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EQ What Makes a Leader

EQ What Makes a Leader

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Published by Abey Francis
About various aspects of emotional intelligence in leadership styles.
About various aspects of emotional intelligence in leadership styles.

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Published by: Abey Francis on Feb 23, 2014
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What Makes a Leader?

IQ And Technical Skills Are Important, But Emotional Intelligence Is The Sine Qua Non Of Leadership


Harvard Business Review, Nov-Dec 1998 pp 9!-1"# D$N%&L '(L&M$N )uper* +eaders have ver, di--erent wa,s o- directin. a tea/, a division, or a co/pan, )o/e are su*dued and ana+,tica+0 others are charis/atic and .o with their .ut $nd di--erent situations ca++ -or di--erent t,pes o- +eadership Most /er.ers need a sensitive ne.otiator at the he+/, whereas /an, turnarounds re1uire a /ore -orce-u+ kind oauthorit, 2s,cho+o.ist and noted author Danie+ 'o+e/an has -ound, however, that e--ective +eaders are a+ike in one crucia+ wa,3 the, a++ have a hi.h de.ree o- what has co/e to *e known as e/otiona+ inte++i.ence %n -act, 'o+e/an4s research at near+, #"" +ar.e, .+o*a+ co/panies revea+ed that e/otiona+ inte++i.ence- especia++, at the hi.hest +eve+s o- a co/pan,- is the sine 1ua non -or +eadership Without it, a person can have -irst-c+ass trainin., an incisive /ind, and an end+ess supp+, o- .ood ideas, *ut he sti++ won4t /ake a .reat +eader 5he co/ponents o- e/otiona+ inte++i.ence- se+--awareness, se+--re.u+ation, /otivation, e/path,, and socia+ ski++-can sound un-*usiness+ike But e6hi*itin. e/otiona+ inte++i.ence at the workp+ace does not /ean si/p+, contro++in. ,our an.er or .ettin. a+on. with peop+e Rather, it /eans understandin. ,our own and other peop+e4s e/otiona+ /akeup we++ enou.h to /ove peop+e in the direction o- acco/p+ishin. ,our co/pan,4s .oa+s %n this artic+e, the author discusses each co/ponent o- e/otiona+ inte++i.ence and shows throu.h e6a/p+es how to reco.ni7e it in potentia+ +eaders, how and wh, it +eads to /easura*+e *usiness resu+ts, and how it can *e +earned %t takes ti/e and, /ost o- a++, co//it/ent But the *ene-its that co/e -ro/ havin. a we++-deve+oped e/otiona+ inte++i.ence, *oth -or the individua+ and the or.ani7ation, /ake it worth the e--ort &8&R9 B:)%N&))2&R)(N knows a stor, a*out a hi.h+, inte++i.ent, hi.h+, ski++ed e6ecutive who was pro/oted into a +eadership position on+, to -ai+ at the ;o* $nd the, a+so know a stor, a*out so/eone with so+id-*ut not e6traordinar,-inte++ectua+ a*i+ities and technica+ ski++s who was pro/oted into a si/i+ar position and then soared

ence and e--ective per-or/ance. /ode+s.ear.cho+o. individua+s with the <ri. we4++ e6p+ore these 1uestions. co++ea. to di--erentiate the star per-or/ers at senior +eve+s within their or. pa. /. e/otiona+ inte++i. % have ana+.ies. do /atter. +eaders 5o create other /ode+s.tica+0 others shout their /ani-estos -ro/ the /ountaintops $nd .ence %t4s not that %= and technica+ ski++s are irre+evant 5he. a person can have the *est trainin. did so % . that the /ost e--ective +eaders are a+ike in one crucia+ wa.ists to deve+op what are known as <co/petenc.+o*a+ and inc+uded the +ikes o.+eadership Without it. to work with others and e--ectiveness in +eadin.the co/petenc.cho+o. have e/p+o. . as <thresho+d capa*i+ities<0 that is.3 so/e +eaders are su*dued and ana+. and *usiness p+annin.ence shows itse+. a++ have a hi.on the . a+on.ree the. an incisive.ani7ations -ro/ the avera.ective was to deter/ine which persona+ capa*i+ities drove outstandin. e/path. the ps. /ode+s -ro/ 188 co/panies.+es o. /ost o.. -or e6a/p+e.. research.Lucent 5echno+o.super* +eaders var.ou te++ i.ective criteria such as a division4s pro-ita*i+it.ree o. di--erent situations ca++ -or di--erent t. chan.pi-ied the or. c+ear+.nitive a*i+ities +ike ana+.ourse+-? %n the -o++owin.tica+ /ind. with other recent studies. +ike+.the past .tica+ reasonin. ana+.-+eve+ re1uire/ents -or e6ecutive positions But /.h de.h e/otiona+ inte++i.ears.0 and co/petencies de/onstratin. technica+ ski++s +ike accountin. out this work. takin.u+ation. se+--re.ani7ations. and how can .that identi-. however.so/eone has hi.e co/panies toda.ists have a+so deve+oped such /ode+s -or +ower-+eve+ positions $nd in recent . and an end+ess supp+.ence is the sine 1ua non o.what has co/e to *e known as e/otiona+ inte++i.rouped capa*i+ities into three cate. ps. per-or/ance within these or. are the entr.cho+o.ues and % have -ocused on how e/otiona+ inte++i. and socia+ ski++-in turn E&aluating Emotional Intelligence Most +ar.ust as i/portant. each o. trainin. *ut he sti++ won4t /ake a . the.ories3 pure+. in the wor+d. % have -ound.ni7e it in . and >redit )uisse %n carr.ence-se+--awareness. and to what de.s.reat +eader %n the course o.ists used o*. and pro/otin.ence operates at work We have e6a/ined the re+ationship *etween e/otiona+ inte++i.)uch anecdotes support the widespread *e+ie.in. especia++. /otivation.ists asked senior /ana.ers at the co/panies to identi-. British $irwa.3 the. o*.e and . the capa*i+ities that t. shows that e/otiona+ inte++i.the co/ponents oe/otiona+ inte++i.ers need a sensitive ne.e ones 5hose individua+s were then e6tensive+. o.0 co.ence such as the a*i+it.cho+o. /ode+s< to aid the/ in identi-.e 5o create so/e o.es.ht stu--< to *e +eaders is /ore art than science $-ter a++.7ed co/petenc.ani7ation4s /ost outstandin. *ut /ain+.in. the persona+ st. /.ou reco. stars in the +eadership -ir/a/ent 5he ps.ence.o* How can .pes o+eadership Most /er.in. turnarounds re1uire a /ore -orce-u+ authorit.ed trained ps.which were +ar. in +eaders $nd we have o*served how e/otiona+ inte++i..s/art ideas.otiator at the he+/. whereas /an.

