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poem by kirt kom date 22

feb 2014

peachy get sweet --------------------------what will the moment be without signs to find it is lost nothing is there in quiet name there is no working set everything is just alive focus is played

but not intention, which is null i would not hasten or vault to toss haggling not wonderful star-rises in uncountable universes quest not paid boggle not but fly everything keeps to fame songs are not tired heaven is a loud help get thee free the burden gone don t be intercepted by unkempt wiles repossess health everything good healed nothing must stop the smiles the wonders arrive don t rest till there is nothing left

of the good which is forever only tiredness alone will not set because higher dimensions jive! the real deal is the greatest spirit rooting for you get all glory you will be the start and everlasting fun get sweet everything is just peachy! """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""