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Grammar Help Sheet Lessons 21-25 Prepositions words that show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and

d another word. They can show time relationships (when), space relationships (where), or abstract (thought or idea) relationships Simple Preposition List:
1 Aboard About Above Across After Against Along Alongside Amid Among Around At Before Behind Below Beneath 2 Beside Besides Between beyond But By Concerning Considering Despite Down During Except Excepting For From In 3 Inside Into Like Near Of Off On Onto Opposite Out Outside Over Past Regarding Round Save 4 Since Through Throughout Till To Toward Under Underneath Until Unto Up Upon Via With Within Without

Irregular Plural Nouns: 1. To make a compound noun plural, make the main element plural (e.g. brother-in-law becomes brothers-in-law, groomsman becomes groomsmen) 2. If the noun ends in ful, the plural is formed by adding an s at the end of the word Sentence expresses a complete thought (has a subject and a predicate) Run-on sentence two or more complete thoughts are written or spoken as one sentence without proper punctuation or connecting words (conjunctions). You cannot join two sentences together with simply a comma! Correcting a run-on sentence: 1. Add punctuation between the two sentences 2. Add connecting words (conjunctions) between the two sentences Capitalizing a Title: 1. Capitalize the first and last words of a title 2. Capitalize all verbs (action or being) 3. Capitalize all other words in the title (except certain short words like a, an, and, the, but, or, for, nor) 4. Capitalize a preposition with five or more letters