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Bring / Take phn bit s khc nhau gia bring v take th bn nn da vo hnh ng c thc hin so vi v tr ca ngi ni. Bring ngha l to carry to a nearer place from a more distant one. (mang mt vt, ngi t mt khong cch xa n gn ngi ni hn) Take th tri li to carry to a more distant place from a nearer one. (mang mt vt, ngi t v tr gn ngi ni ra xa pha ngi ni.) Mi cc bn phn bit qua nhng v d ng v sai sau y: Incorrect: Bring this package to the post office. Correct: Take this package to the post office. (em gi hng ny n bu in nh!) Incorrect: I am still waiting for you. Dont forget to take my book. Correct: I am still waiting for you. Dont forget to bring my book. (Mnh vn ang i cu y. ng qun mang sch n cho mnh nh!) 2. As / Like Khi mang ngha l ging nh, nh, like v as gy khng t bi ri cho ngi hc. Quy tc d nh nht l chng ta hay dng like nh l mt gii t ch khng phi l lin t. Khi like c dng nh gii t, th khng c ng t i sau like. Nu c ng t th chng ta phi dng as if. Lin t as nn dng gii thiu mt mnh . Hy xem nhng v d ng v sai sau: Incorrect: It sounds like he is speaking Spanish. Correct: It sounds as if he is speaking Spanish. (Nghe c v nh anh ta ang ni ting Ty Ban Nha.) Incorrect: John looks as his father. Correct: John looks like his father. (Anh ta ging b anh ta lm) Incorrect: You play the game like you practice. Correct: You play the game as you practice. (Cu chi trn ny ht nh cu thc hnh n vy) 3. Among / Between Chng ta dng between ni ai hoc vt g gia 2 ngi, vt, v among trong trng gia hn 2 ngi, vt.

Incorrect: The money will be divided between Sam, Bill, and Ted. Correct: The money will be divided among Sam, Bill, and Ted. (Tin s c chia cho Sam, Bill v Ted.) 4. Farther / Further Chng ta dng farther khi ni n khong cch c th o c c v mt a l, trong khi further dng trong nhng tnh hung khng th o c c. V d: It is farther when I go this road. (Mnh i ng ny th s xa hn.) I dont want to discuss it anyfurther. (Mnh khng mun bn v n su hn.) You read further in the book for more details. ( bit thm chi tit th cc em c thm trong sch.) 5. Lay / lie Lay c nhiu ngha nhng ngha ph bin l tng ng vi cm t: put something down (t, ci g xung). V d: Lay your book on the table. Wash the dishes. Come on! (Hy t sch ln trn bn. i ra bt. Mau ln no!) Ngha khc ca Lay l produce eggs: trng V d: Thousands of turtles drag themselves onto the beach and lay their eggs in the sand. (Hng ngn con ra ko nhau ln bi bin v trng trn ct.) Lie: ngha l nm V d: lie in bed (nm trn ging) lay down on the couch. (Nm trn gh di) lie on a beach (Nm trn bi bin) Lie cn c ngha l speak falsely: ni di V d: I suspect he lies about his age. (Ti nghi ng l anh ta ni di v tui ca anh ta.) L do m ngi hc ting Anh hay nhm ln gia lay v lie l bi dng qu kh v qu kh phn t ca chng kh ging nhau.

6. fun/ funny C 2 tnh t trn u l tnh t mang tnh tch cc fun: m ch n iu g th v, lm cho ngi khc thch th V d: Going to the park with friends is fun. (i chi cng vin vi bn b tht thch th.) funny: tnh t ny dng ni iu m lm chng ta ci V d: The comedy I saw last night was really funny. I laughed and laughed. (V hi kch mnh xem ti qua tht s l hi hc. Mnh ci v c ci thi.) 7. lose / loose 2 t ny thng gy nhm ln trong ngn ng vit. Tuy nhin, chng mang ngha han tan khc nhau. lose: l ng t th hin ti, dng qu kh v qu kh phn t u l lost. Lose c hai ngha: Lose: mt ci g V d: Try not to lose this key, its the only one we have. (C gng ng mt ci cha kha ny, l ci duy nht chng ta c.) Lose: thua, b nh bi (thng trong th thao, trn u.) V d: I always lose when I play tennis against my sister. Shes too good. (Ti lun b nh bi khi chi tennis vi ch gi ti. Ch y qu c.) Loose: l tnh t mang ngha lng, rng, khng va, tri ngha vi tight (cht) V d: His shirt is too loose because he is so thin. (o s mi ny rng qu bi v anh ta qu gy.) 8. advise / advice C hai t trn ngha ging nhau, ch khc v mt t vng. Advicel danh t: li khuyn. Advise l ng t: khuyn bo. V d:

She never listens to my advice. (C ta khng bao gi nghe li khuyn ca ti c.) I adviseyou to spend more time planning projects in the future. (Mnh khuyn cu nn dnh nhiu thi gian phc tho d n cho tng lai.) 9. embarrassed/ ashamed S khc bit gia hai tnh t trn l ch tnh t ashamed c tnh cht mnh hn, thng dng trong nhng tnh hung nghim trng. Embarrassed: cm thy ngng, bi ri v hnh ng mnh lm hoc ngi khc lm. V d: I felt embarrassed when I fell over in the street. Lots of people saw me fall. My face turned red. (Mnh cm thy ngng khi ng xung ng. Rt nhiu ngi nhn mnh. Mt mnh c ln.) Ashamed: cm thy h thn hoc l rt xu h v hnh ng ca mnh. V d: I am ashamed to tell you that I was arrested by the police for drink-driving. (Mnh tht xu h khi ni vi bn rng mnh b cnh st ui v ti li xe trong lc say ru.) 10. lend/ borrow ng t lendv borrow mc d dng trong tnh hung ging nhau, nhng chng li mang ngha ngc nhau. Lend: a cho ai mn ci g v h s tr li cho bn khi h dng xong. V d: I will lend you my car while I am away on holiday. (Mnh s cho cu mn xe khi mnh i ngh.) Borrow: mn ci g ca ai vi nh s tr li trong thi gian ngn. V d: Can I borrowyour pen, please? (Mnh c th mn cu ci bt c khng?)


Khi mun din t s so snh ging nhau ,ta c th dng: Like (trng hp ny n l 1 gii t): - lun phi theo sau l 1 noun (a princess,a palace...) hoc 1 pronoun (me,this) hoc ing(walking). Bn cng c th dng mu cu: like sth/sb -ing. Eg: His eyes is like his father. What 's that noise?It sounds like a baby crying. It's like walking on ice. She looks beautyful-like a princess. *Like cng c s dng khi a ra v d nh "such as","like/such as +N ". Eg: Junk food such as/like fizzy drinks and hamburgers have invaded the whole word. As + N: ni ci g l tht hoc l nh vy (nht l khi ni v ngh nghip ca ai hoc ta dng ci nh th no) Eg: A few years ago I worked as a bus driver. (...ti lm ngh li xe khch)(Ti thc s l ngi li xe khch). During the war this hotel was used as a hospital.(...c dng lm bnh vin) The news of her dead came as a great shock.(...nh 1 c sc)(N thc s l 1 c sc). As your lawyer, I wouldn't advise it.(as (gii t)=vi t cch l.) The same as /The same The same +noun+as...

Eg: Ann's salary is the same as mine=Ann gets the same salary as me .(Lng ca Ann bng lng ca ti). He is the same age as my wife. Alike : adj , adv. - Nu l mt adj. (adjective) [not before noun] tng ng vi: "very similar" (rt l ging nhau), hay l "as same as" (Ko c "same like" u nh!) Eg: My sister and I do not look alike. (ch tui v tui trng ko ging nhau) Airports are all alike to me (i vi tui, cc phi trng u ging nhau) - Nu l mt adv. (adverb) trng hp 1): tng ng vi: "in a very similar way" (phng cch ging nhau) Eg: They tried to treat all their children alike. (H i x vi cc tr con ging nhau - hm ngha l ko phn bit i x) trng hp 2): used after you have referred to two people or groups,tng ng vi: both (c hai) hay l: equally (bng nhau) Eg: Good management benefits employers and employees alike. (S qun l tt gy li ch cho c ch nhn ln nhn vin) Lu : Khng dng Alike ng trc mt danh t . Ta khng ni They wore alike hats. Trong trng hp ny ta dng "similar" thay th => They wore similar hats. ------------------------------------T NG M - Hi (Cho) v High (trn cao, cao) Hi, how are you? (Cho, bn c khe khng?) At 12 o'clock the sun is high in the sky. (Vo 12 gi tra, mt tri ln cao.) - In (trong) v Inn (qun ru) Come in and have a cup of tea. (Hy vo nh v dng mt ly tr.) 'Inn' is an old-fashioned word for 'pub'.('Inn' l t kiu xa ca t 'pub')

- Meet (gp) v Meat (tht) Do you want to meet later for a drink? (Bn mun gp nhau i ung nc khng?) She's a vegetarian so she doesn't eat fish or meat. (C ta l mt ngi n chay, v th c ta khng n c hoc tht) - Our (ca chng ta) v Hour (mt gi ng h) This is our house.(y l ngi nh ca chng ta.) He was waiting for you for over an hour. (Anh ta ch bn hn mt gi ng h.) - New (mi) v knew ( bit) I love your new dress! (Em thch chic o m mi ca ch.) I knew the answer as soon as she asked the question. (Ti bit c cu tr li va khi c ta t cu hi.) - We (chng ti) v Wee (nh, b) We (my husband and I) would love you to come and stay.(Chng ti (ng x ca ti v ti) mong mun bn n chi v li.) Scottish people say 'wee' for 'small' or 'little'. (Ngi Xct-len dng t 'wee' thay t 'small' hoc 'little'.) - Need (cn thit) v Knead (nho bt) We're hungry so we need some food.(Chng ti i bng v th chng ti cn thc n.) To make bread you have to knead the dough (a mixture of flour and water). ( lm bnh m, bn phi nho bt nho.) - So (v th) v Sew (may v) It's raining so you need to use your umbrella.(Tri ang ma v th bn cn s dng chic d.) Will you sew a button on this shirt for me please? (Bn vui lng nh chic nt vo chic o ny cho ti nh?) - You (bn) v Ewe (con cu ci ) You need to do more studying.(Bn cn hc nhiu hn na) You can get wool from a ram (a male sheep) or a ewe (a female sheep). (Bn c th ly len t con cu c hoc con cu ci.) - Know (bit) v No (khng) Do you know where the nearest Post Office is please? (Bn bit bu in gn nht u khng?) No, I don't know where it is, sorry. (Khng, ti khng bit. Xin li nh.)

- Not (khng) v Knot (nt tht) 2 + 2 is not 5. (2 +2 khng bng 5.) If you tie string in a knot, it's very difficult to untie it. (Nu bn tht dy thnh nt tht, rt kh m n ra.) - Allowed (cho php) v Aloud (to ln ting) You're not allowed to smoke in this office. (Anh khng c php ht thuc trong vn phng ny.) When I was very young, my mum used to read aloud to me every night. (Khi ti cn rt nh, m ti thng c ln cho ti vo mi m.)

Phrase with "WITHOUT" without a chance:khng c c hi without a break:khng c ngh ngi without doubt:khng nghi ng without delay: khng trm tr, khng tr hon without exception: khng c ngoi l without fail: khng tht bi without success: khng thnh cng without a word: khng mt li without warning:khhoong c cnh bo --------------------------------------No sooner + had + S + Ved/3 than + S + Ved/2 Scarcely + had + S + Ved/3 when + S + Ved/2 Hardly + had + S + Ved/3 when + S + Ved/2 e.g. No sooner had he left than the phone rang. e.g. Scarcely had he left when the phone rang. e.g. Hardly had he left when the phone rang. (Anh ta va mi ri khi th in thoi chung.)

CCH PHT M UI -S V -ES C 3 cch pht m s v es ca danh t s nhiu: /s/, /z/, /iz/. ==> /iz/: khi es ng sau danh t tn cng bng cc m xut: /s/, /z/, //, //, /t/, /d/.

E.g: watches, boxes, bridges, buses, crashes, buzzes, ==> /s/: khi s ng sau cc danh t tn cng bng cc m v thanh: /p/, /f/, /t/, /k/, //. E.g: cups, cats, books, beliefs, cloths, ==> /z/: khi s ng sau danh t tn cng bng nguyn m (a, e, i, o, u) v cc ph m hu thanh cn li: /b/, /v/, //, /d/, /g/, /l/, /m/, /n/, //, /r/, /u/, /ei/, E.g: toys, answers, lessons, legs, trees, knives, ends, dreams, hills, songs,

[ THNH NG LIN QUAN N N UNG ] 1. to eat humble pie : th nhn rng bn sai EX: She made a huge mistake a work and now she's going to have to eat humble pie and admit to the boss that she was wrong. C ta phm mt li ln ti c quan v by gi c ta s phi nhn ti v th nhn vi xp rng c ta sai. 2. could eat a horse : l rt i bng EX:I haven't had anything since breakfast time. I could eat a horse right now! Ti cha n g c t bui sng. Ti rt i bng! 3. make a meal of it : tn thi gian hoc cng sc hn cn thit thc hin mt vic g EX: I only asked him to tidy up the sitting room but he made a right meal of it. It took him two hours just to clear up the room. Ti ch yu cu n dn dp phng khch nhng n ko di thi gian. Mt hn 2 gi n dn dp ci phng. 4. a second bite at the cherry : ln th sc khc sau khi bn tht bi ln th nht EX:He didn't get the job when he applied for it last year but another vacancy came up a few weeks ago and he got a second bite at the cherry. He's so please he got the job! Anh ta khng c tuyn dng khi anh ta xin vic nm va qua nhng mt v tr trng khc xut hin vi tun trc v anh ta thnh cng. Anh ta rt vui mng khi anh ta c vic lm! 5. not someone's taste : khng phi gout, s thch ca ai EX: She's happy with her new curtains but that bright colour isn't my taste at all. C ta thch nhng mng ca mi ca mnh nhng mu sng y khng phi l s thch ca ti.

6. not my cup of tea :tng t nh 'not my taste'. Xem bn trn EX : She likes thrillers but films that frighten me just aren't my cup of tea. C ta thch phim kinh d nhng cc phim m lm ti s khng phi s thch ca ti. 7. there's no use crying over spilt milk :v ch hi hn v vic xy ra EX: I know you're upset you failed your exam but there's no use crying over spilt milk. Just get over it and start studying so you'll be ready to take it again soon. M bit con bun khi con hng k thi nhng khng th than khc mi. Phi vt qua n v bt u hc li con sn sng cho k thi ti. 8. throw cold water on something :phn ng tiu cc v kin hoc k hoch ca ai EX:I spent hours preparing that report and then the boss threw cold water on it. What a waste of my time! Ti mt hng gi chun b bn bo cao v sau xp xp x n. Tht l ung cng ca ti! 9. a storm in a teacup: nhiu s tc gin v lo lng khng cn thit v mt vic khng quan trng EX:He got really angry with us about being late for work. But it was a storm in a teacup. We were only 5 minutes late. ng ta tht s tc gin vi chng ti v vic i lm tr. Nhng n l s tc gin khng ng. Chng ti ch tr 5 pht.

Vi cu giao tip thng dng: What's on your mind? ang lo lng chuyn g vy? I was a total wreck that day. Ngy ti hon ton sp . Do you really mean it? Bn ni tht ch? You look totally nervous, take it easy. Bn trng lo lng qu y. Hy bnh tnh li no. It's always the way. Tht l tr tru. Let's face it. Hy chp nhn i. I am not easily coaxed into doing something that I think is wrong. lm nhng vic m ti cho l sai. Ti khng d g b cm d


The economy is bad, and it's too risky to take on new staff. Nn kinh t ang rt xu, v tht l mo him khi thu mt nhn vin mi. ---------------------------------T VNG TNH CCH CON NGI careful: cn thn cheerful/amusing: vui v clever: kho lo tacful: kho x, lch thip competitive: cnh tranh, ua tranh confident: t tin creative: sng to dependable: ng tin cy dumb: khng c ting ni enthusiastic: hng hi, nhit tnh extroverted: hng ngoi faithful: chung thu introverted: hng ni generous: rng lng gentle: nh nhng humorous: hi hc honest: trung thc imaginative: giu tr tng tng intelligent: thng minh(smart) kind: t t loyal: trung thnh observant: tinh optimistic: lc quan patient: kin nhn pessimistic: bi quan polite: lch s outgoing: hng ngoi, thn thin(sociable, friendly) open-minded: khong t quite: t ni rational: c l tr, c chng mc reckless: hp tp sincere: thnh tht, chn tht stubborn: bng bnh(as stubborn as a mule) talkative: lm mm.

understanding: hiu bit(an understanding man) wise: thng thi, uyn bc(a wise man) lazy: li bing hot-temper: nng tnh bad-temper: kh chi selfish: ch k mean: keo kit cold: lnh lng Silly/stupid: ngu ngc, ngc nghch Crazy: in cung (mang tnh tch cc) Mad: in, khng Aggressive: xu bng Unkind: xu bng, khng tt Unpleasant: kh chu Cruel: c c ---------------------------------------------------Nhng cu "ch en" hay c dng trong phim c bit phim M da en: 1.Damn you! cht tit! 2.Don't try to lead me by the nose! ng c c x mi tui na nhe! 3.Don't try to cash in on me! ng tm cch li dng ti! 4.Oh, tough luck! i, tht l en qu! 5.What do you require of me? Anh mun g ti 6.I thought you said it wasn't deep. Tao c tng my ni l sng khng su 7.What a jerk! ngu! 8.Weird. K qui 9.Woe betide you! Liu hn y! 10.What the fuck are you talking about? Anh ang ni ci m g vy? 11.What is belt out? La ln ci g vy? 12.Who do you think you are? My ngh my l ai h? 13.Take it or leave it. Ly khng ly th thi. 14.Touch the right chord. Gi ng ch nga. 15.That song really sucks! Bi ht qu t! 16.Son of a bitch. Thng mt dy/thng im thi/thng ch. 17.Show your true colors. Li mt chut ca my ra i. 18.Scarper! The cops are coming! Chun i! Bn cm n y! 19.Sorry, but I am just a whore! Xin li em ch l con . 20.Stop dawdling! ng la c! 21.Shit! Kh tht!

