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MIV-U2- Actividad 4. Lectura Reading Comprehension


My Town

In my town we have had a problem with the adolescents. It is a very small town and there is not much to do on the weekends and after school. Some of them have gotten into trouble with the police, and others just hang around downtown, which is not good for the local businesses since it keeps people from going shopping.

My brother and I decided to do something to help the local teens. I am 15 and he is 18. John, my brother, and I, Allie, have started a new program; it is called “Groovin’ in the Park”. Every Saturday there is a music show in the park downtown produced only by local teens! There are all kinds of music, hip-hop, jazz, rock, and even folk. Now, many of the teens that used to be a problem have joined the group. During the week they are busy practicing. Since they play in the park, many people even come downtown to watch them during the week. Next year we might visit other towns to help them start their own programs. You could help start one in your community. In any case, you should come visit the main park on Saturdays from 3 until 6pm to enjoy the show!


town: parecido a un pueblo adolescents: adolecentes have gotten into trouble: se han metido en problemas hang around: perder el tiempo downtown: centro keeps people from: evitar que (la gente) teens: adolescentes

Mark each statement as True or False. Write your answer in the blank. The first one has been done as an example.

  • 1. Allie lives in a big

town. _

False __

  • 2. The main idea of this text is to describe how Allie helped solve a problem in her town true

  • 3. Allie says the main problem with the teens happens after school only. false

  • 4. Allie and her brother started a music program for

teens. _


  • 5. Not many people like to see the kids play music. false

  • 6. The kids mainly play jazz music. false

  • 7. Allie has already started second program in another town. false

  • 8. “Teens” means the same thing as “adolescents”. true


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