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The Arrival of Typhoon Yolanda

Before the arrival or landfall of Typhoon Yolanda, the weather was sunny and has mild rain. In fact, it was just like an ordinary rainy day hearing raindrops falling on the rooftop. The sun has already set when it reached signal no. 4, but the typhoon is still noiseless. So we did not prepare for it. I woke up around 5 oclock in the morning after being alarmed by the strong wind brought by the said typhoon. As we look outside, trees began to cut off and the streets are filled with garbage. It was an unexpected happening; we all thought that this strange tropical cyclone will not be extremely strong. The big mango tree fell down, the wind nearly blow the roof of our house, and even our sliding door keeps on shaking. We went down and saw the evidence of the power of the typhoon. Suddenly, a crying father together with his two children went to our house because of his wife and other children who are left behind. We all stayed at the cellar while waiting for the typhoon to calm down. Typhoon Yolanda caused catastrophic destruction in every corner of our hometown. Rooftops flew off the walls they were attached to, trees fell down in the streets and so were power lines, and the strong rains poured relentlessly. Were not affected by the storm surge because our city of Alang Alang is not near by the ocean but my father did. He told us about the dead bodies lie on the street after powerful Typhoon Yolanda slammed into Tacloban City, Leyte. Many people died included his co-worker. After three days, the citizens of Alang Alang are starving to death because of lack of food supply, so, weve decided to go to Carigara to have some food using our fully tanked van. A week has passed, my parents decided to stay in Cebu because we cannot live anymore in our place. When we arrived in Cebu my relatives told us that it is better to stay at the house of our aunt here in Palawan. My parents are still in Alang Alang to get our left things that can still be use. The fear is still in me, I was scared and dont know how to start all over again. But after all those painful experience, we still survived. I Feel Blessed.