22.Over my dead body. Bc qua xc cht ca ti. 23.My arse! Ci u my! 24.Mind your own business. Lo chuyn ca bn i. 25.Leave me alone! Go to the devil! ti yn! Qu tha ma bt my i! 26.Leave it out! Thi i! 27.Keep your nose out of other people's business. ng xa vo chuyn ngi khc. 28.Knock yourself out! Lm g th lm i! 29.How dare you say such a thing to me? My dm ni th vi tao ? 30.Don't try to teach me my job, sonny. ng c m dy b my cch lm vic, con . 31.Don't go, I beg of you. ng i, em van anh. 32.Don't wipe your nose on your sleeve! ng c chi mi vo cnh tay o nh th! 33.Do you dare to clear me out? My dm tng tao ra khi nh ? 34.Don't try to bullshit me! ng c c m gi tr bp bp vi tao! 35.Don't try to play a trick on me. ng c c chi x tao. 36.Don't be naive! You want to quit? ng gi nai! My mun ngh h? 37.Damn! Cht tit! 38.Beat it! i ch khc chi! 39.It's that wretched cat again! Li ci con mo khn kip ! 40.You turd. kh chu. 41.You really crease me up! My lm tao bun ci qu! 42.You bastard. Thng khn. 43.You bastard! mc dch! 44.You scum! cn b! 45.You Judas! My l k la thy phn bn! 46.You imbecile! My, th ng ngn! 47.You make me start. My lm tao git c mnh. 48.You just lost me a customer. My lm tao mt mt khch hng ri y. 49.You lied. My xo. 50.A wise guy, huh?! My b lo h? 51.Are you crazy? My b in h? 52.Are you going mad? Anh in ri ? 53.Are you lovelorn? My tht tnh h? --------------------------------------TNH T MIU T NGOI HNH: * Complexion (Nc da) - Dark: en - Fair: trng, sng

- Smooth: lng mn - Rough: th, rp - Swarthy: ngm en - Weather-beaten: dy dn gi sng - Healthy/ Rosy: hng ho * Build (Tm vc) - Plump: b bm, y n - Stout: to khe, mp mp - Slim/ Slander: mnh khnh - Obese: bo ph - Overweight: tha cn, bo ph - Skinny: gy gi xng - Stocky: thp, khe - Well-built: lc lng, cng trng - Muscular: c c bp to khe, rn chc * Age (Tui tc) - Young: tr - Middle-aged: trung nin - Elderly: gi - Old: gi - In his/ her early teens/ twenties... : khong tui u tui mi my/ hai mi my ... - In his/ her late forties: Khong cui tui 40 * Clothes (o qun) - Smartly dressed: n mc bnh bao - Neatly dressed: n mc chnh t - Untidily/ Sloppily dressed: n mc lum thum * Expression (V mt) - She looked shy/ happy: C y trng c v rt r/ vui v - He appeared shy/ he had a shy expression: Anh ta trng c v rt r - She has an air of timidity: C y c v rt r

-------NHNG CU TING ANH THNG DNG TRONG CNG S-----How long have you worked here? cu lm y bao lu ri?


Im going out for lunch. Ill be back at 1.30.

mnh s ra ngoi n tra

mnh s quay li lc 1:30 cu i n c quan mt bao lu?

how long does it take you to get to work? the traffic was terrible today. how do you get to work?

giao thng hm nay tht kinh khng

cu n c quan bng g?

Absence from work Vng mt c quan shes on maternity leave. hes off sick today. hes not in today. shes on holiday. c y ang ngh

anh y hm nay b m anh y hm nay khng c c quan c y i ngh l ri

Im afraid Im not well and wont be able to come in today. ti e l ti khng c khe nn hm nay khng th n c quan c Dealing with customers Lm vic vi khch hng hes with a customer at the moment. Ill be with you in a moment. sorry to keep you waiting. can I help you? anh y hin gi ang tip khch hng

mt lt na ti s lm vic vi anh/ch xin li ti bt anh/ch phi ch

ti c th gip g c anh/ch? anh/ch c cn gip g khng? ti c th lm g gip anh ch?

do you need any help? what can I do for you?

In the office Trong vn phng hes in a meeting. anh y ang hp


what time does the meeting start? what time does the meeting finish? the receptions on the first floor. Ill be free after lunch.

my gi th cuc hp bt u? my gi th cuc hp kt thc? quy l tn tng mt

ti rnh sau ba tra c y sp t chc tic chia tay vo th Su

shes having a leaving-do on Friday. shes resigned.

c y xin thi vic ri ha n ny qu hn thanh ton anh y c thng chc y l danh thip ca ti

this invoice is overdue. hes been promoted.

heres my business card. can I see the report?

cho ti xem bn bo co c khng? ti cn phi i photocopy

I need to do some photocopying. wheres the photocopier? the photocopiers jammed. Ive left the file on your desk.

my photocopy u? my photocopy b tc ri ti tp ti liu trn bn anh/ch

IT problems Cc vn v cng ngh thng tin theres a problem with my computer. the systems down at the moment. the internets down at the moment. I cant access my emails. the printer isnt working: my tnh ca ti c vn hin gi h thng ang b sp hin gi mng ang b sp

ti khng th truy cp vo email ca ti my in ang b hng


CCH DNG 12 TH TRONG TING ANH ================================== 1. Hin ti n: * Cu trc: (+) S + V/ V(s;es) + Object...... (-) S do/ does not + V +................ (?) Do/ Does + S + V * Cch dng: _ Hnh ng xy ra hin ti. _ Thi quen hin ti. _ S tht hin nhin; Chn l ko th ph nhn. * Trng t i km: always; usually; often; sometimes; occasionally; ever; seldom; rarely; every.............. 2. Hin ti tip din: * Cu trc: (+) S + is/am/are + Ving (-) S + is/am/are not + Ving (?) Is/Am/ Are + S + Ving * Cch dng: _ ang xy ra ti 1 thi im xc nh hin ti. _ Sp xy ra c d nh t trc.

_ Khng dng vis cc ng t chi gic nh: SEE; HEAR; LIKE; LOVE... * Trng t i km: At the moment; at this time; right now; now; ........ 3. Hin ti hon thnh: * Cu trc: (+) S + have/has + PII (-) S + have/has not + PII (?) Have/ Has + S + PII * Cch dng: _ Xy ra trong qa kh, kt qu lin quan n hin ti. ( Nhn mnh n kt qu ca hnh ng) * Trng t: just; recently; lately; ever; never; already; yet; since; for; so far; until now; up to now; up to present.. 4. Hin ti hon thnh tip din: * Cu trc: (+) S + have/has been + Ving (-) S + have/has been + Ving (?) Have/Has + S + been + Ving * Cch dng: _ Xy ra trong qu kh, ko di n hin ti v c th tip tc xy ra trong tng lai. ( Nhn mnh tnh lin tc ca hnh ng) * Trng t i km: just; recently; lately; ever; never; since; for.

5. Qu kh n: * Cu trc (+) S + Ved/ PI-ct 2 trong bng ng t bt quy tc. (-) S + didnt + V (?) Did + S + V * Cch dng: _ Xy ra v chm dt hon ton trong qu kh. _ Nhiu hnh ng xy ra lin tip trong qu kh. _ Trong cu iu kin loi 2. * Trng t i km: Yesterday; the day before yesterday; ago; already; last; in + mc thi gian trong qu kh. 6. Qu kh tip din: * Cu trc: (+) S + was/ were + Ving (-) S + was / were not + Ving. (?) Was/ Were + S + Ving. * Cch dng: _ Cc hnh ng xy ra ti 1 thi im xc nh trong qu kh _ Nhiu hnh ng xy ra ng thi trong qu kh. _ 1 hnh ng ang xy ra 1 hnh ng khc xen vo: hnh ng ang xy ra dng QKTD; hnh ng xen vo dng QK.

* T ni i km: While; when. 7. Qu kh hon thnh: * Cu trc: (+) S + had + PII (-) S + had not + PII (?) Had + S + PII *Cch dng: _ Mt hnh ng xy ra trc 1 hnh ng khc trong QK ( hnh ng xy ra trc dng QKHT; hnh ng xy ra sau dng QK) _ Hnh ng xy ra trc 1 thi im xc nh trong qu kh. _ Trong cu iu kin loi 3. * Trng t i km: before; after; when; while; as soon as; by(trc); already; never; ever; until. 8. Qu kh hon thnh tip din (t dng): * Cu trc: (+) S + had been + Ving (-) S + hadnt been + ving (?) Had + S + been + Ving * Cch dng: _ Ch hnh ng v ang din ra v c th hon tt trc 1 hnh ng khc trong qu kh ( nhn mnh n tnh lin tc ca hnh ng)


* Trng t: before; after; when; while; as soon as; by(trc); already; ever; until. 9. Tng lai n: * Cu trc: (+) S + will/ shall + V (will ngy nay c th dng vi tt c cc (-) S + will/ shall not + V ngi nhng shall dng vi " I" v "WE" ) (?)Will / Shall + S + V * Cch dng: _ Sp xy ra trong tng lai khng c d nh trc. _ Cu yu cu; ngh; li ha; d on cho tng lai. _ Trong cu iu kin loi 1. * Trng t: tomorrow; the day after tomorrow; next; in + thi gian tng lai 10. Tng lai gn: * Cu trc: (+) S + is/am/are + going to + V (-) S + is/am/ are not + going to + V (?)Is/Am/ Are + S + going to + V * Cch dng: _ Sp xy ra trong tng lai c d nh trc. _ Chc chn s xy ra trong tng lai theo 1 tnh hn cho trc. * Trng t: tomorrow; the day after tomorrow; next; in+ thi gian tng lai.


11. Tng lai tip din: (+) S + will / shall + be + Ving (-) S + will / shall not + be + Ving (?) Will / Shall + S + be + Ving * Cch dng: _ ang xy ra ti thi im xc nh trong tng lai. _ Nhiu hnh ng xy ra ng thi trong tng lai. * Trng t: cc trng t nh trong tng lai n; nhng phi da vo tng hon cnh c th chia th. 12. Tng lai hon thnh: * Cu trc: (+) S + will / shall + have + PII (-) S will/ shall not + have + PII (?) Will / Shall + S + have + PII * Cch dng: _ Mt hnh ng xy ra trc 1 hnh ng khc trong tng lai. _ Mt hnh ng xy ra trc 1 thi im xc nh trong tng lai. * Trng t: By the time; By + mc thi gian trong qu kh.

Cu trc Ting Anh thng dng cn nh would like/ want/wish + to do something(thch lm g...)


have + (something) to + Verb(c ci g lm) It + be + something/ someone + that/ who(chnh...m...) Had better + V(infinitive)(nn lm g....) hate/ like/ dislike/ enjoy/ avoid/ finish/ mind/ postpone/ practise/ consider/ delay/ deny/ suggest/ risk/ keep/ imagine/ fancy + V-ing, Its + adj + to + V-infinitive(qu g .. lm g) Take place = happen = occur(xy ra) to be excited about(thch th) to be bored with/ fed up with(chn ci g/lm g) There is + N-s t, there are + N-s nhiu(c ci g...) feel like + V-ing(cm thy thch lm g...) expect someone to do something(mong i ai lm g...) advise someone to do something(khuyn ai lm g...) go + V-ing(ch cc tr tiu khin..)(go camping...) leave someone alone( ai yn...) By + V-ing(bng cch lm...) want/ plan/ agree/ wish/ attempt/ decide/ demand/ expect/ mean/ offer/ prepare/ happen/ hesitate/ hope/ afford/ intend/ manage/ try/ learn/ pretend/ promise/ seem/ refuse + TO + Vinfinitive for a long time = for years = for ages( nhiu nm ri)(dng trong th hin ti hon thnh) when + S + V(Qk), S + was/were + V-ing. When + S + V(qkd), S + had + Pii


Before + S + V(qkd), S + had + Pii After + S + had +Pii, S + V(qkd) to be crowded with(rt ng ci g ...) to be full of(y ci g ...) To be/ seem/ sound/ became/ feel/ appear/ look/ go/ turn/ grow + adj TP HP NHNG PHRASAL VERBS QUAN TRNG Beat ones self up: t trch mnh (khi dng, thay ones self bng mysel, yourself, himself, herself) Break down: b h Break in: t nhp vo nh Break up with s.o: chia tay ngi yu, ct t quan h tnh cm vi ai Bring up: cp chuyn g Bring s.o up: nui nng (con ci) Brush up on n li Call for sth: cn ci g ; Call for s.o : ku ngi no , cho gi ai , yu cu gp ai Carry out: thc hin (k hoch) Catch up with s.o: theo kp ai Check in: lm th tc vo khch sn Check out: lm th tc ra khch sn Check sth out: tm hiu, khm ph ci g Clean up: lau chi Come across as: c v (ch ng l ngi) Come off: trc ra, st ra Come up against i mt vi ci g Come up with: ngh ra Cook up a story: ba t ra 1 cu chuyn Cool down: lm mt i, bt nng, bnh tnh li (ch ng c th l ngi hoc vt) Count on s.o: tin cy vo ngi no Cut down on ct gim ci g Cut off: ct la, ct tr gip ti chnh Do away with b ci g i khng s dng ci g Do without chp nhn khng c ci g Dress up: n mc p Drop by: gh qua Drop s.o off: th ai xung xe

End up: c kt cc = wind up Figure out: suy ra Find out: tm ra Get along/get along with s.o: hp nhau/hp vi ai Get in: i vo Get off: xung xe Get on with s.o: ha hp, thun vi ai Get out: ct ra ngoi Get rid of b ci g Get up: thc dy Give up t b ci g Go around: i vng vng Go down: gim, i xung Go off: reo, n (ch ng thng l chung, bom) Go on: tip tc Go out: i ra ngoi, i chi Go up: tng, i ln Grow up: ln ln ---------------------------------------------------------------------1.Freshman -- /'fremn/ -- Sinh vin i Hc nm nht 2. Sophomore -- /'sfm:/ -- Sinh vin i Hc nm 2 3. Junior -- /'u:nj/ -- Sinh vin i Hc nm 3 4. Senior -- /'si:nj/ -- Sinh vin i Hc nm 4 (hoc hn) -------------------------------------------CU NI TING ANH THNG DNG HNG NGY 1. What's up? - C chuyn g vy? 2. How's it going? - Do ny ra sao ri? 3. What have you been doing? - Do ny ang lm g? 4. Nothing much. - Khng c g mi c. 5. What's on your mind? - Bn ang lo lng g vy? 6. I was just thinking. - Ti ch ngh linh tinh thi. 7. I was just daydreaming. - Ti ch ng tr i cht thi. 8. It's none of your business. - Khng phi l chuyn ca bn. 9. Is that so? - Vy h? 10. How come? - Lm th no vy? 11. Absolutely! - Chc chn ri! 12. Definitely! - Qu ng!

