Why Jesus was Crucified

Robin Madan & Ethan Waterson Jesus wore socks along with his sandals. This surprised people, it was a scandal. Some people thought he was very stylish. Others thought he was not Messiahish. Romans thought Jesus was silly. They thought he needed some killy. While Jesus was walking along with socks and thongs. The Romans came and hit him with tongs. People rang gongs. They nailed him to a cross. He thought he was the boss. So some guy stabbed him good. And went back to the hood. He still wouldn’t take off his socks. People threw rocks. Jesus gave people small pox. For disliking his socks. People threw thorns at him, so he made a nice little hat. Then someone hit him in the crotch with a baseball bat. Jesus was a great guy. But he needed to die. .

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