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SAMPLE LETTER OF GOOD STANDING Instructions for the undergraduate medical student: This letter is to be completed on your home

university letterhead and signed by an authorized official at your home university. If this documentation is considered confidential by your home university, this letter should be sent to you in a confidential sealed envelope, and you can then mail it to Marie Prpic with your Stage 2 documentation.
Current date: Marie Prpic Clinical Placement Coordinator Northern Ontario School of Medicine Room 6034J ATAC Building 955 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, ON Canada P7B 5E1 NOSM International Application Letter of Good Standing Full Legal Name of Medical Student University Student ID Number This letter will confirm that (full name of medical student) is a full-time student in good standing currently st nd rd th registered in the (1 , 2 , 3 4 ) year of our (four, five, six-year) medical program at (Name of University). This student is expected to graduate in (Month/Year). A general assessment of this medical students clinical ability is rated as (average/above average). This medical students academic standing is rated as (average/above average). This letter constitutes approval of an elective for academic credit at any time prior to this medical students graduation date for a minimum of (4 weeks). This medical student, in conjunction with NOSM directives, is responsible for arranging personal health care insurance coverage and Medical Malpractice/Professional Liability Insurance. It is also the students responsibility, in conjunction with their Home University, to ensure that all sample approval forms and/or requests as deemed necessary by the medical students Home University are submitted to NOSM at the time of application to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Sincerely,

Name of School Official Position Title Full Contact Particulars University Seal