13. Of course! - D nhin! 14. You better believe it! - Chc chn m. 15. I guess so. - Ti on vy. 16. There's no way to know. - Lm sao m bit c. 17. I can't say for sure. - Ti khng th ni chc. 18. This is too good to be true! - Chuyn ny kh tin qu! 19. No way! (Stop joking!) - Thi i (ng a na). 20. I got it. - Ti hiu ri. 21. Right on! (Great!) - Qu ng! 22. I did it! (I made it!) - Ti thnh cng ri! 23. Got a minute? - C rnh khng? 24. About when? - Vo khong thi gian no? 25. I won't take but a minute. - S khng mt nhiu thi gian u. 26. Speak up! - Hy ni ln ln. 27. Seen Melissa? - C thy Melissa khng? 28. So we've met again, eh? - Th l ta li gp nhau phi khng? 29. Come here. - n y. 30. Come over. - Gh chi. 31. Don't go yet. - ng i vi. 32. Please go first. After you. - Xin nhng i trc. Ti xin i sau. 33. Thanks for letting me go first. - Cm n nhng ng. 34. What a relief. - Tht l nh nhm. 35. What the hell are you doing? - Anh ang lm ci qui g th kia? 36. You're a life saver. - Bn ng l cu tinh. 37. I know I can count on you. - Ti bit mnh c th trng cy vo bn m. 38. Get your head out of your ass! - ng c gi v kh kho! 39. That's a lie! - Xo qu! 40. Do as I say. - Lm theo li ti. 41. This is the limit! - ri ! 42. Explain to me why. - Hy gii thch cho ti ti sao. 43. Ask for it! - T mnh lm th t mnh chu i! 44. In the nick of time. - Tht l ng lc. 45. No litter. - Cm vt rc. 46. Go for it! - C liu th i. 47. What a jerk! - Tht l ng ght. 48. How cute! - Ng ngnh, d thng qu! 49. None of your business! - Khng phi vic ca bn. 50. Don't peep! - ng nhn ln! --------------------------------------------


Cc cu ni ting Anh dng khi i xin vic: Making a job application - i xin vic I saw your advert in the paper ti thy qung co ca cng ty anh/ch trn bo could I have an application form? cho ti xin t n xin vic c khng? could you send me an application form? anh/ch c th gi cho ti t n xin vic c khng? I'm interested in this position ti quan tm ti v tr ny I'd like to apply for this job ti mun xin vic ny Asking about the job - Hi v cng vic is this a temporary or permanent position? y l v tr tm thi hay c nh? what are the hours of work? gi lm vic nh th no? will I have to work on Saturdays? ti c phi lm vic th By khng? will I have to work shifts? ti c phi lm vic theo ca khng? how much does the job pay? vic ny tr lng bao nhiu? - 10 an hour 10 bng mi gi - 350 a week 350 bng mi tun what's the salary? lng tr bao nhiu? - 2,000 a month 2.000 bng mi thng - 30,000 a year 30.000 bng mi nm will I be paid weekly or monthly? ti s c tr lng theo tun hay thng? will I get travelling expenses? ti c c thanh ton chi ph i li khng? will I get paid for overtime? ti c c tr lng lm vic thm gi khng? is there ...? c ... khng? - a company car: xe t ca c quan - a staff restauran:t nh n cho nhn vin - a pension scheme: ch lng hu - free medical insurance: bo him y t min ph how many weeks' holiday a year are there? mi nm c ngh l bao nhiu tun? who would I report to? ti s bo co cho ai? I'd like to take the job ti mun nhn vic ny? when do you want me to start? khi no anh/ch mun ti bt u i lm? ---------------------------------------1.No more, no less: Khng hn, khng km 2. No kidding?: Khng a y ch? 3. Never say never: ng bao gi ni chng bao gi 4. None of your business: Khng phi chuyn ca anh

5. No way: Cn lu 6. No problem: D thi 7. No offense: Khng phn i 8. Not long ago: cch y khng lu 9. Out of order: H, hng 10. Out of luck: Khng may

14 LI SAI THNG GP TRONG TING ANH: 1. Everybody are happy. Nhng t nh everybody, somebody, anybody, nobody thc ra l s t ch khng phi s nhiu mc d chng ni v nhiu ngi. ==> Everybody is happy. 2. Ill explain you the problem. Trong cu ny c 2 objects. Trong "the problem" l direct object, "you" l indirect object. Sau explain chng ta phi dng to trc indirect object - ngi m ta ang gii thch vn cho h. Direct object thng c t trc nn cu ng s l : ==> I'll explain the problem to you. 3. I have the possibility to study in Canada next year. T possibility ch thng c dng vi "there is", v d: "There's a possibility I may study in Canada next year." Vi "have", chng ta dng "opportunity" mi ng. ==> I have the opportunity to study in Canada next year. 4. I think she doesnt like tomatoes. Mc d cu ny khng mc li v ng php nhng thng ngi ta s dng cch ni sau: ==> I don't think she likes tomatoes. 5. Do you want that I make breakfast? Ta khng thng dng "that" pha sau "want" ==> Do you want me to make breakfast?


6. Im thinking to buy a new car. Pha sau "think" khng s dng "to infinitive" ==> I'm thinking of/about buying a new car. 7. They enjoyed the baseball game despite of the rain. "Despite" v "in spite of" c cng ngha nhng nhiu ngi b ln ln cch dng. Sau "despite" ta khng bao gi s dng "of" ==> They enjoyed the baseball game despite the rain. They enjoyed the baseball game in spite of the rain.

PHNG PHP HC NG T BT QUY TC D NH: Bng ng t bt quy tc thng c 3 ct: V1 (infinitive), V2 (past form), V3 (past participle). ng t c V1 tn cng l eed th V2, V3 l ed. Example: feed (V1) fed (V2) fed (V3) nui dy bleed (V1) bled (V2) bled (V3) (lm) chy mu breed (V1) bred (V2) bred (V3) sanh, nui dy overfeed (V1) overfed (V2) overfed (or overfied) (V3) cho n qu ng t c V1 tn cng l ay th V2, V3 l aid Example: say (V1) said (V2) said (V3) ni lay (V1) laid (V2) laid (V3) t inlay (V1) inlaid (V2) inlaid (V3) cn, khm gainsay (V1) gainsaid (V2) gainsaid (V3) chi ci mislay (V1) mislaid (V2) mislaid (V3) tht lc waylay (V1) waylaid (V2) waylaid (V3) rnh rp, ngng ch


ng t V1 c tn cng l d th l t Example: bend(V1) bent (V2) bent (V3) un cong send(V1) sent (V2) sent (V3) gi sleep(V1) slept (V2) slept (V3) ng ng t V1 c tn cng l ow th V2 l ew, V3 l own. Example: blow(V1) blew (V2) blown (V3) thi crow(V1) crew (V2) crown (or crewed) (V3) (g) gy foreknow(V1) foreknew (V2) forekown (V3) bit trc know(V1) knew (V2) known (V3) hiu bit grow(V1) grew (V2) grown (V3) mc, trng throw(V1) threw (V2) thrown (V3) ling, nm, qung ng t V1 c tn cng l ear th V2 l ore, V3 l orn (ng t hear ngoi l) Example: bear (V1) bore (V2) borne (V3) mang, chu (sanh ) forbear (V1) forbore (V2) forborne (V3) c king swear (V1) swore (V2) sworne (V3) th tht tear (V1) tore (V2) torne (V3) x rch ng t V1 c nguyn m i th V2 l a, V3 l u Example: begin (V1) began (V2) begun (V3) bt u drink (V1) drank (V2) drunk (V3) ung sing (V1) sang(or sung) (V2) sung (V3) ht

sink (V1) sank (V2) sunk (V3) chun, li i spring (V1) sprang (V2) sprung (V3) vng stink (V1) stank (or stunk) (V2) stunk (V3) bay m tri ring(V1) rang (V2) rung (V3) rung(chung) ng t c V1 tn cng l m hoc n th V2,V3 ging nhau v thm t: Example: bum(V1) bumt (V2) bumt (V3) t chy dream(V1) dreamt (V2) dreamt (V3) m, m mng lean(V1) leant (V2) leant (V3) da vo learn(V1) learnt (V2) learnt (V3) hc mean(V1) meant (V2) meant (V3) ngha, mun ni

CCH S DNG T CC CM T CHA ALL - Above all: trc ht, trn ht Above all, I'd like to thank my family. - After all: sau ht, rt cuc, xt cho cng The rain has stopped, so the game will go ahead after all. - All in all: trn vn nht They are all in all to each. - And all: k c. He jumped into the water, clother and all. - At all: cht no, cht no chng I don't understand at all. - In all: tng cng, c thy

The bill came to 25 in all. - All at once: cng mt lc, thnh lnh All at once there was a loud crashing sound. - All but: ton tm ton , vi tt c n lc The game was all but over by the time we arrived. (copied from - All over: khp c, xong, chm dt, tan The meeting was all over when I got there. - All right: tt, hon ton, ng nh mun Is everything all right, madam? - All the better/so much the better: cng hay/ cng tt If you can go there this afternoon, so much the better.

10 CU TRC GIP BN THNG THO TING ANH: 11. Would rather ('d rather) + V (infinitive) + than + V (infinitive: (thch lm g hn lm g) e.g. She would play games than read books. e.g. Id rather learn English than learn Biology. 12. To be/get Used to + V-ing: (quen lm g) e.g. I am used to eating with chopsticks. 13. Used to + V (infinitive): (Thng lm g trong qk v by gi khng lm na) e.g. I used to go fishing with my friend when I was young. e.g. She used to smoke 10 cigarettes a day. 14. To be amazed at = to be surprised at + N/V-ing: ngc nhin v.... e.g. I was amazed at his big beautiful villa. 15. To be angry at + N/V-ing: tc gin v e.g. Her mother was very angry at her bad marks. 16. to be good at/ bad at + N/ V-ing: gii v.../ km v... e.g. I am good at swimming.

e.g. He is very bad at English. 17. by chance = by accident (adv): tnh c e.g. I met her in Paris by chance last week. 18. to be/get tired of + N/V-ing: mt mi v... e.g. My mother was tired of doing too much housework everyday. 19. cant stand/ help/ bear/ resist + V-ing: Khng chu ni/khng nhn c lm g... e.g. She can't stand laughing at her little dog. 20. to be keen on/ to be fond of + N/V-ing : thch lm g ... e.g. My younger sister is fond of playing with her dolls.

CCH NHN BIT T LOI DA VO CU TO T KHI LM BI TP IN T I. Danh t (nouns): danh t thng kt thc bng: -tion/-ation, -ment, -er, -or, -ant, -ing, -age, ship, -ism, -ity, -ness Ex: distribution, information, development, teacher, actor, accountant, teaching, studying, teenage, friendship, relationship, shoolarship, socialism, ability, sadness, happiness........... II. Tnh t (adjective): Tnh t thng kt thc bng: -ful, -less, -ly, -al, -ble, -ive, -ous, -ish, -y, like, -ic, -ed, -ing Ex: helful, beautiful, useful, homeless, childless, friendly, yearly, daily, national, international, acceptable, impossible, active, passive, attractive, famous, serious, dangerous, childish, selfish, foolish, rainy, cloudy, snowy, sandy, foggy, healthy, sympathy, childlike, specific, scientific, interested, bored, tired, interesting, boring III. Trng t (adverbs): Trng t thng c thnh lp bng cch thm ui ly vo tnh t Ex: beautifully, usefully, carefully, strongly, badly Lu : Mt s trng t c bit cn ghi nh Adj - Adv good -well late - late/lately ill - ill fast fast


[ CC T NI TRONG CU ] 1. Nhng t dng thm thng tin and (v) also (cng) besides (ngoi ra) first, second, third (th nht, th hai, th ba) in addition (thm vo ) in the first place, in the second place, in the third place ( ni th nht, ni th hai, ni th ba) furthermore (xa hn na) moreover (thm vo ) to begin with, next, finally (bt u vi, tip theo l, cui cng l) 2. Nhng t du hiu ch nguyn nhn, h qu Accordingly (Theo nh) and so (v v th) as a result (Kt qu l) consequently (Do ) for this reason (V l do ny nn) hence, so, therefore, thus (V vy) then (Sau ) 3. Nhng du hiu ch s so snh by the same token (bng nhng bng chng tng t nh th) in like manner (theo cch tng t) in the same way (theo cch ging nh th) in similar fashion (theo cch tng t th) likewise, similarly (tng t th) 4. Nhng du hiu ch s i lp but, yet (nhng) however, nevertheless (tuy nhin) in contrast, on the contrary (i lp vi) instead (Thay v) on the other hand (Mt khc) still (vn)


5. Nhng t du hiu ch kt lun hoc tng kt. and so (v v th) after all (sau tt c) at last, finally (cui cng) in brief (ni chung) in closing (tm li l) in conclusion (kt lun li th) on the whole (ni chung) to conclude ( kt lun) to summarize (Tm li) 6. T du hiu ch v d as an example for example for instance specifically thus to illustrate 7. Nhng t du hiu ch s khng nh in fact (thc t l) indeed (Tht s l) no (khng) yes (c) especially (c bit l) 8. Nhng t du hiu ch a im above (pha trn) alongside (dc) beneath (ngay pha di) beyond (pha ngoi) farther along (xa hn dc theo) in back (pha sau) in front (pha trc) nearby (gn) on top of (trn nh ca) to the left (v pha bn tri) to the right (v pha bn phi)


under (pha di) upon (pha trn) 9. Nhng t du hiu ch s nhc li in other words (ni cch khc) in short (ni ngn gn li th) in simpler terms (ni theo mt cch n gin hn) that is ( l) to put it differently (ni khc i th) to repeat ( nhc li). 10. Nhng t ch du hiu thi gian afterward (v sau) at the same time (cng thi im) currently (hin ti) earlier (sm hn) formerly (trc ) immediately (ngay lp tc) in the future (trong tng lai) in the meantime (trong khi ch i) in the past (trong qu kh) later (mun hn) meanwhile (trong khi ) previously (trc ) simultaneously (ng thi) subsequently (sau ) then (sau ) until now (cho n by gi)

NHNG NG T C NG T THEO SAU L V-ING ( Kin thc ny rt hu dng cho cc bi in t, sa li sai, thm ch l bi chn cu gn ngha) 1. Cc ng t ch tin trnh anticipate: Tham gia avoid: Trnh begin: Bt u cease:Dng complete: Hon thnh delay: Tr hon

finish: kt thc get through: vt qua give up: T b postpone: Tr hon quit: B risk: Nguy him start: Bt u stop: kt thc try: c gng 2. Cc ng t ch giao tip admit: chp nhn advise: li khuyn deny: t chi discuss: tho lun encourage: khuyn khch mention: cp recommend: gii thiu report: bo co suggest: ngh urge: thc gic 3. Cc ng t ch hnh ng, thi continue: tip tc can't help : ko th chu c practice: thc hnh involve : bao gm keep: gi keep on 4. Cc ng t ch cm xc, cm gic appreciate: nh gi cao dislike: ko thch enjoy: thch hate: ght like: thch love: yu mind: quan tm miss: nh prefer: thch

regret: hi tic can't stand: chu ng resent: gi li resist: chng c tolerate: cho php 4. Cc ng t ch tm l anticipate: tham gia consider: cn nhc forget: qun imagine: tng tng recall: nhc remember: nh see: thy understand: hiu MT S CM T THNG DNG V SC KHE 1. Under the weather: Cm thy hi mt, kh chu trong c th . EX: Im a bit under the weather today ( Hm nay anh thy c th hi kh chu.) 2. As right as rain: khe mnh. EX: Tomorrow Ill be as right as rain. Dont worry! ( Ngy mai ti s khe li bnh thng thi. ng lo lng! ) 3. Splitting headache: Nhc u kinh khng . EX: I have a splitting headache. (Em b nhc u gh gm.) 4. Run down: mt mi, u oi. EX: Im a bit run down:. So can you buy me a cake? (Em thy mt mt mt cht. Anh mua cho em ci bnh ngt c khng?) 5. Back on my feet: Tr li nh trc, khe tr li, phc hi tr li. EX: Yesterday I was sick but now Im back on my feet. (Hm qua ti b m nhng by gi khe li ri.) 6. As fit as a fiddle : Khe mnh, y nng lng . EX: Its just a small problem. Tomorrow Ill be as fit as a fiddle. (Chuyn nh m. Ngy mai ti s li khe nh vm.)