ence o.e6ce++ent per-or/ance.ths..the. o. are a . the hi. #"A Meanwhi+e.the co/pan.redients as initiative and strate.ree o. earnin.ni7e how their -ee+in.se+-< thousands o. o. the /ore e/otiona+ inte++i. Mc>+e++and -ound that when senior /ana.o )e+--awareness /eans havin. distin.in.one4s e/otions.the +ate David Mc>+e++and. per-or/ance >o.+ists o.nitive ski++s such as *i.ed an increasin.ence as in.technica+ ski++s.ence-which /akes sense when one considers that the De+phic orac+e . e/otiona+ inte++i. near+.o* per-or/ance 5hus a se+--aware person who knows that ti.ani7ationa+ *ehavior. i/portant But when % ca+cu+ated the ratio o. take the ri.ence C)ee the insert <>an &/otiona+ %nte++i.4s : ) divisions as in its divisions in $sia and &urope %n short.ne.ence p+a.its +eaders $nd .hest +eve+s o. a+/ost the sa/e a/ount Mc>+e++and4s -indin. se+--awareness are neither over+.7ed a++ this data.ence -actors rather than co.th -ro/ ? to 1@ ite/s and inc+uded such in. stren. hope-u+ Rather.e/otiona+ inte++i. research is a+so de/onstratin.ic vision When % ana+.ears a.-picture thinkin.nitive a*i+ities (ther researchers have con-ir/ed that e/otiona+ inte++i. % -ound dra/atic resu+ts 5o *e sure.ood e6a/p+e %n a 199B stud.uishes outstandin. inte++ect was a driver o.ence Be Learned?<D Self'A(areness )e+--awareness is the -irst co/ponent o.ets his work done we++ in advance $nother person with hi..+o*a+ -ood and *evera.ht approach. their divisions outper-or/ed .the di--erence in their pro-i+es was attri*uta*+e to e/otiona+ inte++i.s a--ect the/. ana+.h+. needs.redients -or hi. he+d as true in the co/pan. are honest-with the/se+ves and with others 2eop+e who have a hi.h se+--awareness wi++ *e a*+e to work with a .ers had a critica+ /ass o.oa+s *.s o.ear+. +eaders *ut can a+so *e +inked to stron.ence not on+. deve+op their e/otiona+ inte++i.4s success and the e/otiona+ inte++i. division +eaders without that critica+ /ass underper-or/ed *.e/otiona+ inte++i.se+--awareness reco.ence proved to *e twice as i/portant as the others -or .sis showed that e/otiona+ inte++i.e co/pan. and their capa*i+ities were co/pared 5his process resu+ted in the creation o.o*s at a++ +eve+s Moreover. i/portant ro+e at the hi. other peop+e. per-or/ance 5he -indin. to te++ us a persuasive stor.i*+e i/portance %n other words.ht dead+ines *rin. the. where di--erences in technica+ ski++s are o.redients o.ed in +en. out the worst in hi/ p+ans his ti/e care-u++. and . i. and their .-ter/ vision were particu+ar+.e ones in senior +eadership positions.+.s .outstandin. critica+ nor unrea+istica++. /.s. e--ective +eaders 5he +ists ran.innin. that peop+e can. the renowned researcher in hu/an and or. 9"A o. the nu/*ers are *e. and e/otiona+ inte++i.ence capa*i+ities.a .a person considered to *e a star per-or/er.ust as i/portant.ence capa*i+ities showed up as the reason -or his or her e--ectiveness When % co/pared star per-or/ers with avera. and +on.interviewed and tested. and drives 2eop+e with stron. weaknesses..+.h de.+i. %=. a deep understandin. a*out the +ink *etween a co/pan.ave the advice to <know th.her the rank o. interestin.

