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The design of sleeves through concrete beams is bit involved process. Check for these guidelines:1.

Make sure the sleeves are not large openings. Generally when sleeve dia is mo re that .25x deff, sleeve will be categorised as large opening. Large openings a re very difficult to design. 2. Make sure sleeves are spaced more than 150 mm or maximum sleeve dimension cle ar of each other. 3. Sleeve should not be allowed in the compression zone concrete of the beam. I. e. bottom section at supports and top at mid span. However, in the mid span the compression flange slab helps to resist the compression and the neutral axis nor mally is in slab thickness itself. 4. Make sure the sleeve is not in high shear zone. The portion of concrete above and below sleeve needs to be designed for 1.5 times of the shear. (I do not rem ember the exact value). 5. Also there is a requirement of stirrups and extra longitudinal steel in the r emaining portion to make these portions act like beams themselves, resist shear and confine the concrete. 6. For large opening, the sleeve needs to be check for special case of 0.36 x sq rt(fck) and for 2 times of normal shear. (Again do not remember the exact values ). This is a very stringent clause to pass. Avoid large opening. 7. Try to place MS steel pipe of 4 to 6 mm gauge before concreting. This will he lp to reduce the stresses. 8. These are the guidelines applicable only to sleeves and not core cuts. I hope you find them useful.