Cc li thng gp khi hc Ting Anh 1. One and a half: - Cu sai: "I've been in Scotland for one and a half month" (or "one month half") - Cu ng: "I've been in Scotland for one and a half months" Trong trng hp ny, One and a half ln hn mt, do danh t "month" phi dng s nhiu "months". Chng ta khng nn tch "one and a half months" thnh "one month and a half" mc d nh vy cng ng v ng php. 2. The UK - Cu sai: "I like UK very much" - Cu ng: "I like the UK very much" UK l dng vit tt ca t "United Kingdom"; "kingdom" l mt danh t, v trc n cn mt mo t (v d a hoc the) Tuy nhin ch c duy nht mt United Kingdom do ta phi dng "the United Kingdom". 3. Almost all - Cu sai: "Almost of the people in my class are Vietnamese" - Cu ng: "Almost all of the people in my class are Vietnamese" hoc "Nearly all of the people in my class are Vietnamese" hoc "Almost everybody in my class is Vietnamese" Cu "Most of the people in my class are Vietnamese" l ng. Nhng khi chng ta mun nhn mnh rng c rt t ngi ngoi quc trong lp th chng ta phi ni: "Almost all of the people in my class are Vietnamese". 4. English - Cu sai: Gi mt ngi t Wales, Scotland hoc Ireland l "English". - Cu ng: Bn c th gi mt ngi t x Wales l "Welsh" hoc "British". V bn c th gi mt ngi t Scotland l "Scottish" hoc "British", mt ngi t Ireland l "Irish" (hoc "Northern Irish" nu nh ngi n t Bc Ireland). 5. Scary Khi biu l bn lo s iu g, bn ni: - Cu sai: "I'm scary" - Cu ng: "I'm scared" Nu bn ni "I'm scary" th c ngha bn lm mi ngi s bn (ging nh qui vt hoc ma). 6. Biu th s ng tnh vi cc cu ph nh

A. Khi mt ngi bn ni: "I don't like my neighbour" - Cu sai: "Me too" - Cu ng "Me neither" (hoc "I don't like mine either"). Khi mt ngi dng dng ph nh ni (c ngha l ng t chnh c dng NOT) v bn cng ng tnh vi kin th bn phi ni "Me neither". B. Ngc li, khi mt ngi bn ni: "I dislike my neighbour" - Cu sai: "Me neither". - Cu ng "Me too" (hoc "I dislike mine too") Mc d v d phn B ny cng din t nh phn A nhng ng t chnh ca cu "I dislike my neighbour" khng dng NOT.

T vng v ch v Kinh T - K Ton Ti Chnh: 1. Break-even point: im ha vn 2. Business entity concept: Nguyn tc doanh nghip l mt thc th 3. Business purchase: Mua li doanh nghip 4. Calls in arrear: Vn gi tr sau 5. Capital: Vn 6. Authorized capital: Vn iu l 7. Called-up capital: Vn gi 8. Capital expenditure: Chi ph u t 9. Invested capital: Vn u t 10. Issued capital: Vn pht hnh 11. Uncalled capital: Vn cha gi 12. Working capital: Vn lu ng (hot ng) 13. Capital redemption reserve: Qu d tr bi hon vn c phn 14. Carriage: Chi ph vn chuyn 15. Carriage inwards: Chi ph vn chuyn hng ha mua 16. Carriage outwards: Chi ph vn chuyn hng ha bn 17. Carrying cost: Chi ph bo tn hng lu kho 18. Cash book: S tin mt 19. Cash discounts: Chit khu tin mt 20. Cash flow statement: Bng phn tch lu chuyn tin mt

- to belong to : thuc v, ca - to bite off : ct t ra - to blow away : thi bay i - to blow down : thi ng rp xung

- to blow off : cun bay i - to blow up : n tung, lm cho n - to boast about to s.o : khoe khoang, khoac lc vi ai v iu g - to break away : vt khi, thot - to break down : hng, khng chy c (my mc, xe c) - to break down : ph sp xung - to break off : b gy, p v - to break out : xy ra thnh lnh, bc pht - to break through : ph thng, v - to break up : b nh, vn ra - to bring to : tnh , hi tnh - to bring up : dy d, nui cho trng thnh - to burden ( an animal) with : cht ci g ln mt con vt - to burn down : b thiu hy, chy ri - to burn out : t (bng n, cu ch), khng cn dng c - to burn up : chy ri ht, chy ra tro - to burn up : t ht, chy ht, chy tiu - to burst into tear : bt khc - to burst out crying : pht khc, bt khc, a ln khc - to burst out laughing : pht ci, bt ci, ph ci ln - to call down : ry la, khin trch, trch mng - to call off : bi b, hy b,bc b th tiu - to call on : ving thm Blowing In The Wind : Cun theo chiu gi

T VNG "KH NH" V GIA NH 1. uncle: ch/cu/bc trai 2. aunt: c/d/bc gi 3. nephew: chu trai 4. niece: chu gi 5. grandmother (granny, grandma): b 6. grandfather (granddad, grandpa): ng 7. grandparents: ng b 8. grandson: chu trai 9. granddaughter: chu gi 10. grandchild: chu

11. cousin: anh ch em h 12. fianc: chng cha ci 13. fiance: v cha ci 14. stepfather: b dng 15. stepmother: m k 16. stepson: con trai ring ca chng/v 17. stepdaughter: con gi ring ca chng/v 18. stepbrother :con trai ca b dng/m k 19. stepsister: con gi ca b dng/m k 20. half-sister: ch em cng cha khc m/cng m khc cha 21. half-brother: anh em cng cha khc m/cng m khc cha 22. mother-in-law: m chng/m v 23. father-in-law: b chng/b v 24. son-in-law: con r 25. daughter-in-law: con du 26. sister-in-law: ch/em du 27. brother-in-law: anh/em r 28. twin: anh ch em sinh i 29. to adopt: nhn nui adoption: s nhn nui adopted: c nhn nui 30. only child: con mt 31. single parent: ch c b hoc m 32. single mother: ch c m 1.Ill be shot if I know - Bit cht lin 2. Provincial! - Sn. 3. Discourages me much! - Lm nn lng. 4. It's a kind of once-in-life! - C hi ngn nm c mt. 5. The God knows! - Cha mi bit c. 6. Poor you/me/him/her..! - Ti nghip bn/ti/cu y/c y. 7. Got a minute? - ang rnh ch? 8. Give me a certain time! - Cho mnh thm thi gian. 9. to argue hot and long - ci nhau d di, mu la 10. Ill treat! - Chu ny tao i! 11. You bet it is. - Bn ng ri y. 12. You dimed me out. - Em bn ng anh. 13. You must let me pay. - Bn phi ti tr tin y 14. You're so greedy. - Bn tham qu . You may never know. C th bn khng bao gi bit c.

I don't give a damn! It rained off and on. I smiled wryly.

Ti khng thm! Tri chc chc li ma.

Ti mm ci nhn nh. Ti tng mnh hoa mt ng tm cch li dng ti!

I think that I'm dizzy.

Don't try to cash in on me! How unfortunate!

Tht ng tic! Lm th no bn phn bit?

How do you make out? As you wish.

Thch l chiu. V b ngoi ch l nht thi.

Appearance is just fancy. No more, no less! I'll be right back. Is it too early?

Khng hn, khng km Ti s quay li ngay.

C sm qu khng? Gi ti khng mang n theo.

I don't have it with me now. I'd like a denim jacket. I'll do as you like.

Ti mun mt o khoc jean.

Ti s lm theo bn. Ti hy vng ng s ngon ming.

I hope you enjoy your meal. It is, believe it or not. I'll make a note of that. It's a waste of time.

N l vy , tin hay khng th ty. Ti s lu vic .

Tht l ph thi gian. S khng qu nm pht u.


It won't take longer than five minutes.

It's a pleasant day, isn't it? I'm not made of money! It's only a matter of time.

Hm nay tri d chu nh? Ti khng c nhiu tin! Ch cn l vn thi gian.

11 T TING VIT KH DCH SANG TING ANH 1. Ai (khng dng hi m ni trng khng): Those who Ai mong i iu xu nht hu nh l ngi t b tuyt vng nht. Those who expect the worst are less likely to be disappointed. 2. Gi m (i sau ng t chia th qu kh n gin): If only - Gi m ti giu c. If only I were rich. - Gi m ti bit tn anh y. If only I knew his name. 3. Phi chi (dng din t c mun): That - Phi chi ti c th gp li anh y. That I could see him again. 4. Nu khng th: If not - Ti s i nu anh cng i, nu khng th ti th nh cn hn. I will go if you are going, if not, I'd rather stay at home. 5. Ch khi no: Only if (o ch ng ra sau ng t) - Ch khi no thy gio cho php th sinh vin mi c vo phng. Only if the teacher has given permission are students allowed to enter the room. 6. Coi, xem: If, Whether (dng trong cu ni gin tip) 7. Du c ... hay khng: whether or not - Du c yu c c y hay khng th anh ta cng vui v. He will be happy whether or not she loves him. 8. C nn: whether

- Ti khng chc c nn ngh vic hay l tip tc lm. I am not sure whether to resign or stay on. 9. Ha ra: as it turned out; turn out to be sth/sb; turn out that - Ha ra ti khng cn n . I didn't need my umbrella as it turned out. - Ha ra c y l ngi yu ca anh trai ti. It turned out that she was my older brother's girlfriend. 10. Ch khng phi: But - Anh mua nhm ci o s mi ri. Ti cn ci mu xanh ch khng phi ci mu vng. You have bought the wrong shirt. It is the blue one I wanted but the red one. 11. Khng ai m khng: no man but - Khng ai m khng cm thy ti nghip cho ngi n xin c. There is no man but feels pity for that beggar.

10 TRNG HP DNG "THAT" KHNG DNG "WHICH" 1. Pha trc l all, little, much, few, everything, none th dng that m khng dng which. Ex: There are few books that you can read in this book store. (C mt vi cun sch m bn c th c tim sch ny). 2. T c thay th pha trc va c ngi va c vt th dng that m khng dng which. Ex: He asked about the factories and workers that he had visited. (ng y hi v nhng cng ty v cng nhn m ng y n thm) 3. T c thay th pha trc c nh ng l tnh t cp so snh hn nht th dng that m khng dng which. Ex: This is the best novel that I have ever read. (y l cun tiu thuyt hay nht m ti tng c). 4. T c thay th pha trc c nh ng l s th t th dng that m khng dng which. Ex: The first sight that was caught at the Great Wall has made a lasting impression on him. (Cnh tng u tin v Vn l trng thnh p vo mt ng y gy c n tng kh

qun vi ng). 5. T c thay th pha trc c nh ng l the only, the very, the same, the right th dng that m khng dng which. Ex: It is the only book that he bought himself. ( l cun sch duy nht m anh ta t mnh mua). 6.T c thay th pha trc c nh ng l all, every, any, much, little, few, no th dng that m khng dng which. Ex: You can take any room that you like. (Anh c th ly bt c phng no m anh thch). - There is no clothes that fit you here. ( y chng c b qun o no ph hp vi bn c). 7. Trong cu hi (Mnh chnh) m u bng which th dng that m khng dng which lm t ni. Ex: Which of the books that had pictures was worth reading? (Nhng cun sch c tranh nh th ng c ng khng?) 8. Trong cu nhn mnh It is that th dng that m khng dng which lm t ni . Ex: It is in this room that he was born twenty years ago. (Cch y hai mi nm chnh trong cn phng ny ng y c sinh ra). 9. Trong cu dng cu trc such (the same) as dng t ni as khng dng which. Ex: We need such materials as can bear high temperature. (Chng ti cn nhng vt liu c th chu c nhit cao nh th ny). 10. Din t ging nh..dng t ni as khng dng which. Ex: Mary was late again, as had been expected. (Mary li i mun, nh c d kin).

ngha mt s tin t trong ting Anh I. a- c ngha l: 1. ang, vn cn Gc Anh c abed: trn ging

aground: mc cn alive: cn sng, ang sng ashore: trn b; vo b asleep: ang ng 2. khng, khng c A t trc nhng ph m, ngoi tr H. Gc Hy lp achromatic (adj): khng mu, khng sc aclinic (adj): khng nghing, v khuynh anarchy (n) : tnh trng v chnh ph anhydrous (adj): khng c nc asexual (adj): v tnh atheiestic (adj): v thn, khng tin c thn thnh. atypical (adj): khng ng kiu, khng in hnh. II. ab- c ngha ri xa, tch khi: Gc La tinh abduct (vt): bt cc, cum i abjure (v): tuyn b b, nguyn b; th b abnormal (adj): khng bnh thng, khc thng abscond (vi): ln trn, b trn abstain (vt): king, c, tit ch III. ac-, ad- c ngha ho vo, hng v: Gc Latin accede (vi): ng , tn thnh, tha nhn acquaint (vt): lm quen administer (vt): trng nom, qun l, cai qun admit (vt): kt np, nhn vo advent (n): s n, s ti (ca mt s vic g). tin t ac- phi t trc ph m c hoc g IV. ad- c ngha chng tr li, nghch li: Gc Latin adverse (adj) th ch, chng i advert (vi)m ch advocate (vt) bin h, bo cha


V. agr- c ngha t, ng rung ( agr- t trc nguyn m): Gc Hy lp agrestic (adj): nng thn agriculture (n): nng nghip agronomy (n): nng hc VI. al- c ngha tt c: Gc Latin almighty (adj): ton nng; c mi quyn lc almost (adv): hu nh, gn nh, sut na alone (adv&adj): tr tri, n c, mt mnh altogether (adv): hon ton VII. all- khc nhau, lch nhau: (all t trc nhng nguyn m) allergic (adj): d ng allomerism (n): tnh khc cht allopathy (n): php cha bnh i chng allotropism (n): tnh khc hnh VIII. am-, amb-, amphi-, ambi- chung quanh, c hai, c hai bn: (am t trc p;amb t trc nhng nguyn m; am, amb, ambi gc La Tin; amphi gc Hy Lp) ambidexter (adj): thun c hai tay ambidexter (n): ngi thun c hai tay ambit (n): ng bao quanh, chu vi ambivalent (adj): va yu va ght amphibious (adj): lng c, va cn va nc amphibological (adj): nc i, hai ngha IX. ana1. tch ra, chia tng phn Gc Hy Lp analysis (n): s phn tch, gii thch analyser (n): my phn tch, dng c phn tch anatomy (n): thut m x, khoa gii phu 2. tr ngc li, lp li Gc Hy Lp anabaptism (n): s lm l ra ti li

anaclastic (adj): (thuc) khc x, c tnh khc x analeptic (n): thuc hi sc analeptic (adj): hi sc anamnesis (n): s hi tng k c X. ant-chng li, i nghch ant t trc nhng nguyn m & h Gc Hy Lp antacid (n): cht chng axit antagonist (n): ch th antibiotic (n): thuc khng sinh antibiotic (adj): khng sinh anti-imperialism (n): ch ngha chng quc antiforeign (n): t phn ngha anthelmintic (adj): tr giun, tr sn

Phn bit "zero" v "no" 1. Ging nhau: C zero v no u ng trc danh t khng m c, s t hay s nhiu. V c hai t u gn bng ngha vi not any: - Zero: Zero lun ng trc mt danh t s nhiu m c: V d: Zero degrees centigrade is the same as 32 degrees fahrenheit. (0 C th bng 32 ) degrees - m c, s nhiu - Zero i vi c hu ht mi danh t khng m c: V d: We are likely to see zero growth on the stock market this year. (Chng ti mun chng kin tc tng trng bng khng trn th trng chng khon nm nay) Tng t vi cu:

We are not likely to see any growth on the stock market this year. (Chng ti khng mun chng kin tc tng trng bng khng trn th trng chng khon nm nay) - No: Khi i vi danh t m c, no thng i vi danh t s nhiu, s to cm gic d nghe v d hiu hn cho ngi nghe: V d: It was early December and there were no leaves on the trees. (Vo u thng 12 v khng cn chic l no trn cy.) No dogs, unless they are on a lead, are allowed in the flower garden. (Ch khng c php vo vn hoa ch tr khi c ngi dn i.) No road accidents were reported in Chelsea throughout August. (Khng c tai nn no c ghi nhn ti Chelsea trong thng 8.) He must lead a lonely life in that village: he has no wife and no children. (Anh ta phi sng mt cuc i n c trong ngi lng : Anh ta khng c v v khng con) 2. Khc nhau: - Zero l mt s m c ngha l 0 v chng ta c th dng zero tng t nh cc s m bnh thng khc V d: If you dont learn hard, you will get zero mark in the final exam. (Nu bn khng hc tp chm ch, bn s b im khng trong k thi cui nm) - "No" l mt lng t din t s lng ging nh "all", "every", "many", "some", "any", "each", "either", "one", "another". T ny c ngha gn ging vi "not" hoc "not any" v thng c s dng khi ngi ni mun nhn mnh. Hy so snh nhng cu sau: V d: I have no idea what he is referring to." (nhn mnh hn) (Ti khng bit anh y ang ni v iu g). So vi: I dont have any idea what he is referring to." (km nhn mnh hn)

V d: No students from the secondary school in New Town achieved the highest grades in their end-of-year exam. (nhn mnh hn) (Khng mt hc sinh no trng trung hc c s ti New Town t im cao nht trong k thi cui nm). V: There weren't any students from the secondary school in New Town who achieved the highest grades in their end-of- year exam. (km nhn mnh hn) V d: I'm sorry. I've got no time for that this afternoon. (nhn mnh hn) (Xin li, chiu nay ti khng c thi gian cho vic ny). V: I'm sorry. I haven't got any time for that this afternoon. (km nhn mnh hn)

MNH SAU WOULD RATHER Would rather (mong mun rng) c dng din t ngha mt ngi mong mun ngi khc lm iu g . a. Mong mun hin ti hoc tng lai S + would rather (that) + S + Ved/2 Ex1: I would rather you WENT home now Ex2:Tomorrows difficult. Id rather you CAME next week. b. Mong mun qu kh S + would rather (that) + S + V ( past perfect) Ex: I would rather you hadnt left yesterday. (You left yesterday) * Nu khng c subject. Ta c cng thc: - S + would rather + V1 + than + V1: thch lm vic ny hn vic kia Ex: I would rather go to the movie than stay at home. So snh vi: - S + prefer + Ving + to + Ving Ex: I prefer going to the movie to staying at home.