o-ten -ind work to *e ener.in the hirin.ect. won4t ask -or a cha++en. have a -ir/ .h+.unior person in the roo/. -or e6a/p+e.h not necessari+.n/ents 5he. know the. to their stren.o*.oa+s )o/eone who is hi.ths.e o-ten shows itse+. /eetin.the ha++/arks o.< so/eone /i.ths >onsider the actions o.o one step -urther and turn her an. treadin. *.-ter/ . +ooked .ht sa.s and did so/ethin. peop+e with +ow se+-awareness interpret the /essa. 2eop+e with hi.o* are ca+cu+ated 5he. he wi++ *e a*+e to *e -ir/ in turnin. c+ient )he wi++ understand the c+ient4s i/pact on her /oods and the deeper reasons -or her -rustration <5heir trivia+ de/ands take us awa.se+--aware peop+e /esh with their va+ues0 conse1uent+. too.this service.-a*out their e/otions and the i/pact the.oa+s $ person who +acks se+--awareness is apt to /ake decisions that *rin.h she was the /ost . down a ..0 so.ot carried awa. -inancia++. one /ana. with her co/pan. it shows itse+. e--usive+. and open+. when to ask -or he+p $nd the risks the.-ai+ure )e+--aware peop+e can a+so *e reco... o-ten de/onstrate a thirst -or constructive criticis/ B. +istenin.o* o--er that is te/ptin.hu/or )e+--awareness can a+so *e identi-ied durin. he +ater re.4++ p+a. she was supportin.ee who was invited to sit in on a strate.his or her va+ues and . have on their work Eor instance.er did indeed e6a/ine her -ee+in. on inner tur/oi+ *. she o--ered the/ an e6p+anation3 <%t4s hard -or /e to .< she ad/itted. can4t hand+e a+one 5he. the pro. or con-essiona++.et *ehind the ro++out o.i7in..a /id+eve+ e/p+o. o. on assi.h se+--awareness are a*+e to speak accurate+. two .rea+istica++. constructive )e+--awareness e6tends to a person4s understandin. a /a. *ut does not -it with his princip+es or +on.as candor and an a*i+it. a*out-their +i/itations and stren.a+thou. )uch se+--know+ed.or depart/ent-store chain.ic and the ski++ to present ideas persuasive+. to set the/se+ves up to -ai+ *.ht e6p+ain $nd she wi++ . and the. to -ai+ure.ect -u++.e that the. to assess onese+.e that the. sense o. need to i/prove as a threat or a si. take on the . know. was a*out to introduce Without pro/ptin.. -or e6a/p+e. and she o--ered . -ro/ the rea+ work that needs to *e done.retted )e+-aware candidates wi++ *e -rank in ad/ittin.s0 a week +ater..ood so % si. process $sk a candidate to descri*e a ti/e he .de/andin. overstretchin. <*ecause % rea++. per-or/ance reviews )e+--aware peop+e know-and are co/-orta*+e ta+kin.n o. their se+--con-idence 5he. the.ned on.4s top e6ecutives $+thou.ni7ed *.ears into a .rasp o.se+--awareness is a se+--deprecatin.. she did not sit there 1uiet+.their capa*i+ities and are +ess +ike+. <*ut the work /eans so +itt+e to /e that %4/ constant+.and wi++ o-ten te++ their ta+es with a s/i+e (ne o. in awestruck or -ear-u+ si+ence )he knew she had a head -or c+ear +o. se+--aware knows where he is headed and wh. wanted to run the pro. contrast. *ut % wasn4t se+ected Bear with /e whi+e % dea+ with that < 5he /ana. his -ee+in. *ored < 5he decisions o.er into so/ethin.er % know owas skeptica+ a*out a new persona+-shopper service that her co/pan.< she /i.ni7e se+--awareness? Eirst and -ore/ost. -ro/ her tea/ or her *oss. How can one reco. on *uried va+ues <5he /one.

prisoners o. +eaders are constant+.sis o.ht /aintain a . se+--aware peop+e-are we++ suited to do the sa/e -or the or. with the/-*ut we can do /uch to /ana. he wou+d ca++ the tea/ to.that is.s a*out it He wou+d then present his ana+.ees present a *otched ana+.the pro*+e/ and a we++ considered so+ution Wh.te/pted to pound on the ta*+e in an. acknow+ed. +a.ri/ si+ence. o-But i.capa*i+ities-their own and those o.a++.ud.u+ation /atter so /uch -or +eaders? Eirst o.u+ation.atin. does se+--re. reduced and productivit.h< to +ead others %n -act. these 1uestions.4s *oard o.s )uch peop+e are too readi+. hast.ed in such a conversation -ee+ *ad /oods and e/otiona+ i/pu+ses .e--ort? $re there an. the e6ecutive /i.he had a . where she knew she was weak Despite the va+ue o. . e6ecutives /istake candor a*out -ee+in.ani7ation and aren4t te/pted to +eave $nd se+--re. at ever.ence that -rees us -ro/ *ein. *ut the. into territor.havin.s 2eop+e en.ive due respect to e/p+o.ust as ever.co. run Self'$egulation Bio+o.u+ation. is hi.+arin.a.4s strate.ees who open+.e their shortco/in.u+ation has a trick+e-down e--ect . he wou+d choose a di--erent approach He wou+d pick his words care-u++. acknow+ed.+oo/ that -o++ows. and o--er his -ee+in. ad/ire and respect candor Eurther. her se+--awareness stopped her -ro/ wanderin.. to an. /.one e+se does.our -ee+in.his e/p+o.s and i/pu+ses.ht -ind hi/se+. are sharp+.roup (r he /i.enera++. which is +ike an on.ani7ations the.one *e-ore sta+kin. /iti. persona+-a +ack o. peop+e who are reasona*+e-are a*+e to create an environ/ent o.ust watched a tea/ o.estions a*out the co/pan.e/otiona+ inte++i.their -ee+in. inner conversation.i-t -or se+--re../ent ca++s that re1uire a candid assess/ent o.-that is.ica+ i/pu+ses drive our e/otions We cannot do awa. se+--aware peop+e in the workp+ace.ud.htin.e the/ )e+--re. research indicates that senior e6ecutives don4t o-ten .er or kick over a chair He cou+d +eap up and screa/ at the ./ent He wou+d then step *ack to consider the reasons -or the -ai+ure $re the.in.e/ent e6pertise to ac1uire a co/petitor? >an we +aunch a new product within si6 /onths? 2eop+e who assess the/se+ves honest+. +ook -or potentia+ +eaders Man.s %/a. out the incident4s conse1uences.s -or <wi/piness< and -ai+ to .h enou.trust and -airness %n such an environ/ent. peop+e who are in contro+ o.ive se+--awareness the credit it deserves when the.ether. peop+e . is the co/ponent o. po+itics and in-i.sis to the co/pan.s to contro+ the/ and even to channe+ the/ in use-u+ wa. dis/issed as <not tou.ine an e6ecutive who has .h 5a+ented peop+e -+ock to the or.others Do we have the /ana. the tea/4s poor per-or/ance without rushin. . the opposite is true %n the -irst p+ace. -actors? What was his ro+e in the de*ac+e? $-ter considerin.ent su.directors %n the . re1uired to /ake . -ind wa.oin. $t the sa/e ti/e..

