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Birth[edit] Gandhari receiving boon from VyasaWhen Dhritarashtra's wife Gandhari's pregnancy continued for an unusually long period

of time, she beat her womb in frustratio n. This caused a hardened mass of grey-coloured flesh to issue from her womb. Ga ndhari was very shocked and upset. She implored Vyasa, the great sage who had bl essed her with one hundred sons, to redeem his words. Vyasa divided the ball of flesh into one hundred and one equal pieces, and put them in pots of ghee, which were sealed and buried into the earth for one year. At the end of the year, the first pot was opened, and Duryodhana emerged.[1] Early Years[edit] Duryodhana in Javanese WayangAlthough loved by all his family, Duryodhana and mo st of his brothers are not seen on the same level as the Pandavas in their adher ence to virtue and duty, and respect of elders. Duryodhana is mentored by his ma ternal uncle Shakuni. Shakuni masterminds most of Duryodhana's plots to humiliat e and kill the Pandavas. Duryodhana's hatred for the Pandava brothers stems from his sincere belief that he being the son of the eldest brother is the heir apparent to the throne of Hastina pura. Because of his blindness, his father had to renounce the throne in favor o f the younger Pandu. Duryodhana deeply believed that what was rightfully his was being given away to his elder cousin Yudhisthira. He also felt that the Pandava s were sons of Kunti and Gods(devakin), not of Pandu. He never believed that the ir divine origin alone proved their superiority, on many occasions questioning t heir merits, and always calling them the 'Kaunteya'(sons of Kunti). He also bore a deep hatred of Bhima, his agemate, who dominates his brothers in sport and sk ill with his immense physical power and strength. When they were young, Bhima's bullying and taunting are a constant source of pain for Duryodhana and his broth ers. Training[edit]Duryodhana's body is said by Balarama to be "lightning made flesh" . He is revered by his younger brothers, especially Dushasana. Learning martial skills from his gurus, Kripacharya and Dronacharya, he proved to be extremely sk illed with the mace. He then went to specialize in mace fighting under Balarama and went on to become his favorite pupil.