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At the end of the lesson, you should be able to 1) describe diffraction of waves in terms of wavelength, frequency, speed, direction

of propagation and shape of waves. 2) draw a diagram to show diffraction of waves.



Diffraction of waves is a phenomenon in which waves spread out as they pass through a small gap or a small obstacle. The effect of diffraction is obvious only if a) The size of the gap or obstacle is small enough, b) The wavelength is large enough.

3) Characteristics of diffracted waves: a) Frequency, wavelength and speed of wave do not change. b) Changes in the direction of propagation and the pattern of the waves.

1)When the gap size is less than the wavelength, the wave pattern passing through the gap is circular. 2)When the gap size is bigger than the wavelength, the wave pattern after passing through the gap is

Amplitude decreases and the energy is lost.

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