SAIL Placement Paper, Technical 2010

What is the main different between distribution transformer and power transformer? Where mannin formula used what is the differance between item cate or! and material t!pe ? When a s"uare wa#e is applied to primar! of a transformer then what will be output wa#e form of secondar! ? what are the warehouse reserch? and pocess of warehouse research? What is the ratin of $T S%&STATI'( and LT S%&STATI'(? which of the followin ri#ers does not form an! delta T ITS )'%T$? *au#er!, )ahanadi, +odawari, Tapti $ow much is the minimum mar,s for *I-IL .ud e inter#iew in )PPS*/ where i can et rules in this re ard documented? what are the uses of raphite electrode in #arious field/ what is the use of 0f 0 command ? what are 1T2P3 and 14'WT2P3? what is the difference? 1/where does a bod! ha#e least wei ht? a5 at the e"uator b5 at the poles c5 at earth6s center d5 none of these 2/ what is the millman6s theorem? 7/ what happens if a dc motor is fed an ac si nal? 8/ calculate electron mobilit!/ 9/ power )'S:3T is #olta e controlled or current controlled? ;/ if u want a ;80 , 4A), what specification should u specif! in the dri#e?

irls and .et en ine 19/ wh! h!draulic s!stems used ina aircrafts instead of electrical? 1.ts usin Gener diode/ 2>/ what is the pC substrate in an isolated pn .? 21/ @sE15F@sC15 is hi h pass filterF low pass filter? 22/ fastest lo ic famil! amon rtl. ttl? 27/ in common emitter confi / chan e in i* on chan in #&3? 28/ what happens if ate #olta e of an '( scr is decreased? 29/ fermi le#el chan e with temperature in n t!pe semiconductor? 2.= what if PI? 12/ lim =Einfinit! sin=F= 17/ e=press =F@=C15 as ta!lor6s series 18/principle of ./ mosfet has threshold #olta e 1# when nC pol!silicon is used in ate/ what is threshold #olta e when pol!silicon used is of nC t!pe? 2</ simple c. bos sittin randoml! in a line/ what probabilit! of irls bein to ether? 10/what is the prob/ of two friends ha#in birthda!s in same month? 11/ @AB2 C 85!D .</ ma= efficienc! of a class a amplifier? >/what r resistors in I* made of? ?/ .unction ic connected to? 2?/ opamp circuit i#en/ open loop ainD100/ closed loop ainD? ./ steel C ? D corrosionEresistant material? 1</ what happens to speed of em wa#e as fre"uenc! increases? 1>/ which char/ of em wa#e does not chan e when it tra#els from one mdium to another? 1?/ circuit i#en/ find attenuation in db/ 20/ circuit i#en/ how much feedbac. dtl.

t/ find an le between currents in branches at resonance/ 72/ what is H of series 4L* c.t/ ? 78/ thin metal foil inserted between capacitor plates/ foil connected to one plate/ chan e in capacitance? 79/ "ues on reflection of em wa#e at airD dielectric interface/ dlc constD? 7.t? @#olta e ainF admttance etc/5 77/ resonant fre" of parallel 4L* c. pulses to 1 hG pulses usin decade counters etc .70/ which t!pe of parameters@ hF!FG5 suitable in particular application? 71/ i#en parallel L* c. t 87/ con#ert 72 ./ what is brewster6s an le? 7</ wh! microwa#e fre" not used for ionospheric propa ation? 7>/ uhf ran e? 7?/ fre" ran e used in satellite comunication? 80/ which ionospheric bands used for commercial purposes? 81/ "uestion on transmission line impedance matchin ? 82/ flipE flop d.

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