CCH NHN BIT LOI T TRONG CU TING ANH Cch nhn bit t loi da vo v tr khi lm bi tp in t I. Danh t (nouns): Danh thng c t nhng v tr sau 1. Ch ng ca cu (thng ng u cu,sau trng ng ch thi gian) Ex: Maths is the subject I like best. N Yesterday Lan went home at midnight. N 2. Sau tnh t: my, your, our, their, his, her, its, good, beautiful.... Ex: She is a good teacher. Adj N His father works in hospital. Adj N 3. Lm tn ng, sau ng t Ex: I like English. We are students. 4. Sau enough Ex: He didnt have enough money to buy that car. 5. Sau cc mo t a, an, the hoc cc t this, that, these, those, each, every, both, no, some, any, few, a few, little, a little,.....(Lu cu trc a/an/the + adj + noun) Ex: This book is an interesting book. 6. Sau gii t: in, on, of, with, under, about, at...... Ex: Thanh is good at literature. II. Tnh t (adjectives) Tnh t thng ng cc v tr sau 1. Trc danh t: Adj + N Ex: My Tam is a famous singer. 2. Sau ng t lin kt: tobe/seem/appear/feel/taste/look/keep/get + adj Ex: She is beautiful Tom seems tired now. Ch : cu trc keep/make + O + adj Ex: He makes me happy O adj 3. Sau too: S + tobe/seem/look....+ too +adj...

Ex: He is too short to play basketball. 4. Trc enough: S + tobe + adj + enough... Ex: She is tall enough to play volleyball. 5. Trong cu trc so...that: tobe/seem/look/feel.....+ so + adj + that Ex: The weather was so bad that we decided to stay at home 6. Tnh t cn c dng di cc dng so snh (lu tnh t di hay ng sau more, the most, less, Ex: Meat is more expensive than fish. Huyen is the most intelligent student in my class 7. Tnh t trong cu cm thn: How +adj + S + V What + (a/an) + adj + N III. Trng t (adverbs) Trng t thng ng cc v tr sau 1. Trc ng t thng (nht l cc trng t ch tn sut: often, always, usually, seldom....) Ex: They often get up at 6am. 2. Gia tr ng t v ng t thng Ex: I have recently finished my homework. TT adv V 3. Sau ng t tobe/seem/look...v trc tnh t: tobe/feel/look... + adv + adj Ex: She is very nice. Adv adj 4. Sau too: V(thng) + too + adv Ex: The teacher speaks too quickly.

Cu trc To Make - to make a success of : thnh cng v ci g - to make believe : gi v, gi - to make clear : vch r, ging, ni r - to make faces : nhn nh, nhn mt, lm tr kh - to make for the open sea : bt u ra khi - to make friend : kt bn, lm bn - to make good : thnh cng (thm gii t in) - to make good time : i nhanh chng, mau - to make oneself pleasant to s.o : vui v chiu chung, lm hi lng ai


- to make out : thnh cng, tin b, c kt qu - to make over : sa i trang phc li cho ging nh mi - to make sense : c th tin c, c l, hp l - to make up ones mind : quyt nh - to meet halfway : iu nh, ha gii. - to meet s.o at (a place) : n ai mt ni no 1.That's for sure. Nht nh ri. Thi gian thm thot tri qua. Lm sao m bit c.

2. Time is fleeing away. 3. There's no way to know. 4. The same as usual.

Ging nh mi khi. Bn tht t t.

5. That's very kind of you. 6. Take your time.

C t t; c th th; c thong th. Cng sm cng tt. C cht tr ngi ri y.

7. The sooner the better.

8. There's been a bit of a setback.

Im lost. Ti b lm cho h ri . Im not feeling well. Ti cm thy khng c khe . Im not myself today. Hm nay ti b lm sao y. Im not really sure. Ti thc s khng r lm . Im on a diet. Ti ang n king. Im on my way. Ti i by gi y . Im pressed for time. Ti ang vi . Im sorry Im late. Xin li , ti n mun .

Im sorry to hear that. Ti rt ly lm tic khi nghe c tin Im under a lot of pressure. Ti chu p lc rt ln. Im working on it. Ti ang c gng y! Ive changed my mind. Ti thay i nh ri. Ive got a headache. Ti au u qu! Ive got my hands full. Ti ang d tay. Ive got news for you. Ti c tin tc tt lnh ni cho anh y. Ive got no idea. Ti khng bit. Ive had enough. Ti n no ri.

NGUYN TC NHN TRNG M ca t: y l tm tt nhng nguyn tc nhn trng m trong t n. Bi ny b ch cho cc bn t hc pht m v t vng nh. Bn cng nn nh l khi 1 t nm trong 1 cu th c th cc trng m ca t b ng iu ca cu lm nh hng. 1- T c 2 m tit trng m ri vo m tit u eg: ready [' redi ] NGOI L: paper [ pei' p], career [k' ri], accsept [ksept], rely [ ri' lai ] 2-T 2 m tit nhng c cu to bng cch thm nhn t v hu t th trng m ri vo m tit GC ex: to act ---> tobe react - trng m vn ri vo act NGOI L: 'foresight , 'forecast , 'forehead , 'forename , unkeep 3- Nhng V c 2 m tit tn cng '' ISE , IZE , FY , ATE'' trng m ri vo chnh n NGOI L: to 'realise Ex: to dictate , to relate , to dify(qu quyt)

4- T c 3 m tit trng m ri vo m tit u Ex: 'factory , 'family , 'president 5- T c 4 m tit tr ln trng m ri vo m tit th 3 t CUI tr LI Ex: environment [in' vairmnt] uni' versity 6- V tn cng ''ATE , FY , ISE , IZE """""""" c 3 m tit tr ln trng m ri vo m tit th 3 t CUI ln Ex: ' organize ' memorize 7- V do 2 t ghp li vi nhau trng m bao gi cng ri vo m tit th 2 Ex: under' stand over' ate (n qu nhiu) 8- N ghp gm 2 N ghp li i lin nhau trng m bao gi cng ri vo m tit u ex: ' newpaper , ' cupboard 9- adj v adv : 2 t ghp i lin nhau trng m ri vo m tit th 2 ex: over' weight : in' door 10- tn cng bng """"eer"""" trng m ri vo chnh n ex : pio' neer 11- tn cng """" ee"""" trng m ri vo chnh n NGOI L: com' muttee (u ban) : ' coffee ex: interview ' ee


12- Tn cng """"oo"""" trng m ri vo chnh n NGOI L: 'cuckoo ex: bam' boo 13- Tn cng """"oon"""" trng m ri vo chnh n ex: ' teaspoon 14- Tn cng """"ain"""" trng m ri vo chnh n NGAI L : ' mountain , ' captain ex: enter' tain 15-Tn cng '' que"""" --> [K] trng m ri vo trc ph m ny ex: technique [tek' nik] 16- Tn cng """" ette"""" trng m ri vo chnh n ex: cigare'tte 17- Tn cng ''ese''trng m ri vo chnh n ex: vietna'mese A. Ri vo vn u tin: phn ln cc adj v N c cu to 2 vn th trng m s ri vo fn u tin. VD: prtty, hppy, wter, tacher... B.Trng m ri vo vn cui: - Tt c cc V c cu to 2 m tit th trng m s ri vo vn cui VD: begn, import,...(ch : mt s t c danh t ging vi tnh t nh mport (n) > - Cc t c tn cng l EE,OO , OON, ESe... C. Trng m ri vo vn th 2 t cui ln .


+Vi cc danh t c tn cng l ION (VD: informtion, televsion) +vi cc tnh t c tn Cng l IC (VD: grafic, terrific..) D. Trng m ri vo m tit th 3 t cui ln : +cc danh t c tn cng l CY, PHY, TY, GY...(VD: reliability) + Cc adj c tn cng l AL (VD: critical, economical) E. i vi cc a vn : Nhng t ny thng c hn 1 trng m (ngha l trong 1 t thng c c trng m chnh v trng m ph) . Trng thng nhng tip u ng( VD: inter..., anti.., pre...) v tip u ng lun mang trng m ph, cn trng a chnh lun tun th qui tc trng m. VD: international, antibiotic.. CC DU HIU CA T MANG TRNG M + s thay i v cao ca ging: Vn no mang trng m th c c cao hn + di ca vn: tt c ca vn mang trng m s c c di hi nht. Hu ht cc ch c vit di dng ee (meet), ea (meat), e-e (scene) u c pht m thnh /i:/. Trng hp e (me), ie (piece) cng c pht m nh trn nhng khng nhiu. - Ch e (men) hay ea (death), ie (friend), a (many), ai (said) c pht m l /e/. - Hu ht cc ch c vit l ar, al th c pht m l /a:/. Ch a trong ask, path, aunt cng c pht m l /a:/. Cc ch vit l ear, ere, are, air, th c pht m l /e/ (ngoi heart c pht m l /ha: t/). - Cc ch c vit l a-e (mate) ay (say), ey (grey), ei (eight), ai (wait), ea (great) th khi pht m s l /ei/. - Cc ch c vit l a th pht m s l // (Tr trng hp sau a c r sau r khng phi l mt nguyn m). Tuy nhin ch a trong ask, path, aunt li c pht m l /a:/. - Hu ht cc ch c vit l i-e (smile), ie (die), y (cry) c pht m l /ai/. Mt s ch vit l igh (high), uy (buy) cng c pht m ging nh trn nhng khng nhiu. Ring cc t fridge, city, friend li khng c pht m l /ai/.


- Hu ht cc ch c vit l i (win) c pht m l /i/, i khi y cng c pht m nh trn (Tr trng hp sau i c r sau r khng phi l mt nguyn m). - Hu ht cc ch c vit l er hoc nguyn m trong cc m tit khng c trng m th c pht m thnh //: teacher, owner... - Ch u trong ting Anh c 3 cch pht m: Pht m l /u:/ (u di)khi ng sau /j/ (June); pht m l // hoc // trong cc cch vit khc nh full, sun. Khi t c 2 ch oo vit cnh nhau th hu ht s c pht m thnh /u:/ tr cc trng hp m cui l k: book, look, cook... - Cc ch ci c pht m l /:/ thuc cc trng hp sau: ir (bird), er (her), ur (hurt). Ngoi ra cn c cc trng hp ngoi l or (word), ear (heard) - Cc ch ci c pht m l /:/ thuc cc trng hp sau: or (form, norm). Cc trng hp ngoi l khc: a (call), ar (war), au (cause), aw (saw), al (walk), augh (taught), ough (thought), four (four). - Cc ch ci c vit l oy, oi s c pht m l //. V d: boy, coin... - Cc ch ci c vit l ow, ou thng c pht m l // hay /a/, tuy nhin chng cng cn c nhiu bin th pht m khc na. Nhng nguyn m A, E, I, O ,U thng c pht m thnh /:/ khi di dng: ar, er, ir, or, ur.( tr nhng trng hp ch ngi nh: teacher...) + ar: thng c pht m thnh /:/ nhng t c nhm -ear trc ph m ( VD: earth) hoc gia cc ph m (VD: learn ) + er: c pht m thnh /:/ vi nhng t i trc ph m( VD: err), hoc gia cc ph m( VD: serve) + ir: c pht m thnh /:/ vi nhng t c tn cng bng -ir (VD: stir )hay -ir + ph m (VD: girl ) + or : c pht ama thnh /:/ vi nhng t m -or i sau w v trc ph m ( VD: world, worm) + ur: c pht m thnh /:/ vi nhng t tn cng bng -ur hoc -ur + ph m ( VD: fur, burn) 1. Vi ng t

+ ng t tn cng trong phin m l """"t"""" hoc """"d"""" khi thm """"ed"""" ta pht m l /id/ + ng t tn cng khi phin m l v thanh (voiceless consonant: p, k, f, S, tS, O-,) khi thm """"ed"""" c l /t/ + ng t cui l m hu thanh khi phin m (voiced consonant: b, g, e, z, v, dz, n,...) thm """"ed"""" c l /d/ 2. Danh t + Sau voiceless consonant th c l /s/ : books, maps + Sau Voiced-----------------------/z/: pens, keys + Sau : s, tS, S c l /iz/: boxes, bushes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------52 cu trc v cm t thng dng trong Ting Anh:

S + V+ too + adj/adv + (for someone) + to do something(qu.... cho ai lm g...) S + V + so + adj/ adv + that +S + V (qu... n ni m...) It + V + such + (a/an) + N(s) + that + S +V(qu... n ni m...) S + V + adj/ adv + enough + (for someone) + to do something. (... cho ai lm g...) Have/ get + something + done (VpII)(nh ai hoc thu ai lm g...) It + be + time + S + V (-ed, ct 2) / Its +time +for someone +to do something( n lc ai phi lm g...) It + takes/took+ someone + amount of time + to do something(lm g... mt bao nhiu thigian...) To prevent/stop + someone/something + From + V-ing(ngn cn ai/ci g... khng lm g..) S + find+ it+ adj to do something(thy ... lm g...)

To prefer + Noun/ V-ing + to + N/ V-ing.(Thch ci g/lm g hn ci g/ lm g) Would rather + V (infinitive) + than + V (infinitive)(thch lm g hn lm g) To be/get Used to + V-ing(quen lm g) Used to + V (infinitive)(Thng lm g trong qk v by gi khng lm na) to be amazed at = to be surprised at + N/V-ing( ngc nhin v....) to be angry at + N/V-ing(tc gin v) to be good at/ bad at + N/ V-ing(gii v.../ km v...) by chance = by accident (adv)(tnh c) to be/get tired of + N/V-ing(mt mi v...) cant stand/ help/ bear/ resist + V-ing(khng nhn c lm g...) to be keen on/ to be fond of + N/V-ing(thch lm g ...) to be interested in + N/V-ing(quan tm n...) to waste + time/ money + V-ing(tn tin hoc tg lm g) To spend + amount of time/ money + V-ing(dnh bao nhiu thi gian lm g) To spend + amount of time/ money + on + something(dnh thi gian vo vic g...) to give up + V-ing/ N(t b lm g/ ci g...) would like/ want/wish + to do something(thch lm g...) have + (something) to + Verb(c ci g lm) It + be + something/ someone + that/ who(chnh...m...) Had better + V(infinitive)(nn lm g....) hate/ like/ dislike/ enjoy/ avoid/ finish/ mind/ postpone/ practise/ consider/ delay/ den y/ suggest/ risk/ keep/ imagine/ fancy + V-ing, Its + adj + to + V-infinitive(qu g .. lm g) Take place = happen = occur(xy ra) to be excited about(thch th) to be bored with/ fed up with(chn ci g/lm g) There is + N-s t, there are + N-s nhiu(c ci g...) feel like + V-ing(cm thy thch lm g...) expect someone to do something(mong i ai lm g...) advise someone to do something(khuyn ai lm g...) go + V-ing(ch cc tr tiu khin..)(go camping...) leave someone alone( ai yn...) By + V-ing(bng cch lm...) want/ plan/ agree/ wish/ attempt/ decide/ demand/ expect/ mean/ offer/ prepare/ happen/ hesitate/ hope/ afford/ intend/ manage/ try/ learn/ pretend/ promise/ seem/ refuse + TO + V61

infinitive for a long time = for years = for ages( nhiu nm ri)(dng trong th hin ti hon thnh) when + S + V(Qk), S + was/were + V-ing. When + S + V(qkd), S + had + Pii Before + S + V(qkd), S + had + Pii After + S + had +Pii, S + V(qkd) to be crowded with(rt ng ci g ...) to be full of(y ci g ...) To be/ seem/ sound/ became/ feel/ appear/ look/ go/ turn/ grow + adj(y l cc ng t tri gic c ngha l: c v nh/ l/ dng nh/ tr nn... sau chng nu c adj v adv th chng ta phi chn adj) except for/ apart from(ngoi, tr...) as soon as(ngay sau khi)

MT S IDIOMS HAY 1. at one time: thi gian no qua 2. back to square one: tr li t u 3. be at one with someone: thng nht vi ai 4. be/get one up on someone: c u th hn ai 5. for one thing: v 1 l do 6. a great one for sth: am m chuyn g 7. have one over th eight: ung qu chn 8. all in one, all rolled up into one: kt hp li 9. it's all one (to me/him): nh nhau thi 10. my one and only copy: ngi duy nht 11. a new one on me: chuyn l 12. one and the same: ch l mt 13. one for the road: ly cui cng trc khi i 14. one in the eye for somone: lm gai mt 15. one in a thousand/milion: mt ngi tt trong ngn ngi 16. be in two minds: cha quyt nh c 17. for two pins: xm cht na 18. in two shakes: 1 long l xong 19. a black day (for someone/sth): ngy en ti 20. black ice: bng en 21. a black list: s en 22. a black look: ci nhn gin d.