to sa.s drive a hard *ar. there*. p+an to e6a.uit.e and *reak apart re.No one wants to *e known as a hothead when the *oss is known -or her ca+/ approach Eewer *ad /oods at the top /ean -ewer throu.ues re-used to do so. -or re-+ection and thou.e0 and inte.and was eventua++. and +isten to e6ecutives e6p+ain the new pro. even +ead the wa. co/pan.u+ation o-ten does not .ra/ $s the initiative /oves -orward.the *ad thin.et its due 2eop+e who can /aster their e/otions are so/eti/es seen as co+d -ish-their considered responses are taken as a .its potentia+ to i/prove per-or/ance )he ea.4s costs But he cha++en.e /anu-acturin.ht-u+ness0 co/-ort with a/*i.in. attended trainin. the.one knows that *usiness toda. >onsider the case o. consider the *ehavior o. co/p+ained *itter+. pad e6pense accounts.. so e--ective+. Like her co++ea. withho+din.es When a new chan.se+--re. or a*use power -or se+-ish ends %nstead. se+--re. senior e6ecutives announced that a new pro. +astin. dip into the ti++. /ore than an. on occasion.ra/ was to *e insta++ed that wou+d radica++.u+ation to +eadership even -urther and /ake the case that it enhances inte.in stron. .athered and assessed within the or.ains wou+d have 5he si.e/otiona+ se+--re. a6e a*+e to /ove with it )o/eti/es the. the.u+ation.e >o/panies /er.ani7ationa+ stren.4s strate. +a. pro/oted to run severa+ divisions. 5his approach /eant the e6ecutive cou+dn4t a+wa.ani7ation )econd. honest in his ne.u+ation is i/portant -or co/petitive reasons &ver. peop+e in the co/pan. an opportunit. run to counteract it His e/otiona+ se+.e wou+d *e. and chan. re+ationships with distri*utors that *ene-ited the co/pan.ain Now. short-ter/ -inancia+ .erate pro-its. a*out how disruptive the chan.. the distri*utors a rea+istic understandin. in part *ecause she used the new techno+o. % want to push the i/portance o.i/pu+sive *ehavior 2eop+e rare+.e pro.er+.u+ar+. se+--re.ra/ -or -ive . (ne da. o./ent.otiations with +oca+ distri*utors He wou+d routine+.e -ood co/pan.ra/ and was convinced o. in-or/ation a*out the co/pan. presents itse+-.rit. .her co++ea. no to i/pu+sive ur.ra/ is announced. sessions-so/e o. are not hard to /iss3 a propensit.ust sa.ears 5he pro.. a persona+ virtue *ut a+so an or. are a*+e to suspend . and peop+e with +ow i/pu+se contro+ .. don4t panic0 instead.ra/ drove how she co++ected and reported data and how she thou.ud.es B. and chan. there-ore. pace 2eop+e who have /astered their e/otions are a*+e to ro++ with the chan..-an a*i+it. she had used a certain so-tware pro..es Like se+--awareness. is ri-e with a/*i.ani7ation Whi+e /an.the co/pan. which is not on+.er at a +ar..th Man. the /ana.ed that i/pu+se-he saw that it /ade /ore sense in the +on. trans-or/s work at a di77.a /ana.re. he -e+t the ur.ues.uit.e to increase pro-its *.ns o.ht a*out the co/pan.4s pricin. contrast. 5echno+o. 5he e6ecutive was scrupu+ous+. the.e how in-or/ation was .hout the or.rit.u+ation paid o-. seek out in-or/ation. chan.s that happen in co/panies are a -unction o.the senior e6ecutive at a +ar.er /u++ed over the reasons -or the new pro. out his cost structure in detai+.ivin. o.

are driven to achieve *e.one e+se4s 5he ke.ou are +ookin. e6tre/e disp+a. B. contrast. are ea.ainst -our industr.et sa+es resu+ts -ro/ peop+e in the -ie+d He -ina++..s o. to do thin. thou.there is one trait that virtua++.ne. /ana.-set *ench/arks %nterestin. peop+e who are /otivated *.as <c+assic< +eaders-their out*ursts are considered ha++/arks o. it is /otivation 5he. the drive to achieve rather than *. those with +eadership potentia+ are /otivated *.ond e6pectations-their own and ever.4s Whereas peop+e with +ow achieve/ent /otivation are o-ten -u77. 5he s. se+--re.ste/ that wou+d *eep each o. e/*edded desire to achieve -or the sake o. +ove to +earn. o..n is a passion -or the work itse+--such peop+e seek out creative cha++en. tracked down an auto/ated phone s. peop+e with hi.h achieve/ent /otivation o-ten keep score *. otrackin. per-or/ance reviews. i++ustrates two other co//on traits o.in. are -orever raisin. -or +eaders.. their superiors (.ress-their own. the per-or/ance o.au. te/pera/ents are -re1uent+.ste/ shortened the -eed*ack ti/e on sa+es resu+ts -ro/ weeks to hours 5hat stor.ou identi-.ectives that see/ too eas.h +eve+s o.o* we++ done 5he.ative e/otion have never e/er. $n auto/ated /essa. the per-or/ance *ar. on the %nternet.his sa+espeop+e at @ 2 M ever.ht ask to *e <stretched< *.+. da.h /otivation re/ain opti/istic even when the score is a. a deep+.es. rather than another0 the. had /ade that da. an un-+a.ious co/pan. -or e6a/p+e.ee who co/*ines se+--awareness with interna+ /otivation wi++ reco. a+so disp+a.ainst the/ %n /. /ana. and take . research. e6terna+ -actors such as a *i.passion 2eop+e with -ier. or /arket share % know o.u+ation co/*ines with achieve/ent /otivation to overco/e the -rustration and depression that co/e a-ter a set*ack or -ai+ure 5ake the . o-ten see/ rest+ess with the status 1uo 5he.a /one.+ack o. to -u+-i++ $nd it -o++ows natura++.peop+e who are driven to achieve 5he.ht o.er. was -rustrated that he had to wait two weeks to .. those with hi.s *etter 2eop+e with such ener.course.ainst the/ %n such cases. +ike to keep score 5ake the per-or/ance *ar -irst Durin.ni7e her +i/its-*ut she won4t sett+e -or o*. or the status that co/es -ro/ havin.achieve/ent %. an i/pressive tit+e or *ein. ca++s and sa+es the. an e/p+o.charis/a and power But when such peop+e /ake it to the top. pro. a++ e--ective +eaders have. trackin.ood +eadership !oti&ation %.a presti.. and their co/pan. that peop+e who are driven to do *etter a+so want a wa.er to e6p+ore new approaches to their work $ cos/etics co/pan. their i/pu+siveness o-ten works a. ener.in. e6terna+ rewards? 5he -irst si. thin. sa+ar. peop+e with hi.e then pro/pted the/ to punch in their nu/*ers-how /an. a*out resu+ts. how can .his stock hand a. word here is achieve 2+ent. such hard /easures as pro-ita*i+it.reat pride in a ./otivation /i.ed as a driver o. their tea/4s. and the. . part o.er who starts and ends his da..s are done one wa.peop+e are /otivated *. are persistent with their 1uestions a*out wh.

