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The Great Gatsby F.

Scott Fitzgerald Context 1920, New York, Roaring twenties Location to Differentiate Class Differentiated by where they live. Old rich lives in the East egg, while new rich lives in the West. The poor lives in the valley of the ashes.

Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw Context UK, 1912.

Location to Differentiate Class Covent garden where everyone first met Gutter where the poor belong. Eliza is continuously threatened to go back to the gutter Wimpole Street where Higgins live. Where the rich are. Gatsbys viewpoint towards Daisy Higgins and Pickerings viewpoint He has an idealistic perception of Daisy towards Eliza that Daisy couldnt possibly Eliza as their living doll. Constantly realistically achieve. being taught and modeled into perfection. Masks *Symbolism Masks *Symbolism The wealth and his mansions and how The dresses that Eliza wears masks his books were real, along with how who she truly is, which isnt a princess. over the top he was with how many However, because she wore the shirts he has shows Gatsbys attempt at dresses and had the ability to speak in masking how he isnt actually of the an accent of the rich, it masks her true higher class. self. How to be in the higher class Ultimately it shows that the way to advance in society is for them to believe that they are higher than the others. Tom and Higgins are considered high class because they look down upon everyone. Gatsby and Eliza/Mrs. Eynsford Hill werent a part of the higher class anymore because they still look up at others. To be truly high class is to believe that they are of high class and there is no one higher than them. Perception towards Women Perception towards women Daisy believes that women should be a her (Eliza) features are no worse than beautiful little fool. That is the best theirs (the other women) thing a woman can be since the society the only thing dividing them are her doesnt respect intelligence in women. poverty that makes her appearance dirty. But the description makes it I'm glad it's a girl. And I hope she'll be a seems like they only cared about the fool that's the best thing a girl can be in cleanliness and general stuff, not really this world, a beautiful little fool.' "(1.118) seeing the women as individuals that sets apart from each other.
She is no doubt as clean as she can afford to be; but compared to the ladies she is very dirty. Her features are no worse than theirs; but their condition leaves something to be desired; and she needs the services of a dentist] (1.29)



Represented by the eyes of TJ. Eckleburg. George Wilson refers to it as the eyes of God that sees everything. You can fool anybody except God. Referred to the cheating and the destruction of morality of the rich there. Serves as a reminder to the consequences.

Represented by Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Pearce, who keeps reminding of the potential outcomes that may happen that Eliza cant possibly support herself eventually. She serves as a reminder to the consequences.