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Below is the complete schedule of teams for the Varsity series.

Some of you registered your interest for certain sports, and you have therefore been put in blocks which those sports are being filmed. Please be aware that you will be expected to also take part in the other sports which are being shot as part of that block. I have tried to accommodate for everyone as best I can, but if any of you have any queries or concerns, please let me know ASAP by popping in the office, messaging Cusu Comms Officer on Facebook, or email me at Ice Hockey; Thursday February 20th, 6-10 Cameras: Andrew Daley, Ant Gagliano, Tom Woods, Chris Smith Commentary: Esme Spurling, Tom Bloomfield, Tobias Journalists: Kate Westran, Charlotte Dyett Photographer: Becky Woodall Team Leader; Andrew Daley Down to you to arrange the kit etc. Away Team 1; Sunday February 23rd, 11-5 Mens Football 11-1 (Cryfields), American Football 1-3 (Warwick University), Tennis 3.30-5 Cameras: Anita Kaur, Sharifah Mian Commentary: Jack Finnan, Joe Holton Journalists: Charlotte Dyett Photographer: Sam (Mausam) Bhanji Team Leader; Charlotte Dyett

Ellen Terry Kit hire Friday 21st February; 2 cameras/ 3 edirolls/ tripod Team bus: Home Team; Sunday February 23rd , 2-5 Mens Cricket 2-4, Netball 4-5, Coventry Sports Centre Cameras: Michael Richards, Kenny Tran, Samir Osman Commentary: Richard Hardman Journalists: Daniel Frazer, Courtney Herron, Kerry Lenihan, Nour Alida Photographer: Becky Woodall Team Leader; Nour Alida Kit; Source hire Friday February 21st; 1 Camera, 1 shoulder rig ET; 2 x Edirolls No transport required

Snowsports; Wednesday February 26th 2-4 Cameras: Sharifah Mian, Jinwong Yoo (Lawrence), Kenny Tram Commentary: Samir Osman, Anita Kaur Journalists: Charlotte Dyett, Joi Amos Photographer: Jess Oakes/ Sam Bhanji Team Leader; Charlotte Dyett Kit; ET hire Tuesday February 25th Team Bus Home Team 2; Saturday March 1st, 10-4 Badminton 10-1, Basketball 1-4, Coventry Sports Centre Cameras: Kate Westran, Lydia Whitney Commentary: Daniel Burton, Matt Mountford Lister Journalists: Daniel Lane, Samir Osman Photographer: Becky Woodall Team Leader; Kate Westran Kit; ET Friday February 28th; 1 camera, 1 ediroll, 1 tripod No transport required

Finale Away Crew; Sunday March 2nd, 10-4 Athletics 10-11.30, Volleyball 12.30-2, Hockey 2-4, Warwick University Cameras: Joe Holton Commentary: Courtney Herron, Kerry Linehan Journalists: Christine Ong, Nour Alida Photographer: Photo club? Kit; Team bus Finale Home Crew; Sunday March 3rd, 5-9 Rugby Union, Butts Park Arena Cameras: Andrew Daley, Ant Gagliano, Tom Woods Commentary: Tom Bloomfield Journalists: Zain Ali, Photographer: Emelie Taylor Team Leader; Andrew Daley Down to you to arrange the kit etc.