ence.ious Leaders with these traits can o-ten *ui+d a tea/ o.e/otiona+ inte++i.ani7ationa+ co//it/ent are -unda/enta+ to +eadership-.e co/panies /er. without the/ Empath) (. +et a+one rewarded. in action.in.+oo/. $-ter severa+ success-u+ . e/path.one -air+.ine runnin. 5hat wou+d *e a ni. doesn4t /ean a kind o. other peop+e4s e/otions as one4s own and tr.another division .ees are +ike+.o*s in a++ their divisions (ne division /ana. creatin.an another port-o+io /ana. to p+ease ever. word see/s un*usiness+ike. out o. her -und tu/*+ed -or three consecutive 1uarters. with an or. is the /ost easi+. headhunters wavin.ou set the per-or/ance *ar hi. /one.ani7ations that /ake that work possi*+e >o//itted e/p+o.a sensitive teacher or -riend0 we have a++ *een struck *. we rare+. its a*sence in an un-ee+in.ht-u++. .a+on.< /ushiness Eor a +eader.ent decisions Eor an e6a/p+e o.*od. -or their e/path.h -or .ni7e hi. 5he ver.ani7ation when . and he pro/ised to keep peop+e in-or/ed and to treat ever.evidence3 co//it/ent to the or.s. with other -actors-in the process o. speech that e/phasi7ed the nu/*er opeop+e who wou+d soon *e -ired 5he /ana. when she was pro/oted to a ver.the /arketp+ace But e/path. coach or *oss But when it co/es to *usiness.ears.p+ace a/id the tou.ourse+-.ht have seen the set*ack as evidence o.ave his peop+e a di--erent kind o.persona+ -ai+ure 5his port-o+io /ana.ees4 -ee+in. three +ar. a co/pan.er o.a++ the di/ensions o. redundant ./akin.er. o.ani7ation even when the. +eadin. to reco.e invest/ent co/pan. considerin.ust tr.ears +ater. saw an opportunit..iant *rokera. . it doesn4t /ean adoptin. and con-usion.<%4/ oka.ave a .ed. to i/a.ou wi++ do the sa/e -or the or. the.speech He was up-ront a*out his own worr.ani7ation When peop+e +ove their . reco. +eadership %. a drive to surpass .ni7ed We have a++ -e+t the e/path. a /otivation to achieve trans+ates into stron.o* -or the work itse+-. to prove she cou+d +ead a turnaround 5wo . inte++i.e institutiona+ c+ients to shi-t their *usiness e+sewhere )o/e e6ecutives wou+d have *+a/ed the nosedive on circu/stances outside their contro+0 others /i. however. e/path. e/p+o. to sta.in.oa+s and an interest in keepin.ers around the/ with the sa/e traits $nd o. o-ten -ee+ co//itted to the or.course.e/path. %t4s not di--icu+t to understand how and wh.ht/are-it wou+d /ake action i/possi*+e Rather. that ever happened to /e0 % +earned so /uch -ro/ it < &6ecutives tr. /eans thou. hear peop+e praised.er ca++ed his peop+e to. that is. she descri*ed the e6perience as <the *est thin. are pursued *. senior +eve+ in the co/pan..er at a +ar..ether and ./ana. .achieve/ent /otivation in their peop+e can +ook -or one +ast piece o.h +eve+s o.ou are in a position to do so Likewise. consider what happened when two .case o.ou4re oka. score can *e conta.h rea+ities o. opti/is/ and or.

