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In the process of finish this coursework,our friends and our lecturer had give us a hand in give me some advice and Instructions while we were need. So we have to take this chance to thank them.

Before we meet our lecturer, En. Ravintheran A/L Kalimuthu


collaboration, I had found a lot of information from Internet, journal, magazine, and newspaper. In the process on finish the assignment, .En. Ravintheran A/L Kalimuthu was giving me a lot of instructions and he was let us more clearly about what the coursework is needed. So now we have to take this chance to say thank you to En. Ravintheran A/L Kalimuthu, because of him then only our coursework will be done and completed.

Besides that, we also had to thanks to my friends who are help us in let me more understanding about the instructions of the task. When we had some words that we didnt understand they will explain for us clearly. Lastly, we want to thanks to the librarians because they help us to assist me all to find the printed materials which we needed in order to completing this assignments

Finally, we want to thanks again to all the people who help us, because if without them we will not complete our coursework.