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Weather Vocab

Weather Vocab

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list of vocabulary terms relating to weather for children learning ESL
list of vocabulary terms relating to weather for children learning ESL

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Published by: bothernolonger on Feb 22, 2014
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Weather English speakers love to talk about the weather. It is a way of breaking the ice(starting a conversation).

People talk about the weather on the phone and in person. Friends and family talk about the weather before they discuss what's new. Co-workers talk about the weather before starting a hard day of work. Even strangers discuss the weather. Learn the proper vocabulary and expressions, and you will find it easy to start a conversation anytime and anywhere with anyone you meet!

Useful words in alphabetical order: below freezing blizzard boiling hot breeze chilly cloudy degrees drizzling fog/foggy forecast freezing cold hail heat-wave humid/humidity Icy Overcast partly cloudy rain/rainy/raining raining cats and dogs snow/snowy/snowing Sunburn suntan/tanned It`s supposed to go below freezing this weekend. The airplane couldn`t take off because of the blizzard. It was boiling hot in August. There is always a breeze near the ocean. It`s a bit chilly today, you better wear a sweater. It may look cloudy,but the sun will come out later on. It`s about minus 10 degrees tonight. You don`t need a raincoat. It`s only drizzling now. We couldn`t see the bridge because it was too foggy. According to the forecast,it will be very windy tomorrow. It was freezing cold last night. Hail destroyed my car. During the hear-wave we cooled our beds with ice packs. It was very humid in the last two days. The roads are icy so please be careful. The sky is overcast this morning. Tomorrow`s forecast is partly cloudy with a light drizzle. It´s been rainy all day. It`s no fun walking around when it`s raining cats and dogs. We are expecting snow in the next 2 days. I got an awful sunburn on my back. You look so tanned. Have u been on holiday?

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