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Medusa’s Hair An Essay on Personal Symbols and Religious Experience Gananath Obeyesekere ‘The University of Chicago Press Chicago and London MOTI otickd fakulta Univeraty Karlovy v Praze “The Univesity of Chicago Press, Chicago 60637 “The Univers of Chicago Press, Li, London (© 1981 by The Univesity of Ci Alt righs reserved. Published 1981 Papetack eden 1988 Print nthe United Stats of Ameri o7osnso4a30201 009998 891011 12 ISBN10-226-61601-0 (pape) Siveraita Karo Kanihovas filozofie FF Library of Congress Cataloging la Publication Data Obeyesekere, Gananath Medusa's hair Bibliography: p. Indes inde. 1 Symbolism. 2. Hair Gn religion, fol ore, cic) 3. Kataragama, Ceylon—Religious ie and customs. 1. Tit BLeon2 | 306.6 sor © Te paper wed in is publiaion mets the minimum, euirement ofthe Ameciesn National Sanda for Infomation Sciences Permanence of Pape for Panes Library Matas, ANSI Z39 48-1992 For Asita Contents Preface Introduction Part One Introduction Private and Public Symbols The Problem Female Ascetics and Matted Hair ‘Three Female Ascetic-Ecstatios Case 1: Karunavati Maniyo Case 2: Nandavati Maniyo Case 3: Manci Nona ‘The Meaning of Hair ‘The Yogi and the Monk: Siva and the Buddha: Matted Hair and Shaven Head Social Institutions and the Unconscious ‘Matted Hair and Shaven Head: Two Kinds of Psychological Symbolism Conventionalization of Personal Symbols Part Two Introduction ‘The Dark Night of the Soul: IMlustration and Psychocultural Exegesis Case 4: Pemavati Vitarana Juliet's Dilemma: Buddhist Asceticism or Hindu Devotionalism Case 5: H. Juliet Nona B 4 8 a 2 2 a 33 50 3 3 3