23. a black mark: mt vt en, vt nh 24. a/the blue-eyed boy: a con cng 25. a boil from the blue: tin st nh 26. disapear/vanish/go off into the blue: bin mt tiu 27. once in a blue moon: rt him. him hoi 28. out of the blue: bt ng 29. scream/cry blue muder: cc lc phn i 30. till one is blue in the face: ni ht li 31. be green: cn non nt 32. a green belt: vng ai xanh 33. give someone get the green light: bt n xanh 34. green with envy: ti i v ghen 35. have (got) green fingers: c tay lm vn 36. a white lie: li ni di v hi 37. go/turn grey: bc u 38. grey matter: cht xm.

T VNG V LI XE 1. road: ng 2. traffic: giao thng 3. vehicle: phng tin 4. roadside: l ng 5. car hire: thu xe 6. ring road: ng vnh ai 7. petrol station: trm bm xng 8. kerb: mp va h 9. road sign: bin ch ng 10. pedestrian crossing: vch sang ng 11. turning: ch r, ng r 12. fork: ng ba 13. toll: l ph qua ng hay qua cu 14. toll road: ng c thu l ph 15. motorway: xa l 16. hard shoulder: vt t cnh xa l dng xe 17. dual carriageway: xa l hai chiu 18. one-way street: ng mt chiu 19. T-junction: ng ba 20. roundabout: bng binh

21. accident: tai nn 22. breathalyser: dng c kim tra cn trong hi th 23. traffic warden: nhn vin kim sot vic xe 24. parking meter: my tnh tin xe 25. car park: bi xe 26. parking space: ch xe 27. multi-storey car park: bi xe nhiu tng 28. parking ticket: v xe 29. driving licence: bng li xe 30. reverse gear: s li 31. learner driver: ngi tp li 32. passenger: hnh khch 33. to stall: lm cht my 34. tyre pressure: p sut lp 35. traffic light: n giao thng 36. speed limit: gii hn tc 37. speeding fine: pht tc 38. level crossing: on ng ray giao ng ci 39. jump leads: dy sc in 40. oil: du 41. diesel: du diesel 42. petrol :xng 43. unleaded: khng ch 44. petrol pump: bm xng 45. driver: ti x 46. to drive: li xe 47. to change gear: chuyn s 48. jack: n by 50. flat tyre: lp st 51. puncture: thng xm 52. car wash: ra xe t 53. driving test: thi bng li xe 54. driving instructor: gio vin dy li xe 55. driving lesson: bui hc li xe 56. traffic jam: tc ng 57. road map: bn ng i 58. mechanic: th sa my 59. garage: ga ra 60. second-hand: c 61. bypass: ng vng

62. services: dch v 63. to swerve: ngot 64. signpost: bin bo 65. to skid: trt bnh xe 66. speed: tc 67. to brake: phanh (ng t) 68. to accelerate: tng tc 69. to slow down: chm li 70. spray: bi nc 71. icy road: ng trn v bng * Types of vehicle - Loi phng tin: 1. car: xe hi 2. van: xe thng, xa ln 3. lorry: xe ti 4. truck: xe ti 5. moped: xe gn my c bn p 6. scooter: xe ga 7. motorcycle = motorbike: xe my 8. bus: xe but 9. coach: xe khch 10. minibus: xe but nh 11. caravan: xe nh lu ng PHN BIT MOST/MOST OF/ ALMOST/ THE MOST: + Most + N ( i vi danh t khng xc nh ) = hu ht Ex: Most Vietnamese people understand French. (ng) Most of Vietnamese................................... ( sai) + Most of + a/an/the/my/his... + N = hu ht Ex: Most of my friends live abroad She has eaten most of that cake + Almost: l trng t vi ngha l = gn nh ng trc Adj, Adv, V, Prep (copied from facebook. com/tienganhthatde)


i vi: anybody, anything, hay no one,nobody, all, everybody, every Ex: Almost all Japanese (people) eat rice * Khng dng almost students, almost people phi dng Most + The most: dng So snh nht =...nht Ex: Who has the most money in the world? Who is the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world?

CC NHM TRNG T V V TR CA TRNG T (TYPES AND PLACEMENT OF ADVERB) Trng t c chia lm 7 nhm chnh l: 1. Trng t ch th cch ( Adverbs of manner) 2. Trng t ch thi gian ( Adverbs of time) 3. Trng t ch a im ( Adverbs of place) 4. Trng t tn sut (Adverbs of frequency) 5. Trng t ch mc hoc s lng ( Adverbs of degree) 6. Trng t ch nhn xt ( adverbs of comment) 7. Trng t ni (linking adverbs) 1-Trng t ch th cch. (Adverbs of manner) Trng t th cch b ngha cho ng t v miu t cch thc hnh ng c thc hin. Trng t th cch thng ng sau tn ng trc tip trong cu. V d: She speaks English beautifully. Khi khng c tn ng trc tip, trng t th cch ng ngay sau ng t m n b sung ngha. He talks quietly. 2-Trng t ch thi gian ( Adverbs of time) V d: The train still hasn\'t arrived. The train hasn\'t arrived yet. 3-Trng t ch a im ( Adverbs of place)

V d: Have you seen my glasses anywhere? I\'m sure I left them somewhere. I can\'t find them anywhere. Trng t ch thi gian v a im b sung thng tin v thi gian v a im ca mt hnh ng. Trng t ch thi gian thng ng u hoc ng cui cu. Trng t ch a im thng ng sau tn ng hoc sau ng t. 4-Trng t tn sut (Adverbs of frequency) Trng t tn sut b ngha cho ng t v cho thng tin v mc thng xuyn m hnh ng xy ra. Trng t tn sut ng sau ng t to be. V d: She is always nice. ng trc dng V1 ca cc ng t khc. V d: They sometimes work overtime. ng sau tr ng t u tin nu cu c t mt tr ng t tr ln. V d: I have often wondered how they did that. I can sometimes go without food for days. ng trc Vi hai ng t c bit l used to v have. V d: We always used to look forward to the school holidays. He never has any trouble with his old car. 5-Trng t ch mc hoc s lng (Adverbs of degree) Hu ht cc trng t ch mc b ngha cho v th hin mc m trng t khc loi hoc mt tnh t miu t. Do trng t ch mc thng ng ngay trc tnh t hoc trng t m n b ngha. V d: The glass is almost full. They should be able to pass their exams quite easily. Mt s trng t nh:almost, nearly, quite, hardly, scarcely, barely, just cn b ngha cho c ng t. v d: I hardly understand what he is saying. We had almost reached the hut when the rain started. I am just beginning a new course.


Cc trng t mc b ngha cho ng t c v tr ging nh trng t tn sut. 6-Trng t ch nhn xt ( adverbials of comment) Trng t dng bnh lun (Comment adverb) thng c dng a ra nhn xt ca ngi ni hoc ngi vit v hnh vi, s kin, hnh ng trong cu. Trng t nhn xt thng ng u cu, nhng cng c th ng cui cu hoc sau ch ng. Khi trng t nhn xt ng sau ch ng, th thng c phn cch bng du phy trc v sau n. V d: Clearly, Bret had no idea what his wife was doing. Bret had no idea what his wife was doing, clearly. Bret, clearly, had no idea what his wife was doing. 7-Trng t ni ( linking adverbs) y l loi trng t dng ni phn sau vi mnh hoc cu ng trc. Trng t ni khc nhau mang rt nhiu ngha khc nhau. Ni s kin vi kt qu V d: He didnt work hard for the exam. Consequently, he failed. Din t s tng phn: V d: She is so hard-working whereas her husband is so lazy. Din t s b sung V d: She is very pretty. Besides, she makes perfect apple pies. Thng bo ch hay kha cn cn quan tm V d: Financially, the project will not be viable without government funding. Thng bo trnh t ca thng tin hay s vic V d: Clean your hands before eating your lunch. V tr ca cc trng t ni ph thuc rt nhiu vo ngha ca chng v khng c quy lut tng qut chung cho c nhm. Mt s lu khi s dng trng t: - Th nht, 7 nhm trn ch l nhng nhm trng t chnh, ngoi ra cn nhiu nhm trng t khc nh trng t ch mc ch, trng t ch im nhn V d: He likes eating fish, especially tuna. I cook for pleasure. - Th 2, ngoi cc trng t (adverbs), trong ting Anh cn c cc trng ng (adverbial phrases) v mnh trng ng (adverbial clauses). Cc trng ng l nhng cm t ng vai tr ca mt trng t, tc l b ngha cho ng t, tnh t hoc cc trng t khc. Cc mnh trng ng l nhng cu trc SVO c chc nng ca mt trng t tc l b ngha cho ng t, tnh t hoc cc

trng t khc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

=== CU TRC VIT LI CU ===

1. S + be + adj + N = S + V + adv 2. S + V + adv = S + V + with + N 3. S + remember + to do Sth = S + dont forget + to do Sth 4. S + be + adj = What + a + adj + N! 5. S + V + adv = How + adj + S + be 6. S + V + adv = How + adv + S + V! 7. S + be + ing-adj = S + be +ed-adj 8. S + V = S + be + ed-adj 9. S + V + Khong thi gian = It + take + (sb) + Khong thi gian + to + V 10. S + be + too + adj + to + V = S + be + so + adj + that + S + cant + V 11. S + V + too + adv + to + V = S + V + so + adv + that + S + cant + V 12. S + be + so + adj + that + S + V = S + be + not + adj + enough + to + V 13. S + be + too + adj + to + V = S + be + not + adj + enough + to + V 14. S + V + so + adv + that + S + V = S + do/does/did + not + V + adv + enough + to + V 15. Because + clause = Because of + noun/gerund 16. Although + clause = In spite of + Nound/gerund 17. Although + clause = Despite + Nound/gerund

18. S + V + N = S + be + adj 19. S + be + adj = S + V + O 20. S + be accustomed to + Ving = S + be used to +Ving /N 21. S + often + V = S + be used to +Ving /N 22. This is the first time + S + have + PII = S+be + not used to + Ving/N 23. S + would prefer = S + would rather S + Past subjunctive (li cu khn) 24. S + like ... better than ... = S + would ... than ... 25. S + prefer = S + would rather + V 26. S + V + O = S + find + it (unreal objective) + adj + to + V 27. Its ones duty to do sth = S + be + supposed to do sth 28. S + be + PII + to + V = S + be + supposed to do sth 29. Imperative verb (mnh lnh)= S + should (not) + be + PII 30. Imperative verb (mnh lnh)= S + should (not) + do sth

CU IU KIN 1. Loi 1: IF S + V (hin ti) , S + WILL ( CAN, MAY) + V (nguyn mu) Cch dng: Ch s vic c th xy ra hin ti hoc tng lai. V d: If it is sunny, I will go fishing. ( nu tri nng, ti s i cu) 2. Loi 2: IF S + V (qu kh) , S + WOULD ( COULD, MIGHT ) + V (nguyn mu) ( be lun dng were d ch t s t hay nhiu )

Cch dng: Ch s vic khng th hoc kh c th xy ra hin ti hoc tng lai. V d: If I were you, I would go abroad. ( nu ti l bn, ti s i nc ngoi) Chuyn ny khng th xy ra c v ti u th no bin thnh bn c. 3. Loi 3: IF S +HAD +P.P , S + WOULD ( COULD, MIGHT ) HAVE + P.P Cch dng: Ch s vic khng xy ra qu kh. V d: If I hadnt been absent yesterday, I would have met him. ( nu hm qua ti khng vng mt th ti gp anh ta ri) => nhng thc s ti vng mt LU : + Unless = if not : tr phi + Bn mnh c if, ch had trong loi 3, ch were trong loi 2 v ch should trong loi 1 c th em ra u cu th cho if. ( ch should i khi c th dng trong loi 1 vi ngha lm cho cu m h hn) V d: - If he should call, . ( nu m anh ta c gi, ) => khng bit c gi hay khng = Should he call,. ( nu m anh ta c gi, ) - If I were you, = Were I you, . - If she had gone there, .. = Had she gone there,.. 4. Cu iu kin loi zero. Ngi ta gi tn n l zero c l v thy 2 v u chia hin ti n. Cch dng: - Din t mt chn l, qui lut: V d: If water is frozen, it expands. Nu nc b ng c n n ra. (y l s tht, chn l lc no cng vy nn dng loi zero) Phn bit: If the water is frozen, it will expand. Nu nc ny b ng c n s n ra. (y l mt hon cnh c th, mt khi nc c th no xc nh nn khng dng loi zero) - Din t mt thi quen: V d: If it rains, I go to school by taxi. (y l thi quen ch khng phi mt hon cnh c th no nn dng loi zero)

Phn bit: If it rains this evening, I will go to school by taxi. (y l hon cnh c th ch khng phi thi quen nn khng dng loi zero) 5.Cu iu kin loi hn hp. Loi hn hp l loi cu iu kin m 2 v khc loi nhau. V d: If you had not spent too much yesterday, you would not be broke now. (Nu hm qua bn khng xi qu nhiu tin th hm nay u c sch ti nh vy) => Loi 3 + loi 2. If you liked animals, I would have taken you to the zoo. => Loi 2+ loi 3 If she arrived there yesterday, she can come here tomorrow. => Loi 2 + loi 1 Nu ci g ng s tht th chia ng t theo ng thi gian ca n, cn ci g khng c tht, kh xy ra hoc ch gi s thi th li v mt th. Khi nm nguyn tc ny ri mems c ln lt xem xt tng v ring bit m chia th ch khng c chia v ny xong thy loi my th vi vng chia v kia nh vy l rt d sai.

--- 51 CU TRC SO SNH TRONG TING ANH ---1/ Cu trc: S + V + (not) enough + noun + (for sb) to do st = (khng) ci g (cho ai) lm g. (He doesnt have enough qualification to work here). 2 / Cu trc: S + V + (not) adj/adv + enough + (for sb) to do st = ci g (khng) (cho ai) lm g. (He doesnt study hard enough to pass the exam). 3/ Cu trc: S + V + too + adj/adv + (for sb) to do st = ci g qu n ni lm sao cho ai y lm g. (He ran too fast for me to catch up with). 4/ Cu trc: Clause + so that + clause = m (He studied very hard so that he could pas the test). 5/ Cu trc: S + V + so + adj/adv + that S + V = ci g qu lm sao n ni m (The film was so boring that he fell asleep in the middle of it) 6/ Cu trc: It + V + such + [a(n)] adj noun + that S +V = ci g qu lm sao n ni m ... (It was such a borring film that he fell asleep in the middle of it) 7/ Cu trc: If + S + present simple + S +will/can/may + V simple :cu iu kin loi 1 = iu kin c tht tng lai ( If you lie in the sun too long, you will get sunburnt).


8/ Cu trc: If + S + past simple + S + would + V simple: Cu iu kin loi 2 = miu t ci khng c thc hoc tng tng ra (If I won the competition, I would spend it all). 9/ Cu trc: If + S + past perfect + S + would + have past participle:cu iu kin loi 3 = miu t ci khng xy ra hoc tng tng xy ra trong qu kh (If Id worked harder, I would have passed the exam) 10/ Cu trc: Unless + positive = If not = tr phi, nu khng (You will be late unless you start at one) 11/ Cu trc: S + used to + do = ch thi quen, hnh ng trong qu kh ( He used to smoke, but he gave up five months ago) - used y nh mt ng t qu kh. 12/ Cu trc: S + be + used/accustomed to + doing = quen vi vic ( I am used to eating at 7:00 PM) 13/Cu trc: S + get + used to + doing = tr nn quen vi vic ( We got used to American food). 14/Cu trc: would rather do.than ...= thch ci g (lm g ) hn ci g (lm g)( We would rather die in freedom than lie in slavery) 15/Cu trc: prefer doing/ ..= thch ci g (lm g ) hn ci g (lm g) ( I prefer drinking Coca to drinking Pepsi). 16/Cu trc: would + like(care/hate/prefer) + to do = to li mi hoc mun g ( Would you like to dance with me) 17/ Cu trc: like + V_ing = din t s thch (He like reading novel) like + to do = din t thi quen, s la chn,hoc vi ngha cho l ng. (When making tea, he usually likes to put sugar and a slice of lemon in fisrt) 18/ Cu trc: S + should/had better/ought to/ be supposed to + do = ai nn lmg.(He should study tonight, He had better study tonight, He is supposed to study tonight). 19/Cu trc : Could, may, might + have + P2 = c l (It may have rained last night, but Im not sure) 20/Cu trc : Should + have + P2 = l ra phi, l ra nn (Tom should have gone to office this morning).

