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HOWTO GET THE PART witty wee a Ae Hrs GET THE PART ... Without failing anart By Margie Haber with Barbara Babchick iF i ffinescring OW TO GET THE PART... without falling apart! Copy © 1999 by Marge Haber and Barbara Babehick ogee art nee gr snemaramrrs a "ee eet the at bot lg apa) Mane ae th ‘SSlopectons. fail Da 1H rT ABH 1988 er ‘cn tian © 191 Meo oldeyteayer tubo ne. AIR Reserved Irs Teche crs Avge ered Crary Pe 8 Prno ipses Rescate amar 19) On Pte Corporation A QMS Reeve Te re Gt 97 Wa Bre. lbs Reseed in ance Conon crs ASPs eservod meres Komer ot con Pees AVR eed hts Sag fry Por 10 Chana Ficurs AA igh served ‘ces © 57 er Gardner Crom py) AU ih Reserved Son frees eS iat abieing 124 Noth Orang Drive, Haiywao,Cllrss Sot oedema itm com " IPLie undone ag Paine Compara ™ are reiered ana ‘This book is dedicated to Michael Haber the most wonderful son a mother could wish for Intoving memory of . and David Wayne