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1.Flash mob in downtown Fort Myers surprises and celebrates Judge James Seals 2.Hits: 159 rint !F ".

#our Ft Myers $each Florist %.&round 5' (udges) lawyers) and children*s ad+ocates con+ened ,or a ,lash mob today in Fort Myers to celebrate Judge James Seals) who recently retired.

-.Seals retired two wee.s ago a,ter almost three decades on the bench. For the past eight years) Seals had been the sole /ee 0ounty (udge o+er cases o, child abuse and neglect.

1. articipants danced to 23ld 4ime 5oc. and 5oll6 at noon in atio de /eon. 4hey had been practicing since June ,or the e+ent primarily organi7ed by !eborah /eoci Meisenberg) a local attorney who represented ,amilies who came be,ore Seals. She wanted to recogni7e Seals* contribution to the child wel,are system with something more memorable than a pla8ue.

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was a huge surprise)6 said Seals) to the group a,ter the mob. 29*m +ery) +ery

grati,ied to see new ,aces and old ,aces.6 12.He was eating pi77a at atio de /eon with girls ,rom &0: 0enter ,or ;irls o, /ee

0ounty) a social ser+ices and academic program. He co<,ounded the center ,or /ee.

1%.#our Ft Myers $each Florist 15.=ews< < 0ourtesy o, Santini Floral < #our Ft Myers $each Floprist

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