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4 P's of Pakona's Products.

Submitted By: Hunny Goyal (14) Parth Shah (44) Nilay Thakkar (51)

Price of Pakona products are in around 20 lacs. Pricing is decide on the base of customization. Pakona provide premium products with best services so their pricing according to that. Pakona spread over 72 counters so this will also affecte to their pricing.

Pakona basically deal in Product packaging machines. They are at least secure a good position in domestic & international market. Pakona had technological advantage. No other local manufactures are proved this type of quick services and complete product customization. These are the main advantage of Pakona.

Pakona's Manufacturing plant is located at vadodara. Their marketing & sales department located at Mumbai, India. Their help centres also locate in the each countries where they doing business. Pakona provide all machinery from two manufacturing plants that located at vadodara.

Pakona participate in tec. Expo held by Germany. They also participate in many other Expos that organize by many countries. Pakona provide the best services so they have best promotional tool is word of mouth.