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MounLo or burn Lhe lSC

lrom MACnl1uuL folder sLarL

Cnce lnsLalled copy MSC_Calc.exe on your deskLop and
double cllck on lL
?ou wlll be asked for creaung a llcense le, conrm lL
Cnce ended move Lhe le llcense.daL from deskLop Lo Lhe
folder where you've lnsLalled Lhe llcenslng Lool.
SLarL llcenzlno Lool and selecL "Congurauon uslng Llcense
1hen browse Lhe llcense.daL le [usL moved
ln SLop/8eread Lab now you musL see Lhe llcense
SLarL nasLran seLup and when asked for Lhe llcense browse
agaln Lo llcense.daL