is particu+ar+. to pack and +eave 5he +ead consu+tant .roup sa. and he acknow+ed.h with two peop+e and /uch /ore di--icu+t as the nu/*ers increase &ven in .nored $nd then she directed the tea/ in a wa.ues 5he second knew intuitive+. i/portant toda. work and /issin. +ead to /iscues and /isunderstandin. that *rou.+eadership -or at +east three reasons3 the increasin.ust hei. what his peop+e were -ee+in. a++owed her to understand her tea/4s e/otiona+ /akeup 5he resu+t was not . a. surprise that the -irst /ana.et set $ tea/4s +eader /ust *e a*+e to sense and understand the viewpoints oever. *o/*arded with 1uestions a-ter such a proposa+. rated their co++ea. the second /ana.his an6iet.e o.ust pitched a pro.roup to. what was -rustratin. e/otions 5he.ua. especia++. a tea/ $s an.cu+tura+ and ethnic di--erences >onsider the case o. 5he -irst /ana.interna+ c+ients '+o*a+i7ation is another reason -or the risin. /ana.ue can easi+.s &/path. takin.er took severa+ steps %n a series o.the tea/. dead+ines 5ensions were hi.. her e/path. what a /arketin.h he was not particu+ar+. is an antidote 2eop+e who have it are attuned to su*t+eties in *od. de/ora+i7ed peop+e. can hear the /essa. as the tea/ was ca++ed on -or he+p *.er was too worried a*out his own -ate to consider the -ee+in.one in the . have a deep understandin. the /ost ta+ented. co/pan. contrast. were read.er saw his division sink as /an.s o.+eadin. his *est peop+e sta. a++iances -or/ and c+ashin.e in-or/ation techno+o.ether3 she encoura.er continued to *e a stron. a*out their -rustrations. as a co/ponent o.e *eneath the words *ein.ed peop+e to speak /ore open+.the co/pan.estured the/ to stop $+thou. spoken Be.ect to a potentia+ Fapanese c+ient %n its dea+in.roups with as -ew as -our or -ive /e/*ers. the.ond that.rowin.e o. )o the /ana. the si+ence as disapprova+.ether and /ake it an e--ective part o. -or *usiness +eaders >ross-cu+tura+ dia+o. -e+t the.reeted with a +on. use o.s %n short. and his division re/ained as productive as ever &/path. *ut this ti/e it was .h to *rin. the /e/*ers 5inkerin. had *een i.+o*a+i7ation0 and the . -a/i+iar with Fapanese cu+ture.ed with reachin.s with $/ericans. o.one-on-one sessions..roup was in tur/oi+. the tea/ was accusto/ed to *ein. the . with procedures was not enou.ues. tea/s are cau+drons o. departed? B.ed.h a/on. i/portance o. si+ence (ther /e/*ers o.one can attest. a consensus-hard enou. +an.. over+oaded *.er at a +ar.one around the ta*+e 5hat4s e6act+. need to retain ta+ent >onsider the cha++en.ht it to. /e/*ers *ut a+so added *usiness.5he di--erence *etween these two /ana. was a*+e to do when she was appointed to +ead a trou*+ed tea/ 5he .an $/erican consu+tant whose tea/ had .one who has ever *een a part o. and she he+ped peop+e raise constructive co/p+aints durin. /eetin. a wider ran. he read the c+ient4s -ace and posture and .ed their -ears with his words %s it an.the e6istence and i/portance o.ers was e/path.htened co++a*oration a/on. +eader.e/path.*u**+in.tea/s0 the rapid pace o. the/. she took the ti/e to +isten to ever.endas . stricken co++ea. how the. whether the. are o-ten char.e0 the.

o-.4s know+ed.set*acks or -ai+ure When peop+e are up*eat.ou desire.the re+ationship (utstandin. the stakes are hi. and /entorin. ski++ed peop+e tend to have a wide circ+e o.e to i/prove their co/panies in su*t+e *ut i/portant wa.h +eve+s o. to /ana. use their know+ed. +ike a re-rain.4s in-or/ation econo/. do /ore than s.0 it /eans the. and socia+ ski++. re+ationships when the. even in the -ace o. coaches and /entors . are he+pin. *een shown that coachin.e with the/ 5hat4s where coachin.e/otiona+ inte++i. their <.e re+ationships with others $s a co/ponent o. socia+i7e continua++.ust in *etter per-or/ance *ut a+so in increased . e/path. a+thou. +et /e repeat that e/path. Leaders have a+wa. peop+e in the direction . ro+e in the retention o. and /entorin.ta+ent. e/path. and -or . and the.the other di/ensions o.s needed e/path.ree/ent on a new /arketin. sense how to . -ir/ the . 5he. soundin. concern a person4s a*i+it.ence are a++ se+--/ana..e/otiona+ inte++i.ence 2eop+e tend to *e ver. particu+ar+.ive e--ective -eed*ack 5he. pa. to the assu/ption that nothin.e/ent ski++s 5he +ast two. /otivate their prote.ood reason .ood peop+e +eave. /ean-spirited )ocia+ ski++.o* Eina++.h peop+e with hi. spoke. co/e in %t has repeated+.< -or a++ the peop+e who wi++ *e a--ected But +eaders with e/path. are popu+ar. *ut toda.s o. the.o* satis-action and decreased turnover But what /akes coachin. p+a. to deve+op and keep .ac1uaintances. in action %n what is pro*a*+. strate. co//on . whether that4s a.ence.-riend+iness.round with peop+e o.et inside the heads othe peop+e the. the.not ./pathi7e with peop+e around the/3 the.e/otiona+ inte++i.s Social Skill 5he -irst three co/ponents o. know when to push -or *etter per-or/ance and when to ho+d *ack %n the wa.+ow< is cast upon conversations and other socia+ encounters 5he.ust a /atter o. doesn4t . de/onstrate e/path.ets done a+one )uch peop+e have a network in p+ace when the ti/e -or action co/es )ocia+ ski++ is the cu+/ination o.sensed not re. is -riend+iness with a purpose3 /ovin. are <-ee+in. have a knack -or -indin. or enthusias/ a*out a new product )ocia++.a++ kinds-a knack -or *ui+din.ht3 when the c+ient -ina++.others &ven /otivation contri*utes to socia+ ski++ Re/e/*er that peop+e who are driven to achieve tend to *e opti/istic.her When . i/portant .s a ke. and /entorin. e--ective at /ana. in toda. the. work accordin. it was to .ive the consu+tin. can understand and contro+ their own e/otions and can e/pathi7e with the -ee+in. socia+ ski++ is not as si/p+e as it sounds %t4s not .in. rather.the.et /uch respect in *usiness 2eop+e wonder how +eaders can /ake hard decisions i.socia+ ski++ are rare+.ection *ut interest-even deep consideration He was ri. take the co/pan.es. work *est is the nature o. rapport 5hat doesn4t /ean the..ood peop+e.

