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1 The student did not participate at all and did not join in the group research or planned activities.

2 The student minimally participated with the research and planned activities.

3 The student fully participated in the group research and planned activities.


Accuracy of Facts

None of the facts or very minimal facts were correct or accurate.

Some to most of the facts presented were accurate/correct.

All of the facts were presented in accurate fashion.


The poster does not show all of the information. Little to no effort was present in the poster.

The poster shows most all of the information asked for. Has few pictures and little organization.

The poster includes all details that were asked for. It is neat, organized, and has visual aids and pictures. The student is fully engaged and knows the material. Can have a conversation about the topic.


The student is unengaged and does not know the information to present.

The student is partially engaged and knows some of the details of the topic.