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Linguistic (diction, syntax, grammar)

Semantic (symbolism and tone)

Structural (words within the text)

Cultural (examine elements of the text to things outside it)

Specific textual examples of what youve observed when reading at this levelcited in MLA format. (You may use numbers or bullets here to take notes)

God made a beatous garden With lovely flowers strown (1-2) That, glitt'ring in the sun, Quite hid the thorns of av'rice That poison blood and bone (18-20) O, cease to heed the glamour That blinds your foolish eyes, (25-26) Then came another master, Who did not love mankind, And planted on the pathway Gold flowers for them to find. (13-15) O, cease to heed the glamour That blinds your foolish eyes, Look upward to the glitter Of stars in God's clear skies. (25-28)

But keep the pathway open Your home is at the end.' (11-12)

Demonstrate the development of complexity of thought at each level by writing a descriptive response to what youve written in the row above. (Analyze your thought patterns when observing the examples youve listed abovethese may also be in notetaking form)

The diction used is very proper, and elegant as if reading Shakespeare. The grammar also resembles that of the earlier times The syntax was consistent throughout used only commas and semicolons and periods at the very end of each stanza.

another master represents the devil and the gold flowers represent all of the things in life that can distract someone from their goals and aspirations

Frost uses the word Glamour to describe lifes distractions I assume because is sounds more standoffish. Frost uses glitter to describe the stars in the sky because it sounds more fitting and sparkly and nice and attractive.

When Frost says home he is referencing heaven.