and when an appea+ to reason wi++ work *etter $nd /otivation. +eadership capa*i+it.their re+ationships 5he. that cut across +eve+s. in /ost co/panies? 5he answer is . on his a++ies and persuadin.et work done throu.se+--awareness. the e6ecutive4s tea/ -or/ed the *asis.ni7a*+e on the . and the. he si. *ui+d *onds wide+. $nd.et there. he recruited /ore than @" peop+e -ro/ a do7en di--erent units to represent the co/pan.e re+ationships e--ective+. are adept at /ana. put in char.es. whi+e at work 5he.e/otiona+ inte++i. corner o.an e6ecutive in the strate. at work Likewise.the con-erence. co/*ined 'iven those ski++s. Eor e6a/p+e. the.the or.. he -ound kindred spirits and used his socia+ ski++ to stitch to. depart/ent o.ence to work %t wou+d *e -oo+ish to assert that . and e/path. divisions. with no *ud.ence were <nice to have< in *usiness +eaders But now we know that. when co/pared with the other co/ponents o. on his own initiative. convention >a++in.Because it is the outco/e o. however. a/on.ence 2eop+e see/ to know intuitive+. connections with peop+e in ever. the +eader4s task is to . especia++.ettin.redients in stron. need he+p so/eda.o* in /an. a /a. consider the case o. ski++ed peop+e.ues or .ence %t was once thou.+o*a+ co/puter /anu-acturer B.s the other e/otiona+ inte++i. socia++.ust . -or the sake oper-or/ance. ski++ed peop+e /a.the other di/ensions o.nored conventiona+ *oundaries.0 no +eader is an is+and $-ter a++. when pu*+ic+.ear. various divisions tC donate -unds. that +eaders need to /ana. he was convinced that the co/pan. visi*+e. are e6pert persuaders-a /ani-estation o.ned up the co/pan. the.ence co/ponents do not Eor instance.et or -or rea+ status. -or the co/pan. se+--re. tea/s-that4s their e/path. as we++ not have it at a++ $nd a +eader4s /otivation wi++ *e use+ess it he cannot co//unicate his passion to the or. /a. -ro/ peop+e the.u+ation. with the %nternet (ver the course o. ski++ed peop+e.4s -uture +a.ani7ation )ocia+ ski++ a++ows +eaders to put their e/otiona+ inte++i. are not i/portant in. -or instance. see/ to *e id+.s with co++ea.ear o. these are in. -or. /akes such peop+e e6ce++ent co++a*orators0 their passion -or the work spreads to others.ht that the co/ponents o.h other peop+e. to participate in an annua+ %nternet industr.in.or co/pan. now sound -a/i+iar )ocia++. at ti/es appear not to *e workin.ood persuaders know when to /ake an e/otiona+ p+ea. around with peop+e who are not even connected to their <rea+< . the e6ecutive had i. .ether a virtua+ co//unit. and socia+ ski++ /akes that possi*+e $ +eader who cannot e6press her e/path.redients that +eaders <need to have < .okin. are driven to -ind so+utions But so/eti/es socia+ ski++ shows itse+. socia+ ski++ is reco.o*s )ocia++. *ecause the.the ne6t . don4t think it /akes sense to ar*itrari+.in. +eadership But the recipe wou+d not *e co/p+ete without e/otiona+ inte++i. the -irst *. 199!.4s -irst %nternet division.ence. and he was -or/a++. and /aintainin.a .e/otiona+ inte++i.-chattin. in the ha++wa.in wa. at the convention Mana.e oit 5o . to know toda.s that wi++ *.ani7ation %s socia+ ski++ considered a ke. -or instance. know that in these -+uid ti/es. wa. sch/oo7in. and nations He then used this de -acto tea/ to put up a corporate We* site.e/ent took notice3 within a . are .ood-o+d--ashioned %= and technica+ a*i+it.e/otiona+ inte++i. +i/it the scope o. /a.

co//it/ent But the *ene-its that co/e -ro/ havin.%t is -ortunate. that e/otiona+ inte++i. and drives.ence. then.ani7ation.ence can *e +earned 5he process is not eas. /ake it worth the e--ort The *i&e +omponents Of Emotional Intelligence At Work Definition Self-Awareness the ability to recognize and understand your moods. a we++deve+oped e/otiona+ inte++i. %t takes ti/e and. emotions. as well as their effect on others the ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods the propensity to suspend judgment to think before acting otivation a passion to work for reasons that go beyond money or status a propensity to pursue goals with energy and persistence !mpathy the ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people skill in treating people according to their emotional reactions Social Skills proficiency in managing relationships and building networks an ability to find common ground and build rapport "allmarks Self-Awareness self-confidence realistic self-assessment self-deprecating sense of humor Self-Regulation .a++. *oth -or the individua+ and -or the or. /ost o.

+i-e4s e6periences? 5he answer is *oth )cienti-ic in1uir. stron.cho+o. 199@D and Workin.ence in (r. in 2iscatawa.+eaders are *orn or /ade )o too . which is *ased at Rut.enetic co/ponent to e/otiona+ inte++i.. He can *e reached at 'o+e/anH. D$N%&L '(L&M$N Danie+ 'o+e/an is the author o..ence .Self-Regulation trustworthiness and integrity comfort with ambiguity openness to change otivation strong drive to achieve optimism. with &/otiona+ %nte++i.e/path. ac1uire e/path.s can ta/e their e/otiona+ i/pu+ses and redirect the/ in use-u+ wa.ence $re peop+e *orn with certain +eve+s o..ence CBanta/. as a resu+t o. -or e6a/p+e.$pp+ied and 2ro-essiona+ 2s.4s 'raduate )choo+ o. 1998D He is cochair/an o. or do the..ence CBanta/. su. New Ferse. even in the face of failure organizational commitment !mpathy e#pertise in building and retaining talent cross-cultural sensitivity service to clients and customers Social Skill effectiveness in leading change persuasiveness e#pertise in building and leading teams %LL:)5R$5%(N 2H(5( C>(L(RD3 2eop+e who are in contro+ o.the >onsortiu/ -or Research on &/otiona+ %nte++i.oes the de*ate a*out e/otiona+ inte++i.ests that there is a .ers :niversit. peop+e have de*ated i.ani7ations.avanet co/ +an Emotional Intelligence Be Learned% Eor a.+.es.s GGGGGGGG B.their -ee+in.&/otiona+ %nte++i.

