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Balis presentation. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Name of the agency. Principal objective of the agency. Bali short description.

Name of the flower. Describe two activities. Description of the beach Activities cultural. Hotel. Currency. Opcional activity.

2) Medellin-----Rionegro----Bogota----Germany. 3) First day: Breakfast 9:00 am 10:00 Visit museum. Luisa and evelin presentation. 1) Departure 2) Itinerary 3) Itinerary Thirday. .. 1) 12:00 Aero Avianca Medellin---Rionegro---Bogota--Madrid----Roma. 2) Second Day: Beach son vito to capo9 am-11am brakfast, 11 am- 2pm Visit to beah, 2pm4pm Lunch, 4pm- 6pm enjoy the party, 6pm-8pm get dressed an eat. 3) Thirday: 7am- 8am Brakfast, 8am- 10am enjoy the beach, 2pm- 6pm enjoy the sport beach, 6pm- 7pm Lunch, 9pm roast. Daniel and Mateo presentation. 1) What is the currency? 2) Name three hotels in the tour. 3) What is the itinerary thirday. . 1) Emirati Dhiram1Emirati Dhiram is 1.000$ pesos Colombia. 2) Burj Khalifa, Souk Gold, Ski Dubai. 3) 7-8 Brakfast, 8-12 go to Atlantis, 12 Lunch in the La Bare Restaurant.

.. 1) Chuby travel 2) To travel around the world whit chubby. 3) Balli is small in size you can drive around. 4) Frangi panny 5) Chubby surfin and enchating temple ceremonies. 6) The people coll it hidden paradise is beatifull the sea, is awesome and the weather is perfect for dot. 7) Museum Negeri propinsi Bali, Danou Batur, Botanic Garden, Traditional marketbud. 8) Hotel Vil Lumbung in Bal. 9) The Rupiah. 10) Traditional Marketbud. . Presentation of Juliana. 1) Objective of agency 2) Departure. 3) Itinerary First day 1) Our man objective is given to the client space to relax and have full.