the gift of ecstatic spiritual love. 4) In the kirtan of chanting the holy names, He is the king of those who taste the nectar. He glistens like a golden mountain. He sings sweet songs of Krishnas nectar pastimes in Vraja. 5-6) Falling to the ground, He is covered with dust. He laughs loudly. Overcome with ecstatic love, He rolls about on the ground. Sometimes he is restless. Sometimes he is playful. Sometimes he perspires. Sometimes he laments. Sometimes his bodily hairs stand up. Sometimes he calls out. Sometimes he leaps. Sometimes he hides and lets out long sighs. 7) He is an ocean of mercy. He is everyone's friend. He is a moon glistening in the darkness of Kali-Yuga. He gives eyes to the people of this world. He pulls away the curtain of illusions. He fulfils everyone's desires. 8) To the blind, fallen, poor, wicked souls of this world, he gives the gift of ecstatic spiritual love. He delivers the whole world. Only Radha-Vallabha Dasa is not delivered. Only he is cheated. Are Bhai Nitai Amar Doyara Avadhi Vrindavan Das Thakur (1) are bhai nitai amara dayara avadhi jivera karuna kari dese dese phiri phiri prema-dhana yace nirabadhi (2) adwaitera samge ramga dharane na yaya amga gora-preme gadha tanu-khani dhuliya dhuliya cale bahu tili hari bale du'-nayane bahe nita-ira pani (3) kapale tilaka sobhe kutila kuntala lole gunjara antuni cuda taya


kesari jiniya kati kati-tate nila dhati bajana nupura ramga paya (4) bhubana mohana besa maja-ila saba desa rasabese atta atta hasa prabhu mora nityananda kebala ananda-kanda guna gaya brndabana dasa (1) O Brothers! My Nitai's mercy is limitless. He wanders from village to village giving love of God to one and all. (2) He always jokes with Advaita Acharya. His whole body is made of love for Gauranga. He is always intoxicated with the divine mood of love, thus is unable to walk properly. He raises his arms and sings "Haribol!" and he sheds tears from his two lotus eyes. (3) Sri Nityananda is adorned with the tilaka on his forehead. He has curly hair matted with red gunja berries. A blue belt encircles his lion-like waist. His feet look red. He wears ankle bells on his reddish feet always making a tinkling, tinkling sound. (4) His beauty enchants the whole world. He smiles and laughs while in the divine mood of love! Lord Nityananda Prabhu is my master. He is just a fountain of bliss. Thus, Vrindavana Das sings his glories. Doya koro more Nitai Kanu Ramdas Thakur (1) day koro more niti, day koro more agatira gati niti sdhu loke bole (2) jaya prema bhakti dt-patk tomra uttama adhama kichu n koilo bicra (3) prema dne jagajanera mana kaila sukhi tumi hena dayra thkura mi kene dukhi (4) knu rma dsa bole ki bolibo mi e boro bharas more kulera thkura tumi TRANSLATION 1) O my Nitai, please shower your mercy on me. All saintly persons say, "You are so merciful, you give the right destination to the fallen souls."


2) Lord Nityananda has a flag. That flag gives prema-bhakti, pure love and devotional service. He never discriminates whether one is uttama or adhama, most elevated or most degraded. He gives the gift of pure love and devotional service to one and all. 3) Sri Nityananda Prabhu gives divine love to one and all and makes the whole world happy. You are such a merciful master, why am I so unhappy? 4. Kanu Ramadasa says, "What more shall I say? O Lord Nityananda, You are the Lord of our succession of disciples; so this is a matter of great hope for me, as you are such a merciful Lord.