e6tended practice.ect did not /esh with his.overns ana+. or. con-ir/ed what he had heard at work When their opinions on an. part o. it a+so re1uires an individua+i7ed approach %/a. the incident and .. is certain3 e/otiona+ inte++i.rasps concepts and +o.ica+ and deve+op/enta+ research indicates that nurture p+a. *ut the.ence.ste/ 5he.the *rain4s +i/*ic s.h /otivation.ures out how to use a co/puter or /ake a sa+es ca++ *. de/onstrate that e/otiona+ inte++i.ht to i/prove his e/path.. to inc+ude the +i/*ic s. de/onstrate her a*i+it. 5he neocorte6 .s. *.ence is *orn +ar. can even have a ne. in the neurotrans/itters o. to +isten )he wou+d then have to rep+a.ht to *e +ow on e/path.s a ro+e as we++ How /uch o.ence can *e +earned (ne thin. trainin.hi/ . that .ence increases with a.2s.as an ina*i+it. -ocus on the wron.ence :n-ortunate+. 9et even with /aturit. were -ri..that de-icit shows itse+. which .in. on+.ative i/pact on peop+e4s . his 1uest.4re sa.e 5here is an o+d--ashioned word -or the pheno/enon3 /aturit. pro.inc+udin.ste/.ti/e and /one. such a process can +ead to +astin. resu+ts % know one Wa++ )treet e6ecutive who sou. to read peop+e4s reactions and see their perspectives Be-ore *e.e. pro. which .htened o.speci-ica++.tica+ and technica+ a*i+it.the *rain &/otiona+ inte++i.in.ues 2art o.ra/s... pro. his a*i+it. in e--ect. /ost trainin.+earnin. /. to +isten0 she interrupts peop+e and doesn4t pa. the e6ecutive needs to *e /otivated to chan..ra/s take. readin. 5o -i6 the pro*+e/.ive a *etter response0 that is. *ut research and practice c+ear+. research with the >onsortiu/ -or Research on &/otiona+ %nte++i. he was shocked when -ina++. -ar too /an.the *rain tar. c+ose attention to what the. . the. takes /uch /ore ti/e than conventiona+ trainin.each perhaps wi++ never *e known. her co++ea. with hi/ 2eop+e even went so -ar as to hide *ad news -ro/ hi/ Natura++.ic %t is the part o. to a*sor* what others are sa.oes on in the neocorte6.ine an e6ecutive who is thou. e/otiona+ inte++i.-it is a+so the part o. a neocortica+ approach. /ust he+p peop+e *reak o+d *ehaviora+ ha*its and esta*+ish new ones 5hat not on+.o* per-or/ance 5o enhance e/otiona+ inte++i.ste/ +earns *est throu.e+..ani7ations has shown the.innin.iven su*. and then she needs practice and -eed*ack -ro/ others in the co/pan.eted *. and drives Research indicates that the +i/*ic s. i/pu+ses.overns -ee+in. e/otiona+ inte++i. $ co++ea. a *ook Not surprisin.the *rain that -i.ani7ations /ust re-ocus their trainin.ence.and -eed*ack >o/pare this with the kind o. so/e peop+e sti++ need trainin. the e6ecutive4s su*ordinates were terri-ied o.ra/s that intend to *ui+d +eadership ski++s.ence When such pro.are a waste o. $nd the e6ecutive cou+d *e directed to o*serve certain e6ecutives who +isten we++ and to /i/ic their *ehavior With persistence and practice.-*ut /istaken+. 5he pro*+e/ is si/p+e3 the.+. con-ronted with these -acts He went ho/e and to+d his -a/i+. to enhance their e/otiona+ inte++i.ue or coach cou+d *e tapped to +et the e6ecutive know when she has *een o*served -ai+in.workin.ence in (r.cho+o.ra/s ai/ed at enhancin. too.

the da.ua.< ideas that di--ered -ro/ his Eina++.ence did u+ti/ate+.e Whi+e there.than it is to *eco/e adept at re.h practice and -eed*ack His -irst step was to take a vacation to a -orei. the e6ecutive had hi/se+.n countr.s and asked those who worked -or and with hi/ to criti1ue his a*i+it.&n+istin.se/inar won4t he+p0 nor can one *u.. hu/*+ed *. rise0 and the i/prove/ent was re-+ected in his overa++ per-or/ance on the .s o. his week a*road. he /onitored his reactions to the un-a/i+iar and his openness to peop+e who were di--erent -ro/ hi/ When he returned ho/e. these words can serve as a .o* interactions as opportunities to practice <hearin. where he did not speak the +an.sis But it can *e done <Nothin. to acknow+ed.ence . as a natura+ response to peop+e..ence cannot-wi++ nothappen without sincere desire and concerted e--ort $ *rie.ression ana+.uidepost in .o* %t4s i/portant to e/phasi7e that *ui+din. throu..h e/otiona+ inte++i.oa+ is to *eco/e a rea+ +eader.our e--orts to deve+op hi. severa+ ti/es a week.e and understand the -ee+in.videotaped in /eetin. he conscious+.< wrote Ra+ph Wa+do &/erson %.our . one4s e/otiona+ inte++i. the e6ecutive went to work to hei.a coach. the e6ecutive asked his coach to shadow hi/ -or parts o.others %t took severa+ /onths. *ut the e6ecutive4s e/otiona+ inte++i. a how-to /anua+ %t is /uch harder to +earn to e/pathi7e-to interna+i7e e/path. the he+p o.reat was ever achieved without enthusias/. in order to criti1ue how he treated peop+e with new or di--erent perspectives $t the sa/e ti/e.hten his e/path. used on-the-. .

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