22/Cu trc : because + S + V : (Tai was worried because it had started to rain.) because of/ due to/ + Noun : (Tai was worried because of the rain). 23/Cu trc : Although/ Even though/ though + Clause = mc d (Jane will be admitted to the university although her has bad grades). 24/Cu trc : Although/ Even though/ though + Clause = mc d (Jane will be admitted to the university although her has bad grades.) 25/Cu trc : to be made of = consist of = c lm bng cp n cht liu lm vt ( This table is made of wood) 26/Cu trc : to be made from = c lm t cp n ngvt liu b bin i khi trng thi ban u . ( Paper is made from wood) 27/Cu trc : to be made out of = c lm bng cp n qu trnh lm ra vt . ( This cake was made out of flour, butter, sugar, eggs and milk) 28/Cu trc : to have sb do sth = to get sb to do sth = sai ai, bo ai lm g ( Ill have Vinh fix my car) ,( Ill get Vinh to fix my car) 29/Cu trc : to have sb do sth = to get sb to do sth = sai ai, bo ai lm g ( Ill have Vinh fix my car) ,( Ill get Vinh to fix my car) 30/Cu trc: to have / to get sth done = lm g bng cch thu ngi khc ( I have my car washed) 31/Cu trc : to make sb do sth = to force sb to do sth = Bt buc ai lm g ( The bank robbers make the maneger give them all the money ) 32/Cu trc : to make sb P2 = lm cho ai b lm sao ( Working all night on Friday made me tired on Saturday ). 33/Cu trc : to cause sth P2 = lm cho ci g b lm sao ( The big thunder storm caused waterfront houses damaged ). 34/Cu trc : to let sb do sth = to permit/allow sb to do sth = cho ai , cho php ai lm g ( I let me go ) .


35/Cu trc : S + V + as + { adj/adv} + as + {noun/pronoun} = so snh ngang bng 1( My book is as interesting as your) , ( Vinh sings as well as I khng phi l me) 36/Cu trc : S + short {adj/ adv}_ er + than + {noun/pronoun} = so snh hn 1 ( My grades are higher than Vinhs). 37/Cu trc : S + short {adj/ adv}_ er + than + {noun/pronoun} = so snh hn 1 ( My grades are higher than Vinhs). 38/Cu trc : S + more + long {adj/ adv} + than + {noun/pronoun} = so snh hn 2 ( He speaks English more fluently than I ). 39/Cu trc : S + less + {adj/ adv} + than + {noun/pronoun} = so snh km ( He visits his family less frequently than she does ). 40/Cu trc : S + V + the + short {adj/ adv}_ est + { in + singular count noun/ of +plural count noun} = so snh bc nht 1 ( Tom is the tallest in the family). 41/Cu trc : S + V + the + most +long {adj/ adv} + { in + singular count noun/ of+plural count noun} = so snh bc nht 2 (This shoes is the most expensive of all ) 42/Cu trc : S + V + the + least +long {adj/ adv} + { in + singular count noun/ of + plural count noun} = so snh bc nht 3 (This shoes is the least expensive of all) 43/Cu trc : S + V + number multiple + as + {much/many} + (noun) + as + {noun/ pronoun}= so snh bi s gp 2,gp 3...(This pen costs twice as much as the other one) 44/Cu trc : The + comparative + S + V + the + comparative + S + V = so snh kp ( The more you study, the smatter you will become ). 45/Cu trc : No sooner + auxiliary + S + V + than + S + V = va mi .th ( No sooner had we started out for Obama than it started to rain ). 46/Cu trc S + need + to V/ V_ing toV khi S l vt th sng ,V_ing khi S khng l vt th sng ( The grass needs cutting) ; ( I need to learn Eng lish ) 47/Cu trc : V1 + to + V2 : trong V1 l { agree, expect, hope, learn, refuse, want, demand, forget, attempt, offer, seem, fail, desire, plan, prepare).


48/ Cu trc : V1 + V2 _ing : trong V1 l {admit, avoid, delay, deny, resist, postpone, miss, finish, enjoy, suggest, mind, recall, risk, resume, quit, consider). 49/Cu trc: S + wish + (that) + S + { could V/ would V/ were V_ing} + = c tng lai ( We wish that you could come to the party to night.) 50/Cu trc: S + wish + (that) + S + { could V/ would V/ were V_ing} + = c tng lai ( We wish that you could come to the party to night.) 51/Cu trc: S + wish + (that) + S + {past perfect/could have P2}.= c qu kh ( I wish that I had washed the clothes yesterday). Danh ng T - Gerund Danh ng t - gerund (C ngha l ng t thm -ing)

Cc li thng dng m chng ta thng mc phi trong ting Anh: 1. NICE khng c ngha l "handsome" hay "beautiful. NICE c ngha khi ni bn l mt ngi tt, ni v ci p bn trong, khng phi hnh thc bn ngoi. 2. FUNNY khng c ngha l vui, n c ngha l bun ci. 3. Chng ta khng nn ni "my teacher" khi ni ting Anh m hy gi lun l "Mr.X" hoc bng first name ca gio vin . NHNG CU CN BIT KHI THUYT TRNH TING ANH I _ INTRODUCING YOURSELF T GII THIU

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. (Cho bui sng qu ng/b) Good afternoon, everybody (Cho bui chiu mi ngi.) Im , from [Class]/[Group]. (Ti l, n t)


Let me introduce myself; my name is , member of group 1 ( ti t gii thiu, tn ti l , l thnh vin ca nhm 1.) II _ INTRODUCING THE TOPIC GII THIU CH Today I am here to present to you about [topic].(Ti y hm nay trnh by vi cc bn v) I would like to present to you [topic].(Ti mun trnh by vi cc bn v ) As you all know, today I am going to talk to you about [topic].(Nh cc bn u bit, hm nay ti s trao i vi cc bn v) I am delighted to be here today to tell you about(Ti rt vui c c mt y hm nay k cho cc bn v) III _ INTRODUCING THE STRUCTURE GII THIU CU TRC BI THUYT TRNH My presentation is divided into x parts.(Bi thuyt trnh ca ti c chia ra thnh x phn.) I'll start with / Firstly I will talk about / I'll begin with(Ti s bt u vi/ u tin ti s ni v/ Ti s m u vi) then I will look at (Sau ti s chuyn n phn) Next, (tip theo ) and finally(cui cng) IV _ BEGINNING THE PRESENTATION BT U BI THUYT TRNH I'll start with some general information about (Ti s bt u vi mt vi thng tin chung v) I'd just like to give you some background information about (Ti mun cung cp cho bn vi thng tin s lt v) As you are all aware / As you all know(Nh cc bn u bit) V _ ORDERING SP XP CC PHN

Firstly...secondly...thirdly...lastly... (u tinth hai th bacui cng) First of that...finally... (u tin ht sau tip theosau cui cng ) To start finish up... (Bt u vi sau v kt thc) VI _ FINISHING ONE PART - KT THC MT PHN Well, I've told you about... (Vng, ti va trnh by vi cc bn v phn ) That's all I have to say about... ( l tt c nhng g ti phi ni v phn ) We've looked at... (Chng ta va xem qua phn ) VII _ STARTING ANOTHER PART BT U MT PHN KHC. Now we'll move on to... (Gi chng ta s tip tc n vi phn) Let me turn now to... ( thi chuyn ti phn) Next... (Tip theo) Let's look now at...(Chng ta cng nhn vo phn) VIII _ ENDING KT THC I'd like to conclude by (Ti mun kt lut li bng cch ) Now, just to summarize, lets quickly look at the main points again. (By gi, tm tt li, chng ta cng nhn nhanh li cc chnh mt ln na.) That brings us to the end of my presentation. ( l phn kt thc ca bi thuyt trnh ca ti.) IX _ THANKING YOUR AUDIENCE. CM N THNH GI Thank you for listening / for your attention. (Cm n bn lng nghe/ tp trung) Thank you all for listening, it was a pleasure being here today. (Cm n tt c cc bn v lng

nghe, tht l mt vinh hnh c y hm nay.) Well that's it from me. Thanks very much. (Vng, phn ca ti n y l ht. Cm n rt nhiu.) Many thanks for your attention. (Cm n rt nhiu v s tp trung ca bn.) May I thank you all for being such an attentive audience. (Cm n cc bn rt nhiu v rt tp trung.) 1.angry with = conscious of: gin d vi 2. fond of= glag of : vui 3. break out = go off : n ra 4. carry on = go on : tip tc 5. believe in = reply on : tin vo 6. look after = take care of : chm sc 7. look out = be careful : coi chng 8. set up = established : thnh lp 1. Give me a certain time. Cho ti mt t thi gian. 2. Better luck next time. Chc may mn ln sau. 3. I'm leaving. I've had enough of all this nonsense! Ti i y. Ti khng chu c nhng th v vn y na! 4. Is your translation correct? Dch c ng/chnh xc khng? 5. It comes to nothing. N khng i n u u. 6. I'm going out of my mind! Ti ang pht in ln y! 7. I'll be right back. Ti quay li ngay. 8. It's raining cats and dogs. Tri ma tm t. 9. It never rains but it pours. Ho v n ch. 10. I'm going to bed now I'm beat. Ti i ng y ti rt mt. 11. If you keep acting so dorky, you'll never get a girl friend! Nu c c x k cc nh vy, my chng bao gi tm c bn gi u! 12. I'm pretty hot at tennis. Ti rt kh tennis. 13. If your job really sucks, leave it. Nu cng vic ca bn t qu th b n i. 14. I've told you umpteen times. Ti ni vi bn nhiu ln lm ri. 15. If you don't work hard, you'll end up a zero. Nu khng lm vic cc lc, bn s tr thnh ngi v dng. 16. I'm dying for a cup of coffee. Ti ang thm mt ly c ph. 17. I'm not sure if you remember me. Khng bit bn cn nh ti khng. 18. It's better than nothing. C cn hn khng. 19. If you've really decided to quit the music business, then so be it. Nu bn quyt nh khng lm trong ngnh m nhc na, vy th lm i.

20. I never miss a chance. Ti cha bao gi b l dp no. 21. It's all the same to me. Ti th g cng c. 22. I'd rather wait until tomorrow, sir, if it's all the same to you. Ti s ch n ngy mai, tha ng, nu ng khng phin. 23. If it's all the same to you = If you don't mind. Nu bn khng phin. 24. It has no effect on you! C nh hng g n anh u! 25. Is there anything being searched unavailable? C ci g tm m khng c khng? 26. He stank the whole house out with his cigarette smoke. Anh y lm c ngi nh nng nc mi thuc l. 27. He's nothing to me. Vi ti n chng/khng l g c. 28. He who knows nothing, doubts nothing. ic khng s sng. 29. Here, just press this button. There's nothing to it. y, ch cn nhn nt ny. C g gh gm u. 30. He's hitting on her. Hn ang tn tnh c y. 31. He sometimes acts like an airhead. Thnh thong n lm nh thng ngu n. 32. He's one of Hollywood's hottest young directors. Anh y l mt trong nhng o din tr thnh cng nht Hollywood. 33. He gave me a hot tip. ng y cho ti mt li khuyn hu ch. 34. He's a hot musician. ng y l mt nhc s gii. 35. He just clams up if you ask him about his childhood. Anh y ch im thin tht nu bn hi v thi th u ca anh y. 36. He has spoken so highly of you. ng y ni ni tt (ca) v bn d lm. 37. Come through with flying colors. Thnh cng rc r; thnh cng m mn. 38. Could you give me a hand? Bn c th gip ti mt tay c khng? 39. Could you be more specific? Anh c th ni r hn c khng? 40. Don't knit your brows/eyebrows. ng c cau my. 41. Add fuel to the fire/flames. Thm du vo la. 42. At the top of one's lung. La ln; la rng ln. 43. Ahead of time/schedule. Trc thi gian qui nh. 44. And another thing... Thm mt chuyn na... 45. As long as it works. Min l n hiu qu. 46. Give that back, you idiot! Tr li y, thng ngu! 47. Get the hell out of here. Bin khi y thi.

T CHI KHI TR LI IN THOI NH 1. Mr. Tom is speaking on another line. Ngi Tom ang bn in thoi. 2. Mr. Tom isn't in (yet). Ngi Tom cha v .

3. Mr. Tom is away on business. Ngi Tom i cng tc ri . 4. Mr. Tom is on holiday (this week).Tun ny ngi Tom i ngh . 5. Mr. Tom is out for lunch. Ngi Tom i ra ngoi n tra ri . 6. I'm afraid, Mr. Tom is not available at the moment. He will be back any minute.Ti e rng ngi Tom khng ri vo lc ny. ng y s tr li ngay by gi. 7. I'm sorry, but the line is engaged. There's no reply. Ti xin li, my ang bn, khng c ai tr li. 8. If you hold the line, I'll try again. Would you like to hold? Nu anh/ch ch c my, ti s th ni my ln na. anh/ch c mun ch khng ? -----------------------------CCH S DNG MT S NG T THEO SAU L V-ING hay V -TO 1. FORGET, REMEMBER + V-ing : Nh (qun) chuyn lm. I remember meeting you somewhere last year. (Ti nh gp bn u hi nm ngai ) + To inf : Nh (qun ) lm chuyn g . Don't forget to buy me a book : ng qun mua cho ti quyn sch nh (cha mua ) 2. REGRET + V-ing : Hi hn chuyn lm. I regret lending him the book : Ti hi hn cho anh ta mn quyn sch. + To inf : Ly lm tic ...... I regret to tell you that ...( Ti ly lm tic ni vi bn rng ...)- cha ni - by gi mi ni. 3. TRY + V-ing : Ngha l th I try eating the cake he makes ( ti th n ci bnh anh ta lm ) + To inf : c gng ... I try to avoid meeting him (ti c gng trnh gp anh ta ) 4. NEED Need nu l ng t c bit th i vi BARE INF I needn't buy it ( need m c th thm not vo l ng t c bit )

Need l ng t thng th p dng cng thc sau : Nu ch t l ngi th dng to inf I need to buy it (ngha ch ng ) Nu ch t l vt th i vi V-ing hoc to be P.P The house needs repairing (cn nh cn c sa cha ) The house needs to be repaired 5. MEAN Mean + to inf : D nh I mean to go out (Ti d nh i chi ) Mean + V-ing :Mang ngha Failure on the exam means having to learn one more year.( Thi rt ngha l phi hc thm mt nm na) 6. SUGGEST S + suggest + S + (should) do: Gi ai nn lm g (mnh khng tham gia cng) Lan has toothache. (Lan b au rng) => Ba suggested Lan should go to dentist (Ba gi Lan n nha s) S + suggest + Ving: Gi ai cng lm g (mnh cng tham gia) I suggested playing soccer (Ti gi chi bng v ti cng tham gia chi) Lan suggested going shopping (Lan gi i mua sm v Lan cng i mua sm) 7. GO ON Go on + V-ing : Ch s lin tc ca hnh ng. My father went on working until he he was nearly 70. Go on + to inf : Tip tc lm iu g sau khi hon tt 1 cng vic. Go on to paint the windows when you have repaired the door.


HC GIAO TIP TING ANH QUA IN THOI Khi bn mun ni chuyn vi ai hoc mun ai ni my cho bn: A: Hello, can I speak to Mr. Al please? Cho ch, xin cho ti ni chuyn vi ngi Al? B: Speaking (= This is Al speaking here). Ti ang ni y (= y l Al ang ni in thoi). A: Hi, is John there? Cho, John c khng? B: Hang on and I'll get him for you. Ch mt cht v ti s gi anh ta gim bn. A: Good morning, can you put me through to your sales team please? Cho bui sng, xin vui lng cho ti ni chuyn vi b phn bn hng? B: Certainly. Just hold the line please. / I'll just put you on hold for a moment. Vng.Xin vui lng ch trong giy lt/ Ti s chuyn my cho anh/ch trong giy lt. A: Is that Tonny? c phi l Tonny khng? B: Who's calling please? Xin hi ai ang ni chuyn u dy? A: It's Fiona. Fiona y A: Hello, Mark here. How can I help you? Cho, ti l Mark.Ti c th gip g cho anh/ch y? Bn c th tham kho thm mt s mu cu thng dng sau: - Who would you like to speak to? Anh/ch mun gp ai ? - Hold the line, I'll put you through. I'll pass you over to department. Xin vui lng gi my, ti s ni my cho anh/ch tiphng. - Could I speak to Mr. Tonny, please? Ti c th ni chuyn vi ngi Tonny c khng ? - Am I speaking to Mr. Tonny? Ti mun ni chuyn vi ngi Tonny, c ch? - Could you put me through to Mr. Tom, please? Lm n ni my cho ti gp ngi Tom c khng ?. - Could you please tell him I phoned? Xin bo gip ng y l ti gi c khng? Khi bn mun gi hi hoc ni v vic g: - What does it concern, please? Anh/ch gi v vn g ? - Would you mind telling me what you're calling about? Anh/ch c vic g khng ? - I'm calling about Ti gi ni v vic - Its about..v vic. Khi bn bn hoc tr li l ngi khc bn, bn nn kho lo ni sao cho ngi khc khng b mt lng: - Mr. Tom is speaking on another line. Ngi Tom ang bn in thoi. - Mr. Tom isn't in (yet). Ngi Tom cha v .

