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Juan M. Quintero IS589 CH5 TXT Questions 3, 4, and 8 3. What are the parts of TC !

I and "hat do the# do$ Who is the pri%ar# user of TC !I $ TC !I has t"o parts. TC is the transport &a#er proto'o& that &in(s the app&i'ation &a#er to the net"or( &a#er. TC )rea(s the data into s%a&&er pa'(ets, nu%)ers the pa'(ets, ensures ea'h pa'(et is re&ia)&# de&i*ered, and puts the pa'(ets in the proper order at the destination. I is the net"or( &a#er proto'o& and perfor%s addressin+ and routin+. I soft"are is used at ea'h of the 'o%puters throu+h "hi'h the %essa+e passes throu+h, I routes the %essa+e to the fina& destination. TC !I is the transport - net"or( &a#er proto'o& used on the Internet. TC !I is as the %ost 'o%%on proto'o& used on ./0s. 4. Co%pare and 'ontrast the three t#pes of addresses used in a net"or(. /pp&i'ation &a#er address, net"or( &a#er address, and data &in( &a#er address. /pp&i'ation &a#er address are does su'h as the ones used to identif# "e)sites, 1""".#ahoo.'o%2. This is easier to re%e%)er that the a'tua& I address it represents. When a user t#pes in the "e) address the re3uest is then passed to the net"or( &a#er usin+ HTT . The net"or( &a#er then uses its proto'o& 1I 2 and trans&ates that """.#ahoo.'o% into an I address. The net"or( &a#er is a&so in 'har+e for deter%inin+ the )est route throu+h the net"or( in order to +et to the I address destination. The data &in( &a#er is, un&i(e the other t"o "hi'h are *irtua&, a ph#si'a& address "ith is per%anent&# en'oded to a de*i'e throu+h its net"or( 'ard. The data &in( &a#er is a uni3ue identifier to ea'h 'o%puter in a net"or(. Thus a M/C address is the on&# address that "i&& a&"a#s re%ain the sa%e, transport and data &a#er address 'an 'han+e dependin+ on the net"or(. 8. What is a su)net %as($ Su)net %as(s te&& 'o%puters "hat part of an Internet proto'o& address is on the sa%e su)net or on a different su)net. / su)net %as( is a 44)#te )inar# nu%)er and it has the sa%e for%at as an I address. 5or e6a%p&e a su)net %as( of 755.755.755.8 %eans that the first 3 )#tes indi'ate the su)net, therefore a&& 'o%puters "ith the sa%e 9st three )#tes are in the sa%e su)net. In other "ords a 9 in the su)net %as( indi'ates that this )#te is used to indi'ate su)net, 8s %eans that the )#te is not used to indi'ate su)net %as(.