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Handout to Teacher on piracy

Handout to Teacher on piracy

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Published by: Jonathan Heng Fuqiang on Feb 22, 2014
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Pirated products have inundated the Malaysian markets and are causing many problems not only to the original producers and manufacturer but also to the Malaysian economy. What are the impacts of piracy on the Malaysian economy, the producers, manufacturers and the film industry? Evaluate the legislative and other measures taken by the government to counter these problems. Give further solutions for this problem.

Jonathan Heng Fuqiang Koo Woei Hong Leow Hui Sien Leow Teck Sheng Regine Lee Sue Tine Seng Jing Han Soo Yee Ling

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Piracy is a theft which leads to a loss to the owners of the property. Besides economic loss.  . It uses the copyright of the original publisher to make a gain.What is piracy?  Piracy is the illegal replication of an original recording for commercial gain without the consent of the owner. piracy also affect the creative potential of a society as it denies authors and artists their legitimate dues.

 . and the manner in which the protection is accorded. copyright protection is governed by the Copyright Act 1987 which provides comprehensive protection for copyrightable works. The emphasis is not so much on the right to copy but on the right to prevent others from unfairly taking advantage ownership of the original owner of the copyright.What is copyright?    The right to authorise the use of one’s work in different ways. the scope of protection. The Act outlines the nature of works eligible for copyright (which includes computer software). In Malaysia. The permission or the right to copy.

possess. distribute or import a good.Piracy occurs when…. possess. knowing that the trade mark has been falsified or removed  knowingly import. distribute or commercially deal with an infringing copy  offer for sale infringing copies of computer programs  transmit a computer program to enable it to be copied when received  . falsify a registered trade mark  falsely apply a registered trade mark  alter or remove a trade mark knowing it is a registered trade mark  make a die or equipment that can help in falsifying or removing a trade mark  sell. sell.

Imposition of Law  Piracy is a crime in Malaysia and is under the amended Malaysia Copyright Act 2003. . offenders found guilty can be fined up to RM 25000 for each copy of illegal software seized and can be jailed for up to 5 years.

Types of Piracy  Book-Illegal commercial photocopying and printing. logos (brands) and business names that brand manufacturers use to distinguish their products . music and videogames  Trademark and product piracy-Illegal use of signs. names. reproduction of books and materials in digital form. as well as distribution in hard copy or digital format  Music-Unlawful and unauthorised use of music Software-Unauthorised copying of computer software  Internet (on-line) piracy-Unauthorised downloading or  distribution over the Internet of unauthorised copies of works such as movies.

It is also due to weak enforcement of intellectual rights.Causes of Piracy  Counterfeiters engage in imitations because it does not cost them as much time and finances as compared to the original innovators of the product. Counterfeiters do not create their own trends in the market and face minimal market failure risks. lack of legal opportunities to gain wealth or income. high income potential. There are high demands for a particular item or product that is difficult or illegal to obtain.    . and even by a low level of awareness of the issue by the public.

profits and employment opportunities .Impact of piracy on Malaysian economy  Producers-The expectation of illegal copying may cause some products not to be marketed at all. thus the loss of profits and royalties to rights holders that would have been earned had the product been created and brought to market  Manufacturers-Domination of sales of illegally duplicated copies as they are much cheaper  Film industry-Loss of revenue to film companies. reduces output.

Actions taken by our government and the public 1) Enforcement  Continued vigilance needed to legalize use of software in enterprises  Resolve market access barriers. 2) Legislation  Case backlog to shows desirability for more specialized IP courts  Strengthening the law of Copyright  Action taken by the public. .

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