- Mr. Tom is away on business. Ngi Tom i cng tc ri . - Mr. Tom is on holiday (this week).Tun ny ngi Tom i ngh . - Mr. Tom is out for lunch. Ngi Tom i ra ngoi n tra ri . - I'm afraid, Mr. Tom is not available at the moment. He will be back any minute.Ti e rng ngi Tom khng ri vo lc ny. ng y s tr li ngay by gi. - I'm sorry, but the line is engaged. There's no reply. Ti xin li, my ang bn, khng c ai tr li. - If you hold the line, I'll try again. Would you like to hold? Nu anh/ch ch c my, ti s th ni my ln na.anh/ch c mun ch khng ? - Can I take a message? Ti c th li li nhn c khng? - Would you like to leave a message for Mr. Tonny? Anh/ch c mun li li nhn cho ngi Tonny khng ?. - If you give me your phone number, will call you back. Ti s gi li nu anh/ch li s in thoi. - Could I have your name, please? Anh/ch vui lng cho bit tn? - Could I help you? / Maybe I can help you? Ti c th gip g cho anh/ch y? Khi ai vng mt, bn mun yu cu li li nhn: A: Hello, can I speak to Mary? Cho, ti c th ni chuyn vi Mary khng? B: I'm sorry she's not in. Can I take a message? Xin li c y khng c y. Ch c mun li li nhn khng? A: Yes please. Can you tell her that I'll meet her at 7.30 not 8 at the cinema? Vng, lm n. Xin vui lng ni vi c y l ti s gp c y lc 7.30 ch khng phi l 8.00 ti rp chiu phim. B: Can I speak to Mrs.Ina please? Xin vuil lng cho ti ni chuyn vi b Ina? A: I'm sorry she's not at his desk. Would you like to leave a message? Xin li, b y khng c mt bn lm vic. Anh/ch c mun nhn g khng ? B: No, that's OK, bye then. Khng, c ri. Tm bit. Khi bn ni chuyn vi tip tn hoc tng i vin A: Can you put me through to Mark's office? Anh/ch c th ni my cho ti ti vn phng ca Mark khng? B: I'm sorry the line's busy. Do you want to hold? Xin li, my ang bn. Anh/ch c mun ch khng? A: No, I'll try again later. Khng, ti s gi li sau.

A: Can I have extension 397 please? Ti mun ni chuyn vi my s 397? B: I'll put you through. It's ringing for you now. Ti s ni my cho anh/ch. Chung ang reo. Chm dt cuc gi Khi chm dt cuc gi bn cng nn ni sao cho tht lch s, nh nhng. Nhng mu cu sau y s gip bn lm ngi nghe u dy cm thy hi lng nht: A: I'm sorry she's not here right now. Ti xin li c y khng c y. B: OK, I'll call back later. Bye. Khng sao. Ti s gi li sau. Cho ch. A: Bye. Cho anh. A: Well thanks for that. Bye then. c ri, cm n v tt c. Tm bit nh. B: Bye. Tm bit

Cch dng SO v SUCH a. Dng vi tnh t v ph t. V d:

Terry ran so fast that he broke the previous speed record. Judy worked so diligently that she received an increase in salary. She is so beautiful that anyone sees her once will never forget her. The little boy looks so unhappy that we all feel sorry for him

b. Dng vi danh t m c s nhiu: Cu trc vn l so that nhng phi dng many hoc few trc danh t . V d:

I had so few job offers that it wasnt difficult to select one. The Smiths had so many children that they form their own baseball team.

c. Dng vi danh t khng m c: Cu trc l so that nhng phi dng much hoc little trc danh t .


V d:

He has invested so much money in the project that he cant abandon it now. The grass received so little water that it turned brown in the heat.

d. Dng vi danh t m c s t: S + V + such + a + adjective + singular count noun + that + S + V HOC S + V + so + adjective + a + singular count noun + that + S + V V d:

It was such a hot day that we decided to stay indoors.

hay It was so hot a day that we decided to stay indoors.

It was such an interesting book that he couldnt put it down.

hay It was so interesting a book that he couldnt put it down. e. Dng such trc tnh t + danh t: V d:

They are such beautiful pictures that everybody will want one. This is such difficult homework that I will never finish it.

PHN BIT CP T NG NGHA: 1. Close v Shut 2. Start v Begin 3. Grow v Raise 4. Injure v Damage 5. End v Finish

1. Close vs Shut (ng, khp) - Close: Chng ta dng close + meetings/ discussions/ conferences vi ngha kt thc bui hp mt, tho lun hay hi tho. E.g. The chairperson closed the meeting at 4.30. (V ch tch kt thc bui hp lc bn ri) - Shut: c th c dng bo ai khng c ni na mt cch khim nh. E.g. She was very rude. She said: Shut your mouth! (C y rt th l khi qut ln vi ti:Cm mm!) 2. Start vs Begin (bt u, khi u mt s vt- s vic no ) - Start: c s dng cho cc loi ng c v xe c. Khng dng begin trong nhng trng hp ny. E.g. It was a cold morning and I could not start my car. (Sng hm tri lnh qu nn t khng sao n my c) - Begin: thng xut hin trong cc tnh hung trang trng v tru tng hn E.g. Before the universe began, time and place did not exist. (Trc bui s khai ca v tr, khng gian v thi gian cha h tn ti) 3. Grow vs Raise (tng, lm tng thm ci g ) - Grow: thng xut hin vi cy trng, thc vt. E.g. In the south, the farmers grow crops. (Nng dn min Nam sng bng ngh trng cy). - Raise: thng i vi ng vt v tr con E.g. In the north, the farmers mostly raise cattle. ( min Bc, nng dn ch yu sng bng ngh chn nui gia sc). 4. Injure vs Damage (h hi, tn hi) - Injure: thng i km vi cc t lin quan n con ngi E.g. Three injured people were taken to hospital after the accident. (Ba ngi b thng c a vo bnh vin ngay sau khi v tai nn xy ra). - Damage: li i vi cc t ch vt.

E.g.The shop tried to sell me a damaged sofa but I noticed it just in time. (Ca hng c tnh bn gh hng cho ti, nhng ti kp pht hin ra). 5. End vs Finish (kt thc, chm dt vic g ) - End: vi ngha quyt nh ngng/ chm dt ci g E.g. They ended their relationship a year ago. (H chm dt mi quan h cch y mt nm ri). - Finish: c th mang ngha hon thnh E.g. I havent finished my homework yet. (T vn cha lm xong bi tp v nh)

Hi ng bng ting Anh -excuse me, could you tell me how to get to ...? (xin li, bn c th ch cho ti ng n khng?) (ex: the bus station-bn xe but) -excuse me, do you know where the ... is? (xin li, bn c bit u khng?) (ex: post office-bu in) -I'm sorry, I don't know (xin li, ti khng bit) -sorry, I'm not from around here (xin li, ti khng khu ny) -I'm looking for ... (ti ang tm ) this address (a ch ny) -are we on the right road for ...? (chng ti c ang i ng ng ti khng?) (ex: Brighton - thnh ph Brighton) -is this the right way for ...?


(y c phi ng i khng?) (ex: Ipswich - thnh ph Ipswich)

30 CU TRC THNG DNG VI " TO HAVE " To have a bad liver: B au gan To have a bare competency: Va sng. To have a bath: Tm To have a bee in ones bonnet: B m nh To have a bias against sb: Thnh kin vi ai To have a bit of a scrap with sb: Cuc chm trn vi ai To have a bit of a snog: Hng mt cht s hn ht v u ym To have a blighty wound: B mt vt th ng c th c gii ng To have a bone in ones last legs: Li bing To have a bone in ones throat: Mt ni khng ra hi To have a bone to pick with sb.: C vic tranh chp vi ai; c vn phi thanh ton vi ai To have a brittle temper: D gin d, gt gng To have a broad back: Lng rng To have a browse in a bookshop: Xem lt qua ti ca hng sch To have a cast in ones eyes: Hi l to have a catholic taste in literature: ham thch rng ri cc ngnh vn hc To have a chat with sb: Ni chuyn bng qu vi ngi no To have a chew at sth: Nhai vt g To have a chin-wag with sb: Ni chuyn b lp, ni chuyn nhm vi ngi no To have a chip on ones shoulder: (M)Sn sng gy chuyn nh nhau To have a cinch on a thing: Nm cht ci g To have a claim to sth: C quyn yu cu vic g To have a clear utterance: Ni r rng To have a clear-out: i tiu To have a close shave of it: Sut na th khn ri To have a cobweb in ones throat: Kh c hng To have a cock-shot at sb: Nm . To have a cold: B cm lnh To have a comical face: C b mt ng tc ci To have a comprehensive mind: C tm hiu bit uyn bc To have a concern in business: C c phn trong kinh doanh To have a connection with..: C lin quan n, vi. To have a contempt for sth: Khinh thng vic g To have a corner in sbs heart: c ai yu mn

To have a cough: Ho To have a crippled foot: Qu mt chn To have a crush on sb: Yu, m, phi lng ngi no To have a cuddle together: m ly nhau To have a debauch: Chi bi, ru ch, trai gi To have a deep horror of cruelty: Ti cm ght s tn bo

TING ANH GIAO TIP 1. I dont know for sure. Ti khng dm khng nh . 2. I'm on the way home. Ti ang trn ng v nh. 3. I'm afraid I' m tied up then. Ti e l lc ti bn. 4. I envy you! Ti ghen vi bn y! 5. I feel like having pizza. Ti thy thm n bnh pizza qu. 6. I feel terrible about it. Ti rt ly lm tic. 7. I feel the same way. Ti cng c cng cm gic nh vy . 8. I can't keep track of this problem.Ti khng th nm c vn ny. 9. I have nothing to do with it. Khng lin quan n ti. 10. I have no idea ! Ti khng c bit! -----------------------------------------------NHNG CM T HAY Let me be: K ti No hard feeling: Khng gin ch Piece of cake: D thi m, d t Poor thing: Tht ti nghip One way or another: Khng bng cch ny th bng cch khc One thing lead to another: Ht chuyn ny n chuyn khc So what?: Vy th sao? So so: Thng thi Too good to be true: Thit kh tin Too bad: Rng chi Well then: Vy th Way to go: Kh lm, c lm Why not ?: Sao li khng? T VNG V CC LOI HOA


Cherry blossom : hoa anh o Lilac : hoa c Areca spadix : hoa cau Carnation : hoa cm chng Daisy : hoa cc Peach blossom : hoa o Gerbera : hoa ng tin Rose : hoa hng Lily : hoa loa kn Orchids : hoa lan Gladiolus : hoa lay n Lotus : hoa sen Marigold : hoa vn th Apricot blossom : hoa mai Cockscomb : hoa mo g Tuberose : hoa hu Sunflower : hoa hng dng Narcissus : hoa thu tin Snapdragon : hoa mm ch Dahlia : hoa thc dc Day-lity : hoa hin Camellia : hoa tr Tulip: hoa ut kim hng Chrysanthemum: hoa cc (i a) Forget-me-not: hoa lu ly tho (hoa ng qun ti) Violet: hoa ng tho Pansy: hoa png-x, hoa bm Morning-glory: hoa bm bm (mu tm) Orchid : hoa lan Water lily : hoa sng Magnolia : hoa ngc lan Hibiscus : hoa rm bt Jasmine : hoa li (hoa nhi) Flowercup : hoa bo Hop : hoa bia Banana inflorescense : hoa chui Ageratum conyzoides: hoa ng sc Horticulture : hoa d hng Confetti : hoa giy Tuberose : hoa hu

Honeysuckle : hoa kim ngn Jessamine : hoa li Apricot blossom : hoa mai Cockscomb: hoa mo g Peony flower : hoa mu n White-dotted : hoa m Phoenix-flower : hoa phng Milk flower : hoa sa Climbing rose : hoa tng vi Marigold : hoa vn th 26. What do you want? My mun g ? 27.Youve gone too far! My tht qu qut/ ng ! 28. Get away from me! Hy trnh xa tao ra ! 29. I cant take you any more! Tao chu ht ni my ri 30. You asked for it. Do t my chuc ly 31. Shut up! Cm ming 32. Get lost. Ct i 33. Youre crazy! My in ri ! 34. Who do you think you are? My tng my l ai ? 35. I dont want to see your face! Tao khng mun nhn thy my na 36. Get out of my face. Ct ngay khi mt tao 37. Dont bother me. ng quy ry/ nhu tao 38. You piss me off. My lm tao tc cht ri 39. You have a lot of nerve. Mt my cng dy tht 40. Its none of your business. Lin quan g n my 41. Do you know what time it is? My c bit my gi ri khng? 42. Who says? Ai ni th ? 43. Dont look at me like that. ng nhn tao nh th 44. Drop dead. Cht i 45. You bastard! tp chng 46. Thats your problem. l chuyn ca my. 47. I dont want to hear it. Tao khng mun nghe 48. Get off my back. ng li thi na 49. Who do you think youre talking to? My ngh my ang ni chuyn vi ai ? 50. What a stupid idiot! ng l ngc 51. Thats terrible. Gay go tht 52. Mind your own business! Lo chuyn ca my trc i 53. I detest you! Tao cm hn my


NHNG TNH T THNG DNG C GII T I KM absent from : vng mt accustomed to : quen vi acquainted with : quen vi afraid of : lo s, e ngi v angry at : gin anxious about : lo ngi v (ci g) anxious for : lo ngi cho (ai) aware of : thc v, c hiu bit v bad at : d v bored with : chn nn vi busy at : bn rn capable of : c nng lc v confident of : t tin v confused at : lng tng v convenient for : tin li cho different from : khc vi disappointed in : tht vng v (ci g) disappointed with : tht vng vi (ai) exited with : hi hp v familiar to : quen thuc vi famous for : ni ting v fond of : thch free of : min (ph) full of : y glad at : vui mng v good at : gii v important to : quan trng i vi ai interested in : quan tm n mad with : b in ln v made of : c lm bng married to : ci (ai) necesary to : cn thit i vi (ai) necessay for : cn thit i vi (ci g) new to : mi m i vi (ai) opposite to : i din vi pleased with : hi lng vi polite to : lch s i vi (ai) present at : c mt

responsible for : chu trch nhim v (ci g) responsible to : chu trch nhim i vi (ai) rude to : th l vi (ai) strange to : xa l (vi ai) surprised at : ngc nhin v sympathetic with : thng cm vi thankful to somebody for something : cm n ai v ci g tired from : mt mi v tired of : chn nn vi wasteful of : lng ph worried about : lo lng v (ci g) worried for : lo lng cho (ai) (T VNG): Cc loi bnh 1. rash /r/ - pht ban 2. fever /fi.v/ - st cao 3. insect bite /n.sekt bat/ - cn trng t 4. chill /tl/ - cm lnh 5. black eye /blk a/ - thm mt 6. headache /hed.ek/ - au u 7. stomach ache /stmk-ek/ - au d dy 8. backache /bk.ek/ - au lng 9. toothache /tu.ek/ - au rng 10. high blood pressure /ha bld pre./ - cao huyt p 11. cold /kld/ - cm lnh 12. sore throat /s rt/ - vim hng 13. sprain /spren/ - s bong gn 14. infection /nfek.n/ - nhim trng 15. broken bone / bn/ - gy xng 16. cut /kt/ - b ct 17. bruise /bruz/ - vt thm 18. burn /bn/ - b bng 19. stretch bandage /stret bn.dd/ bng cun di 20. tongue depressor /t dpres/ - ci li Hc Ting Anh theo cm t It is worth noting that : ng ch l It was not by accident that : khng phi tnh c m What is more dangerous, .. : nguy him hn l

But frankly speaking, .. : thnh tht m ni Place money over and above anything else : xem ng tin trn ht mi th Be affected to a greater or less degree : t nhiu b nh hng According to estimation, : theo c tnh, According to statistics, . : theo thng k,.. According to survey data,.. theo s liu iu tra,.. What is mentioning is that iu ng ni l . There is no denial that khng th chi ci l To be hard times : trong lc kh khn. 1. The city of wind ( Thnh ph gi) : Wellingtoon - c 2. The city of rain (Thnh ph ma) : Cherrapunji - n 3. The city of water (Thnh ph nc) : Venice - 4. The city of fog (Thnh ph sng m) : London - Anh 5. The city of snow (Thnh ph tuyt) : Washington - M 6. The city of ice ( Thnh ph bng ) : Yatutsk - Nga 7. The green city ( Thnh ph xanh) : Warsaw - Ba Lan 8. The rose city (Thnh ph hoa hng) : Chiang Mai - Thi Lan 9. The city flower (Thnh ph hoa) : Sofia - Bungari 10. The city of lion ( Thnh ph s t) - Singapore - Singapore