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Effort-Driven Scheduling A term used to describe the theory that adding more resources equals shortening a tasks duration

- See more at: http:// !evolveandconquer!com/pro"ect-management-termsdefined/#sthash!i$%n&'vs!dpuf (ree Slack $he amount of time a task can fall behind) be delayed) or slip) and not affect other tasks in the pro"ect schedule - See more at: http:// !evolveandconquer!com/pro"ect-management-termsdefined/#sthash!i$%n&'vs!dpuf

*nterim +lan
A tasks start and finish values that can be saved and used to compare pro"ect progress at various stages!

,ag $ime
$he amount of delay in the relationship bet een the predecessor and the successor!

,ead $ime
$he amount of time that must pass for one task before its successor task can start!

$he process of resolving resources conflicts and overallocations by delaying tasks) splitting tasks) and making changes to assignments in a pro"ect!

-aster +ro"ect
A pro"ect file that includes subpro"ects .inserted pro"ects/ and that is used to manage multiple smaller pro"ects from one larger pro"ects! - See more at: http:// !evolveandconquer!com/pro"ect-management-termsdefined/#sthash!i$%n&'vs!dpuf 0alue Engineering $his approach is used to optimi1e a pro"ects life cycle) analy1e costs) to save time and increase profits and quality! *t is also helpful in determining the best resources and is a great decision-making tool! - See more at: http:// !evolveandconquer!com/pro"ect-management-termsdefined/#sthash!i$%n&'vs!dpuf

How will you set realistic goals for a project? $ell the intervie er you ill prioriti1e the ork by first studying pro"ect details and making note of crucial "obs that need to be done! 2ou ill aim at completing ma"or and critical tasks at hand before delving into minor issues that automatically fall into place! 2ou ill distribute ork to your team and

check the progress at scheduled intervals to ensure everything is moving as per plan!

meet sharp deadlines ork under adversities